Woman Grieving Over Husband Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Woman Grieving Over Husband Killed in Motorcycle Accident

Well, this is some sad shit. A husband and wife out for a ride on their motor bike had no idea that it was going to be their last when they were struck by a large truck.

The woman seems to have survived with superficial injuries but her husband wasn’t so lucky. His body crushed and his skull cracked, leaking blood and brain matter over the road from under the huge tires of the truck. So tragic and amazing how quickly your entire life can change.

Speaking of change, I’d like to tell the American members that they should buy Confederate flags. As many as you can and display them proudly. Otherwise, the pussification of your nation will be complete. That faggot killed nine blacks. There is an image of him holding the flag, so obviously the flag made him do it and must be banned.

You know what, why don’t we just make it illegal to be White and just cut to the fucking chase? Why don’t your governments actually do something to benefit everyone? Why don’t your authorities go out and catch real criminals instead of harassing people who have a different fucking opinion from these goddamn crybabies. Libtard Pussies, everywhere I look.

Sorry for the rant, guys. Just had to get that off my chest.

Props to MrsPink.

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    1. I actually find hilarious when people cry over their dead loved ones it’s somehow refreshing 😀 btw I hate that ringtone mom and dad have it and it’s just fucking annoying 😐

      1. interesting, i myself could careless about other people’s suffering, I truly have no sympathy whatsoever for anybody, i don’t expect anybody to give a fuck about me either, yep, today’s shallow and superficial society made me this way so FTW

          1. Most things on BG don?t bother me either as I?ve seen my share of death. But to say you have no sympathy whatsoever for anybody is a shame. I find it sad that you guys don?t have anyone in your lives that you wouldn?t grieve if something tragically happen to them.

            I hope that will change someday for you.

          2. Don’t let hanabi fool you…she has tough outer shell but is a big softie inside…ok…I better run off before she picks up the cane…

          3. @rustymetal I do have someone,my grandma ayame,she give me lots of things,she’s the only one who remember my birthday and every time I visit her I teach her Spanish words 😀 hehe @Mike it looks like you know me a little bit more than I thought :3

    2. Obi…I wasn’t a big fan of the confederate flag because it’s a war that should of never been waged but since the media push to ban it I will go out and buy one…

      Confederate means anti federation, the Civil War was fought mostly over taxation and other state rights…the ending of slavery was a punitive consequence …slavery was a mistake and it was even a bigger mistake not to send them to Liberia as planned…that cotton has cost this country over a trillion dollars since the end of slavery…that’s some very expensive cotton they grew back in the day…

    3. The Confederate Battle Flag is a part of an Army division in Virginia that betrayed The United States of America just like the rest of the Confederacy you 2faced Hey here is something else Carlin said: Wilfully Ignorant little no life no brains behind screen loser. Now what i say would be agreed upon by Carlin in fact he’d be against specifically ignorant cunts like you.. (reply to vid description confederate flag bs)

  1. For the woman, a cracking start to the day, but not in a good way unfortunately.

    Yeah guys. As an Englishman I say fly those Confederate Flags high, bollocks to the pathetic liberal left leaning toe rags. Go the Confederacy.

    1. Over the holiday weekend here in Chicago, ten got wasted, including a seven year old chimp. Fifty plus wounded. It’s not the gangs, drugs or that (c)rap noise that causes niggers to kill each other. It’s whitey and their damn confederate flag. Lol!

      1. im just curious .. ive seen the bad reputation chicago and detroit have got over the past 5 or so years, ive seen the documentarys and high crime rate stats. can i ask somebody here realistically if i was dropped into chic/detroit on a friday morning and would have to survive until monday would it be hellish or is it all exaggurated? i mean if i was dropped into iraq with isis i dont think id last a weekend some fuck would kill me but is it really that bad in chic/detroit that there are demonic fucks on every corner with guns? i cant fathom how so many people are wasted in one weekend it almost sounds like there are demonic fucks lurking everywhere ready to pop people off. what an absolute shithole some of these american ghettos are.

        1. Most likely you would be fine bro. As long as you don’t put yourself in a situation to make yourself a target. Don’t go looking for drugs, or associate with shady characters. I spent 12 years in the pen. Most of it Fed time. When I was sent to halfway house, they put me right smack dab in the middle of a slum in downtown San Francisco called the “Tenderloin District”. The Tenderloin is notorious around the world for being like a drug and gang infested wasteland. You would think it was the worst place for a halfway house if the authorities were at all serious about “rehabilitation”. Everything imaginable happened right out the front door. Drugs, gangs, gunshots, pimps and hoe’s on every corner.

