Woman Has Legs Crushed by Freight Container in Nigeria

Woman Has Legs Crushed by Freight Container in Nigeria

In Festac, Nigeria, a freight container slipped from a truck and fell on a woman riding a bike down the road. The contained crushed her legs, and kept her trapped.

Rescuers were unable to find a crane on the short notice to free the woman, and resorted to amputating the woman’s leg with a machete in an attempt to release her and save her life. Unfortunately, blood loss caused by the amputation led to fast bleed out, causing the woman to die.

The woman was identified as Monica Onokah.

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55 thoughts on “Woman Has Legs Crushed by Freight Container in Nigeria”

      1. If people werent filming the whole time and start stop the bleeding…she would be still alive….but a life time on wheelchair and being a poor son of bitch? I guess i ll choose death…FUCK THE WORLD

        1. @ghostd It’s absolutely ridiculous how many incidences there are where people stand and film instead of tying a tourniquet, so yes most people end of bleeding out and dieing from their injuries when it didn’t have to happen that way.

      1. There are actually lots of beautiful women in Nigeria. It’s more modern of a nation than many people know. Some of their views on beauty are more traditional African. Others are more western in appearance.

  1. Any excuse for a 2nd or 3rd world native to get his machete out and do some chopping and they will…. i bet the guy had been polishing and sharpening his machete for years waiting for a lynching or situation like this to happen.

  2. On the plus side, if she was a foreigner she may eligible for a discount on the shipping cost back home 🙂 doubt it tho 🙁

    Jest aside. She was very brave letting somebody chop her legs off, i dont think id be that brave in that situation. RIP poor lady.

    1. You’re an asshole!

      So you hope she can’t feel the fucking LOSS of her legs?!?!?! That’s compassion?

      I, on the other hand, hope that it never happened to the lady. What a waste of a good nigga, really. I guess she would be fairly useful as a shoeshine/blow job nigga.

      I take it back.

      You’re not an asshole, you’re just pretty business savvy, my friend. 🙂


  3. All these assholes filming and not ONE could kneel down and hold her hand, talk to her to keep her calm/distracted…and why didn’t the genious paramedics use tourniquets on her legs??! Jesus, even the drug cartel guys know to tourniquet the wrist before cutting off the hand…smh…this poor woman did not HAVE to die. There were a lot of stupid, selfish assholes around, unfortunately for her. RIP…

  4. Physiological FACT: Even though her legs are pretty much done, she can still out jump ANY white bitch out there! Don’t get uppity with her, Brenda. 😉

    (Brenda, like all of my friends, was just a name I thought of and doesn’t really represent an actual living person. Sorry for this but the judge said I have to put this on my posts from now on. Long story.)

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