Woman Killed and Dismembered by Train in Thailand

Woman Killed and Dismembered by Train in Thailand

People getting killed and dismembered by trains tend to happen with noticeable frequency in Thailand. It also often happens on a stretch of tracks that goES unobstructed into the distance, so a train doesn’t just turn up out of nowhere. I don’t know what these Thais are doing when they are crossing the tracks?

Strangely, it’s been a while since we’ve seen quality Thai pointers. This fixes it right there.

Props to Best Gore member @shortbutthin for the pics:

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26 thoughts on “Woman Killed and Dismembered by Train in Thailand”

  1. Double pointer : makes you double sure that you don’t miss what is represented on the picture. I would’ve totally missed that bloody chunk of thai meat lying right on the ground. Pointers has boosted my self confidence and has a reassuring soothing effect on me, just like using expensive toilet paper, or fucking a raw cold chicken.

  2. The people who ‘accidentally’ get hit by a train on foot out in the middle of an open area always tend to make me chuckle a little bit. When I was younger I experimented with a lot of drugs, however, not one of those drugs, and my favorites were downers, ever slowed me down to the point of where I couldn’t get away from a train. Even a really, really fast train would have been no match for my impressive side stepping skills. I’ve seen a few videos of folks getting hit by a slow moving train they could have seen coming, from at the very least, a quarter mile away. They panic at the last second and still managed to get hit by the fucking locomotive moving at the blazing speed of 5. It’s as though it was the first time they were seeing a real live train in person, and its this amazing mythical creature that legends are made of (like a dragon). It’s hard not to believe that someone like that is better off to just get hit by the goddamn train.

  3. They should as well ……dig a hole, right there….. put the remains with
    Some chicken shit and everybody would get to have a piss
    On it ……..
    The campaign would be called……plant a tree….NOW……..
    Trees that could nourish the local population……
    Then more people would get ” shredded”…during harvest….
    Witch would be beneficial to the entire community…..
    Old farts would be drafted first……..
    No, more like the sick fucks……first….!!!!!

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