Woman Hit by Car in Romania – Driver and Passengers Leave the Scene

Woman Hit by Car in Romania - Driver and Passengers Leave the Scene

Romania is the new China.

An elderly woman walking down a sidewalk in the town of Lugoj, Romania was hit by a car. The driver and passengers were irritated by the fact that the car became undrivable and left, giving absolutely no thought to the woman they had just mowed down. Number of vehicles drove by – nobody cared about the woman. It wasn’t until a while later when some drivers manned up and stop to see why there was a crashed car on the sidewalk and noticed the woman. Sad world we live in, just sad.

Props to Best Gore member Buffsmom for the video. For some reason the video is slowed down to about 80% of normal speed:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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51 thoughts on “Woman Hit by Car in Romania – Driver and Passengers Leave the Scene”

    1. If they have automatic transmissions maybe it is the transmission fluid. Or maybe they have pink/red break fluid there.

      It’s a good thing there was that post to stop the car. With that sort of responsible people they would have drove right over that woman and drove away.

  1. If I could play God as I watch the stuff here in bestgore.com, I would LOVE to transfer the Brazilian street executioners to right where the wrongful shit scenes happen. Fucking asshole drivers would get the flipflop beatdown, hellz yeah.

    1. To be fair, Romania is part of the European Union, with her rotten gypsies and all the corruption it may have. So if there is one way to NOT be “excuse for a country”, being part of EU is one.

    1. Hi there Steve! 😉 You might be on to something!! I’m sure the car is traceable back to an owner so you’d have to be really dumb to just walk away like that. Haven’t seen you on here before, so- nice to meet ya! I’m Juicy! Lol 🙂

  2. Damn. I have to agree my first thought when they all jumped out and took off was the car was stolen and they were joyriding around. Glad she moved to see she was still alive poor thing I could never just druve by and ignore that wtf. I would of been the type to kneel down and comfort her till ambulance came hold her hand or something. I hope karma gets those kids oneday

    1. Gypsies rarely have all the papers in orders for their goods. Most of the cars they bring into their communities are stolen from other countries. Though once you register it, you have zero chances to find out if they are or not stolen, or if the money used to buy them legally are legit or not (which in most cases are not).

  3. Let me explain you folks about Romania, my country. After WWII Romania was left on her knees by the West to get a facial from the commies, after the facial it got paid with communism, it was great considering that we had a large industry, everybody had a job, a home and education, but no food and no humanity from Ceausescu, who was feeding Mother Russia with everything he could to pay our “debt” from WWII. ’89 came along with the revolution with people dying so that we could live free, but all that was in vain. After the death of Ceausescu, a commie indoctrinated PIG, who ass-kissed Ceausescu during the commie days became the president and started to destroy our country. Since then, our country became a poor one with so much corruption that you’d be able to get papers proving that you own the Moon. As for the population, the heroes who fought for our freedom aged and the new generation, my generation, are in a continuous devolution and are so brainwashed that you wouldn’t believe. And as a final nail on the coffin, the races has started to mix, between us and the gypsies, and so, becoming even more and more primitive in therms of everything. Long story short, The government is very corrupt, the majority of the population are bellow sheep level, and us, my kind, we’re getting to have a much more uncertain future. It’s not my fault, i didn’t choose to be born a Romanian, but somehow, i am still proud of my country, and i couldn’t let you folks insult it without at least knowing a bit of the truth about my country.

    1. You must be kidding .After all the problems with the gypsies and the bad reputation ,you are still proud of our country?
      Keep on dreaming ,nothing is gonna change in the near future .

      1. Well then … watch this from our perspective: Romania had no debt to other countries in 1989, however the fucking democrat pussies (like Ion Iliescu the first democrat president of Romania) came along and ripped the country apart closing industries and what seemed to be giving back the land to the people actually was a mask to destroying agriculture in Romania, the basic activity that Romanians had and sustained our country for long and good!

