Woman Hit by Train at Krishnagar Station in India

Woman Hit by Train at Krishnagar Station in India

I don’t have any functional backinfo except that this happened at Krishnagar train station in West Bengal, India.

It appears from the video that the woman got his by a train and pushed a bit in front of it. The conductor stopped the train quickly, but even though apparently not run over, the woman’s pelvis was seriously damaged. She appears to be alive and conscious in the video.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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77 thoughts on “Woman Hit by Train at Krishnagar Station in India”

        1. Thank God there is no smell-o-vision on my computer, that would make me heave all over my keyboard, just imagine the musty smell of that crowd, that’s far more horrifying a thought than that lady being lumped up on the platform like a sack of meat

      1. Those train pilots, known in India as cow catchers, do a damn good job on the four-legged variety. However, with all the outdoor-shitting, retarded and suicidal curry munchers getting the fuck in the way, I agree, something extra is needed on the front end.

  1. That’s Hilarious.., as soon as the bitch is picked off the track Everyone runs for the door including the cameraman., ” Okay tracks clear let’s go or we’ll have to wait 15 mins for the next one.”

    1. Nuke This World So agree with your philosophy Nuke. I mean what’s the fucking point of having all these nukes when these cunts in power don’t have the bottle to use them. I been tweeting that coward trump to use the nukes for months now but he’s all mouth

  2. Hhhmm, not convinced she was hit or run over by a train? 99% don’t survive that shit, but of the survivors, 0% survive without losing a limb or two.
    Plus how is she in front if train if run over or hit ?
    I think her injury is from falling or being pushed onto tracks from platform, and the train managed to stop before her because it was a scheduled stop and had reduced speed anyway……

  3. Damn, india must really suck. If i look at the whole vid. She put on her “nicest” clothes because india is too much of a shithole. Everybody squirms around and it sounds like a fucking chicken orgy. Then, to make it better. Pick her up instead of leaving her in shock. Oh. Ofcourse they leave her legs and pussy there, she wont need them. I bet that theres a vid of that too, considering how many people are there and in that place in general. Multiple videos. India is a fucking crazy shithole beyond your craziest measures. And this is just one of the many public train suicides. She probably got sick of shitting in a hole in her bathroom and dreaming about what hamburgers taste like.

    1. She Got That Busted-Curry-Cunt-Syndrome!
      It’s uncommon over there, as Guys Get it Too,
      It’s Called The Curry-Cock-Mangled-Syndrome,
      And Both Types Are Caused by Banging Da-Trains!
      So If You Ever Travel There Bang A Tourist No Train.

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