Woman Halved Across Midsection by Train, Train Continues on Its Way

Woman Halved Across Midsection by Train, Train Continues on Its Way

We’ve recently seen a video of a train continuing to move over a woman after slicing her in half, and even the set up is pretty identical to this video, I’ve gone through both and feel pretty confident this is a whole different video of a whole different woman.

As before, the train continues on its way as woman’s upper body remain on one side of the track, while her ass and legs are on the other. She doesn’t seem to be moving in any way, suggesting the cut across her midsection may have caused fatal damage to vital organs, resulting in her death. This contrasts most videos of people cut in half, who tend to survive the immediate aftermath, even if their long term survival prospects are abysmal.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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89 thoughts on “Woman Halved Across Midsection by Train, Train Continues on Its Way”

      1. Well there are lots of things that could have happened, but who gives a shit honestly?
        People with far worse lives continue to fight.
        I guess suicide is okay if you are in a situation in which you are gonna die anyways,
        but other than that its really pointless, if there isn’t a thing in life which can make you happy, or at least give you enough reason to live, than you should just go fucking kill yourself, otherwise ur just wasting air.

        1. Yeah I see those points but what if there are people who are also responsible for doing questionably terrible things to her that should be thrown in front of the train as well

          Or maybe she was listening to Nirvana on her iPad iPhone and didn’t hear the train? Or she tripped trying to beat the train

    1. Do you really believe that or just after more posts on BG? :p I’m suicidal but revenge and murder do not appeal to me, more violence just makes the world worse and imagine how a person’s family would feel about them when they are gone. Maybe it doesn’t matter when we’re gone but it’s important to me for some reason.

      1. @itshopeless Its not about revenge or murder. If you don’t value your life and feel like you should kill yourself, at least take a few people with you, it does not have to be someone you know or hate, just some random people off the street. Why? Well my answer would be why not? If you are religious and want to commit suicide = hell (in almost all religions), so if you are already going to ”hell” at least go there a fucking legend.

  1. I was expecting her to move her head and at least move since it was a fresh kill!!
    I think India has a train killing fetish seems like it is their only way to go.
    The cut across her mid section may have caused fatal damage to her organs resulting in death is a understatement if you ask me …. lol!!
    I’ve never seen someone cut in half by a train in India to survive !!! Hahaha

    1. There’s s scientific documentary the C.I.A. put out for “eyes only”
      where they documented a women who was decapitated in a car wreck,and her head was saved and kept alive indefinitely.Its called (in underground circles) ,”The brain that wouldn’t die”.

    1. True are they could add a freaking cattle guard and design it to push humans to side maybe not it won’t save every person but if it saved one life it would be worth it!! There is an epidemic with people and trains in india… can’t argue that and shoot their so freaking smart why can’t they just try something??

    1. She had so much potential in the slums for hardworking men looking for a young woman to beat up, try disturbing sexual fetishes and politely comb her hair etc
      He paid so he gets to do as he wishes to her, so yeah what a waste …. dam bitch ugh

      Fucking Brazil still running screaming aye aye aye …… AYE!!! Even there!!!

  2. More than likely, if she died near instantly, she either had a head injury that we can’t see or she suffered a massive brain aneurysm as a result of blood being squeezed north. BTW, I like skinny girls and she’s as skinny as a train rail.

        1. Me too, @pigsonthewing as Floyd Rocks big-time. I have tickets for the upcoming October 08th Roger Waters Us & Them Concert in Ottawa. Canadian Tire Place will be shaken-up on this fine night, me thinks!

  3. Welp, at least she left a pretty corpse (the part that matters anyway depending on who you are xD) and it was a clean ‘halving’ without her head bursting open like a melon on the tracks lol! James Dean’s Indian sister anyone?

  4. Mom: (on phone with daughter) hi honey. Dinner is almost ready. Where are you?

    Daughter: hi momma. I’m halve way home. Save me half of the meatloaf. Cut my lunch sandwich in half. Train’s coming, I’m going to half to cut you off!

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