          My wife came to visit me one day. We went to lunch and walked about two blocks to a little diner, ate, and left. Right outside the door, on the way back to the halfway house, we witnessed a robbery in progress. A couple kids were robbing some guy at gunpoint right in front of us. They looked right at me and my wife. I stepped between them and her and ushered her away and up the street. Thought for sure they were gonna kill us for being witnesses. But they didn’t. They pushed the guy around the corner with them and did their business.

          Whenever I would leave the building to go to work, or to the gym, nobody bothered me at all. It was like I was invisible. The point is, unless you put yourself in their world, most likely they will ignore you. But I had no illusions about the fact that if I was to become a part of whatever activity was going on, they would have done to me what they did to each other. Yes, there are occasional bystanders who end up as collateral damage and it’s fucked up. But for the most part, if you aint on their radar, they will leave you alone. Hope that gives you some insight into big city crime.

      2. from what i understand that is a pretty typical weekend for black on black violence in Chicago , what pisses me off is when a white officer kills a black person ie Michael Brown you got that sorry nigger al shapton wanting the officer sent to prison whether he is guilty or not. But no one that was rioting in furgeson oould name a single black that has been killed by another black in your city or any other city for that matter in the last year

    2. @Stomper.

      Freedom of speech means exactly what it says, they’re just words wether written or spoken.

      The choice to agree or disagree should be yours and not dictated .

      Fly whatever the fuck flag you want to fly.

      It’s a fucking flag !

  2. I agree with buying the flags… but i must tell you a lot of the companies here have stopped selling them. the other companies have raised the prices on Confederate flags to very high levels. I odered mine on the internet but it wasnt easy finding a place!!

    1. I asked a question about the confederate flag a few posts back but it never got answered, so I will try again. What is all the boo ha ha about the confederate flag; there’s all sorts of media ‘explanations’ but I would like the truth as I have no idea what all the fuss is about?

          1. @AmOur, I don’t know anything about the confederate flag or the shooting, guess I am out of the loop! I am trying to piece things together what I read on here, but it’s out of order and not making sense that’s why I need someone to explain what’s going on!!!!

          2. To explain the flags history and controversy this sight does it the best I’ve seen during researchhttp://xroads.virginia.edu/~class/am483_97/projects/sarratt/intro.html. the shooting summarized: a young white male by the name of Dylaan Roof went to the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church during its Wednesday bible study,sat with them for and hour then started shooting people he kill 8 members of the church ( all black) since the church is predominantly a black. The flag comes into play because prior to the shooting he took several pictures posing with his gun and the confederate flag. Then everyone jumped on the protest the confederate flag band wagon like sheep always do. lol help out any?

        1. @gunkgirl.

          I think it has something to do with The Dukes of Hazard. Bo and Luke Duke used to drive their car very fast, which put Boss Hog and Rosco P Coltrane in jeopardy and seeing as their car had a Confederate Flag on the roof and it was named the General Lee, the masses became frightened and started a rumour about high speed drive by shootings from cars with Southern State flags on them. They are also discussing a proposal to ban Daisy Duke shorts.

          1. @Am0ur, thank you for the web site, I will check it out. The information you gave was very helpful, now I feel ‘in the loop’ a little 🙂

            @ewestomper, I used to love watching The Dukes of Hazard and never thought anything amis about a flag on top of a car – what a load of fuss about nothing!

            OK so a white shooter kills black people and all hell breaks loose. But if a black person kills white people, the race card is played and the blacks blame everyone but themselves.

      1. GGirl., I dont have time or energy rite now but.. some guy killed 10 blk people., and there were pics of said shooter with the Confederate Flag.., i think thats how ALL the recent shit started.

  3. Nah, fuck that confederate flag.. You’re just repeating what someone else considers “southern pride” why not make your own flag and be proud of your own self instead of repeating yourself..

    1. that’s not really the point. i for one, abhor any kind of national pride. it’s the ultimate sheepdom. rocks and imaginary lines mean nothing to Obli.

      but what we are talking about here is a matter of growing a fucking pair. Blacks are crying about a flag now because some faggot white bitch that murdered nine people was holding the Confederate flag. your NASCAR drivers are now not allowed to wear or display it’s imagery, even. stores don’t sell them now…and you consider yourself the land of the free? how is an outsider supposed to take Americans seriously when you fold like a bad hand over every little fucking thing?