        After Iliescu came to the show he gave the gypsies the all new naming as Rroma people what was firstly named in our country as “Tigan” (pronounced Tseegun) and more rights were given to them than to the actual Romanians, so the stupid ones adopted they’re subculture and are now known as Romanians with gypsy like behavior!

        So the video shows the entire world that Romania has it’s bad drivers too, so what? Every country has it’s idiots! I am a Romanian too, but unlike my friend I am not proud to be a Romanian, I cannot be proud of something I didn’t achieve on my own and most importantly I cannot be proud of an accident of birth!

        And as you say “Nothing is going to change in the near future”, know this: things are constantly changing, the difference is if they are changing in a good way or a bad way!

        My best Regards! CAD_89

      2. Well, Patricia, unlike your country, presumably being the US, judging by your name and attitude, Romania has a rich history, full of ups and downs, downs that do not compare to the situation we have today, history that has been forgotten and along with the history we have the heroes who fought and died for our country, heroes that also, have been forgotten, those things make me proud and keep me positive and make me hope for a change in the near future. These putrid fucks made our country the Mexico of Europe! And as for you, your attitude seems to be genocidal regarding my country, my people, but hey, you’re american or whatever and i understand, so why won’t you enjoy your Capri Sun and keep on browsing.

        1. My dear Atrumus ,i’m romanian too so i know what’s going on in our country .I see the poverty,gypsies and corruption wherever i go at any time . I’m not proud of what Romania has become and i accept the truth about it .We have huge problems and to be honest ,i don’t see a way out for now-maybe after 20-30 years.

    2. Let some good things come out of this:
      -after ’89 Romania got MTV (so romanians can be brainwashed)
      -we have KFC, MCD, malls, shops, open borders, fast-foods etc. (and many of them romanians work/steal their ass off trying to be in them and buy so much things just to show off that they have money)
      -we have democracy (everybody can talk, not everybody can listen)
      -teenagers don’t give a shit about their education:

      So what I wish for my country: Just die already and try to resurrect!

  4. The thing about old people, they are so fucking slow! It’s so annoying when they have to cross the road, it’s like everything is moving in slow motion.
    Heck, she was moving so slow in the video too (even though it’s 80%, still so damn slow), I was almost screaming “get hit already!.
    Same thing about moms and their baby carriages. They think they can just go where the hell they want and everyone should stop and look at them.
    Old people and mothers with babies. Modern drivers pestilence.

  5. Romanian’s and Bulgarian’s, coming to the European Union in January 2014.

    I met a business man from Colorado, earlier in the year, he was somewhat irritated that it was almost impossible to purchase MB coaches as they were, currently, being bought up by companies in Romania and Bulgaria.

    Thanks, EU, I’ll look forward to my marginal rate of tax increasing from 63%.

    FU EU.

    1. Apologies, I forgot to add that the government takes another 20% of the purchase price of most items excluding some foods and levies 20% on the tax it imposes on fuel duty, making UK fuel, probably, the most expensive in the whole fu*king world.

      Thanks a bunch.

  6. what a fucking fail. personal responsibility, people. if I had DIRECTLY CAUSED an accident I would be bound by my honour to act accordingly. otherwise, meh…I know if I were a cop or paramedic a bunch of douches standing around would piss me the fuck off. call 911 and get the fuck out of the way!

  7. Woah.FINALLY! a thing from MY country! yeah,i know,i should not be proud….well,if i was one of those retarded patriots.but i hate it! i can’t wait to just fly off from here to fucking elswhere,anywhere but here! well,not anywhere,but yet.i’ve seen worse shit here,so i guess this is just a…teaser to what happends down here.let me explain how things usually work in this shithole: if you have an expensive car and money in your pocket,regardless of what way you’ve got them(but better through illegal shit) you can litterally do ANYTHING you want,because you’re a “boss”.here,if cops get you while you go over the speed limit,and you have an expensive car,you can easily spit the cop between his eyes and go forth,he will probably piss his pants.and it comes to..things like this.honestly,i am ashamed that i have been born here.but i will flee soon

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