      1. I see what you mean Obli and it’s a completely legitimate thing to say which I agree. The reason why that’s happening is because unfortunately most white supremacists have appropriated this flag in support of segregation which is absurd in itself .

        1. And remember, the Confederacy fought because they wanted to maintain a few slave states so hence why the present situation. this is a controversial quote by the designer of the stainless banner himself so hence all this nonesense “As a people we are fighting maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause.

          ?William T. Thompson”

        2. ok. but South lost what, 300 years ago? it’s flown freely all this time, now all of a sudden it’s Satan again.

          the Libtards have nothing to cry about since the killer has been apprehended and justice will be served. so they now cry about a picture in which he holds the confederate flag. i understand what that flag means to some and why they would dislike it, but it was never a nation wide, mandatory life-changing issue until this mass murder last month.

          it seems to just be the classic American trend of blaming everyone and everything except the actual perpetrator of the crime, you know? like blaming a video game or movie. remember how everyone tried to blame Marilyn Manson for what happened at Columbine? that’s the kind of shit we see time and time again.

          and thank you for your own points.

          1. There you go Hittin the Nail on the Head again obli., well put., coincidentally your comments are put in the grey area. lol

      2. Personal opinion here @Obli. I think the Confederate Flag has a place in history and in museums as far as government goes. I also think that private citizens and companies should be able to fly it or paint it on a sign or building or whatever they want. But that flag should not be at government facilities or court rooms or capitol buildings. Same as with the bible. It’s about trust. The fact is that there are people who have a certain mindset and will discriminate and use that flag as a symbol. That’s fine for private citizens and companies. But the government needs to put forth an air of equality and fair treatment. If a company wants to fly it, they may suffer at the marketplace. But it should be their choice.

  4. “He’s a brainiac!… Brainiac on a motor bike!…”

    I got my Confederate flag flying high on my flagpole in my front yard as we speak @Obli… I always have been redneck crazy…

    American by birth…
    Rebel by choice…

        1. Nope it doesn’t “hurt” my feelings. The usage of that flag actually has no relevance today to what it actually stood for. The problem with people is that they like to imitate and use similar language in order to justify their behavior so people identify this flag as “southern pride” or with “hate” simply because of that very reason so it means to be a “rebel” or to be proud of being a southerner which I think it’s completely hillarious because a true rebel doesn’t who about repeating what others have said.

          1. “The usage of that flag actually has no relevance today to what it actually stood for.”

            Actually… It does… The Union imposed it’s will on the South… After the secession…
            The “civil war” was fought over states rights… Not slavery as the sheep want to believe…
            The federal government just took up the torch that the unionists handed to them…
            The federal government was not intended to be as powerful as it is today… That’s why we have states…
            But the confederate flag has become a lightning rod of hate because it stands for white pride and what the United States was intended to be…
            The confederate stands for states rights…

            “The problem with people is that they like to imitate and use similar language in order to justify their behavior so people identify this flag as ?southern pride? or with ?hate? simply because of that very reason so it means to be a ?rebel? or to be proud of being a southerner which I think it?s completely hillarious because a true rebel doesn?t who about repeating what others have said.”

            First part of that statement is absolutely ridiculous… I don?t “imitate” no one… Who am I imitating… I’m my own man… I don?t need to have my hand held…
            So… Let me get this straight… If I repeat something that some confederate historical figure means that I’m a fraud?… That’s absolutely ridiculous and you know it…

          1. I am referring to whatever “meaning” now it has for some people of the south. In fact. That’s what you’re repeating. No more different than some white kid going in killing people because he doesn’t like black people. All I’m saying is that you’re repeating in behavior.

          2. And by that I mean the behavior he learned from similar minds which lead him to kill those people. Not saying you’re racists or whatever because of the flag , what I’m saying is that our “southern pride” and flag was taken from others. I say this because I, as I a person who truly revolts , refuse to accept anyone’s flag. but that’s just me.

          3. That makes absolutely no sense… I’ve never told anyone I know to go shoot someone or whatever because I wave the confederate flag… And the last time I checked none of my other confederate flags ever murdered anyone either…

            So you’re saying to me no one can evolve in their beliefs?…
            The civil war didn’t end slavery it was just renamed ‘indentured servitude’… Which was practiced in the south AND the north…
            If ending slavery was the main reason… Not the only reason obviously… But why did the federal government wait about a century before they gave the blacks their “equal rights”?…

            BTW… I wish slavery never existed… I would’ve gladly picked my own cotton if I knew it was gonna be this bad… 😉

          4. Majority of the black race in the USA are more enslaved now than they were under slavery…enslaved to the govts welfare system for their food and housing with a big percentage locked up in prison…

            When the monkey got elected there were blacks jumping up and down..the tv reporter asked them why are you so happy…We get mo money now was her answer…

          5. Sorry but the whole “state rights” thing, you’re spouting is actually what makes you a sheep. Because the fact of the matter is that the confederate battle flag is bathed in racism. If you studied history rather than blindly spouting, “southern pride”, you’d know that this “pride” you’re referring too and hatred go hand in hand. The confederate flag was created when the south was in opposition of the civil rights and anti slavery movement. As in, the south wanted to keep slavery and promote segregation. The Confederate flag was a symbol of protest against civil rights and in support of Jim Crow segregation. And shortly after that the confederacy actually founded the KKK. Then later on it became a symbol for rebellion which was then adopted by youth culture, especially punk culture. The only place the flag belongs is within history museums and at houses of those proud of their racist southern history.

      1. “Fuck yeah!… ‘Muricah!… The world needs more of our freedom!…”
        Fuck all that bullshit…
        You obviously misunderstood what I said…
        Unless you believe what YOU just said… Which would be very sad…

  5. Dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. How would you know if your not American? The Confederates lost, GET OVER IT. It’s not an attack on whites, but an attack on the symbol of slavery. What makes racism so dangerous these days is the fact that it is hidden. These cowards hide in the anonymity of the internet saying things they would neeeeeeevvveeer say to a black man in his face. It’s ironic how the people with the most rights in this country are always complaining about losing theirs. A bunch of pseudo-intellectuals with ridiculous conspiracy theories that hold no water.

    1. @KraKerKilla, you cannot ban historical items just because they represent an historical period that was not very nice.

      The Nazi flag isn?t banned, the Union flag of the British Empire isn?t banned etc. Also, the American flag of today hasn?t been banned despite covering periods from when there was race segregation and no rights for blacks.

      The Roman Empire had a huge slave empire for many a period of history and yet historical symbols of the Roman Empire aren’t banned.

      There would be no history left if we simply banned items of the past just because they were symbolic of a violent, cruel period because most of the history of mankind was violent and cruel.

      People need to stop blaming inanimate objects for the actions of the living because whereas people can attach themselves to a symbol the symbol itself is blameless and would no doubt be replaced by another symbol should any banning take place.

      1. I understand what your saying but I still disagree. People who wear swastikas on their arm don’t do it because they really like Germany. They do it to let everyone know they hate Jews. By flying that flag you are aligning yourself with a certain ideology and statement. The statement being “I agree with the Confederates and all non-whites are sub-humans who should serve us.” The ridiculous part is the thought that anybody really believes it represents “southern pride.” It’s the excuse of a coward. A real man says what he means and means
        what he says. I am an educated black man from the south so I know firsthand about their “southern pride.”

        1. Gay: means happy and joyful. Used: describe homosexuality
          Queer: means odd or strange. Used: same as above.
          Guy: use to mean a person of grotesque appearance Now: A male human. Point to that not everybody looks or sees things the same as other people and not everybody uses things as they were originally ment to be used. If you have ever said any of those words in there current use/content then your in a since doing the same. So yes the flag once stood for one thing can now stands for whatever the person looking at it wants it to stand for in their Own mind or view. That flag also stands for history and as a reminder of what? That’s up to you if you see it as slavery, or a time the nation was divided, or to all the lives lost during the war, individuality, whatever it shouldn’t matter I can see taking it off of government property but that should be as far as it goes.

        2. You should be grateful that your ancestors got a free boat ride to the USA…there is a reason why freed slaves resisted being shipped to Liberia which was founded for the free slaves…if you don’t like the confederate flag flying in the South move to Detroit..

          1. I have more of a right to be here than you. If anyone should leave it’s the ones who stabbed the Indians in the back after they taught you how to survive in North America. You should know about a free ride since you’ve never worked a day in your life. Mommy and daddy probably take care of everything for your suburban ass. If you don’t like it how bout you crawl back to hell you white devil.

        3. @KraKerKilla

          I completely agree. I’m half Native American, half Scottish and was born in the south. My grandmother was a scottish immigrant and I have Cherokee relatives STILL fighting the government for their own land. It always cracks me up when I see these white European/Spaniard morons with a stick up their ass bitching about other races being here. And whining about their “southern pride” that involves racism. My “pride” comes from the hospitality, stubborn personality, charm and strong family ties that a lot of southerners are known for. Not for dropping the N word, bitching about blacks and the “good ol days” where white men got to subjugate everyone else. What a bunch of backwoods inbred retards. And what’s sad is I can’t be for equality and disagree with these sorry slags, without being “branded” as a self hating “liberal”. But the reality is that these people that stand for white supremacy, subjugation, and justify bloodshed are worse than what any of us could ever be. Stay strong man, more and more of these fools are being shunned from society, more and more schools are actually starting to teach the real black and Native American history, and it’s becoming less acceptable to act like a bigot. They’re “5 minutes” are almost up. Unfortunately I don’t think this site will ever change. It’s always been a congregation spot for racists and misogynists in the 10 years I’ve been here. Since it’s a safe place for them to be as “raw” and uncensored as they want.

      2. @Empty Soul..
        “The Roman Empire had a huge slave empire for many a period of history and yet historical symbols of the Roman Empire aren?t banned.’

        … Except the Roman Salute, precursor to the Nazi salute, which is (for all practical purposes) banned in Germany (and Czech Rep, Austria, Switzerland, etc, etc).


        “People need to stop blaming inanimate objects for the actions of the living…”

        How very simplistic. The bible/koran/other bs holy books are inanimate objects. They are not blameless, using any measure.

        1. @Dellacqua,

          ?How very simplistic. The bible/koran/other bs holy books are inanimate objects. They are not blameless, using any measure?.

          They are blameless in the sense that the people of today interpret and assign meaning to them.

          When I look at the bible or Koran I laugh because most of it is nonsensical whereas others will believe it all to be true. When I see the old Union flag of the Great British Empire I do not start dreaming about the day when I build a new empire.

          When I watch the fast and furious movies I see it as (barely)entertainment to be watched but not copied whereas others will want to get in their cars and drive like mad men.

          As you can see the inanimate is blameless because it is us who interpret them and carry out action in the real sense.

          Violent movies are not to blame for violent people, driving movies are not to blame for bad driving on our roads and flags of the past are not to blame for peoples actions of today.

          You cannot ban something just because someone, somewhere might commit a crime after seeing it, where would it end?, you might as well ban money because people kill for it.

    2. Then why don’t you join the new Back to Africa movement if you think you have it so bad over here nigger?…
      And by the way… I do say it to niggers faces… All the time…
      Just because you live in the ghetto and your people make up the vast majority of the population in said ghetto obviously shows that you have never been told that to your face because you’re surrounded by self-hating white people…
      Come to my neck of the woods… You’ll get a rude awakening…

      1. Yeah fucking right you do, all white guys are tough ( on the internet). Since you have it so bad why don’t you take your ass to Europe , since the Jews and blacks are out to kill you and eat white babies. I would come to neck of the woods but your probably too busy fucking your sister.

        1. The difference between me and you… I can afford to move my cracker ass to Europe… You on the other hand would need a government subsidy to move your nigger ass back to Africa…
          Truth hurts doesn’t it?…

        1. That pubic hair on your head really gets irritating doesn?t it?… I can tell by your comments…

          Fuck all the white women you want nigger you’re only killing your own race…
          You obviously hate yourself enough that you don?t need my help…

          Keep it black!… Brother…

          1. I will just like all the white women do day. If you really could afford it ,which I doubt, it’s probably because your dad conned some old lady out of her retirement. You know what white men call ” a honest days work.” I’ll keep the pubs on my head if it means my dick stays bigger than yours.

          2. “I will just like all the white women do day.”

            You couldn’t keep that ebonics language hidden too long could you yard-ape?…

            “I?ll keep the pubs on my head if it means my dick stays bigger than yours.”

            Your so called “bigger” dick… Hahaha!…
            That’s God’s apology for putting said pubic hair on your head… Hahaha!…

            Muh dik… Muh dik…

          3. Here is an excerpt from a study done by the Kinsey institute these are not my words just copy and paste so no plagiarism: “The reality is neither ?black nor white?, but dependent on a variety of environmental factors ? global region and mixed-race family history, for example.
            The Kinsey Institute ? a collaborative scientific effort for studies in sex, gender and reproduction, ? has found that penis sizes for both black and white men are practically the same. Any disparities in size were considered negligible.
            The only considerable difference in penis size was in men of Asian backgrounds. A study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research corroborates those findings. The Council found that in a group of 1,200 men, 60% of them were smaller than the international standard condom sizeThat study is conflicted by other studies, including one conducted on 300 Nigerian men in 1985. The study found the average flaccid penis length to be just under 3.5-inches, nearly an inch shorter than the typical flaccid length worldwide. Research showed, however, that black men really have a bigger penis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
            You might be wondering what all this means for you if you live in the U.S., a veritable melting pot by definition. This is where it gets a bit tricky. While some men from African backgrounds report needing larger than average condoms, African-American men have been largely found not to skew far from average size. This has been attributed to the number of mixed-race children born in the U.S. The conclusion is that if there is any truth to the ?once you go black?? axiom, it doesn?t clinically ?measure up? with American-born black men.” Ok back to my words the only black men with bigger than average dicks are those un mixed in the Dominican republic of the Congo no other black men have bigger dicks than white Hispanic etc and the study further reports what we all knows about Asian men ‘no oiffence intended’ they do indeed have smaller than average penises. So let’s keep it to fact instead of clinging to a myth to make you feel better about yourself.

    3. Yes, slavery was a big mistake but it was even a bigger mistake after the ending of slavery to not ship them to Liberia as planned…Africans enslaving other Africans to sell them mostly to the Dutch Jewish slave traders has spread this plague worldwide now…just another reason to want to punch a Jew…lol…

      1. Bullshit excuse whites have always used to justify that time period. The Liberia movement happened in the 19th century when most blacks were just as American as their enslavers. Why would they move to a place they didn’t know or have never been? In their mind it was just another white lie. And just in case you haven’t realized JEWS ARE WHITE.

        1. The legal emancipation of African Americans did not immediately result in white enlightenment. In light of centuries of abuse, maybe American blacks needed to establish their own country. Newly emancipated blacks were not first class citizens.

  6. I’m glad I’ll never have to feel what this woman is feeling right now. I’m pretty much incapable of feeling any kind of love for anyone and that’s just the way I like it. Sucks to be you ma’am

  7. Riding a motorbike and they didnt knew what was gonna happen when they meet a truck? 😆 The woman sure had a lot of luck on her side, but the luckiest was the guy for not being suffering anymore. 😛

    Isnt it already illegal to be white? o.O We’re just living with borrowed time.

  8. I really hate to be a pessimist, but sorry (and I HOPE I’m 100% WRONG)
    The baboons, jews and baboon loving jew media have hypnotized and brainwashed the masses beyond the point of no return. Things will only get worse for whites…

  9. Nothing brightens up the day more than watching someone else have a shitty one. Greetings from Australia; love the site, glad to finally have some input & deliver some feedback!

    I love the Virginia Battle Flag, fly it proudly & fuck anybody who doesn’t.
    Send them back with fierce defiance, stamp upon the cursed alliance, to arms!

  10. The loss of the Confederate flag in some states is not coming with out a cost. Mississippi and a few other states are passing laws requiring people to pull their pants up. Documents where Bill Cosby admitted acquiring Quaalude for the purpose of sex have also been released. They even left a hole in the floor of the stage at the BET awards for Puff Diddy to fall in. Pay back is a bitch.

  11. Just saw something similar to this come through the ER recently. Husband was DOA, wife came in intubated & leg detached and in a bag at the end of the stretcher. Wasn’t able to be reattached. Imagine walking up to one less leg and widowed. Fuck.

  12. This must be the worst day of her life. Hopefully she got a knock on her head and won’t remember seeing her husband that way.

    I personally don’t care what happens to the Confederate flag. It’s just a flag. It will still be around whether Wal-Mart wants to sell it or not. This was just some dumbass kid who decided he hated black people for whatever reason. I highly doubt they did anything to him personally, much less while in church.
    This is a way for these people and companies to make themselves look and feel like they’re doing something important.

  13. Geez head popped like a zit. I fly the Confederate flag proudly, as well as the U.S., German and Bavarian flags. Douchebag around the corner told my sister it was offensive and wanted it down. Sister told her to mind her own business and drag her white Arsche off the property. She also complains that the other flags were offensive. Though she has no problem flying her Irish flag. Whole neighborhood can’t stand the bitch.

  14. I ride a bike and love it, but seeing crap like this makes me wonder if it’s worth it. I deal with a bunch of dumbasses every time I ride my bike. I have to always watch the loser in front, back, and beside me. You never know when a “cage” is going to take you out. By the way, we call cars “cages” here because they are protected by metal, unlike a biker.

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