Woman Leg fucked in Accident, Child Gets Boo Boo

Woman Leg fucked in Accident, Child Gets Boo Boo

Woman Leg fucked in Accident, Child Gets Boo Boo

Woman in unknown country is on ground with a down to the bone rash on leg. Her child nearby has a boo boo no one seems to care about. The cause of both injured is the effect of mother unable to ride motorcycle without crashing.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

Zero-Decibels ®

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  1. I think I can interpret this one. I stayed in NY for a while and picked up some of the lingo.
    She’s saying: “what you shiftless niggas lookin at, go fetch my wig extensions hug up in the bike spokes, for I whips your asses” and “don’t be lookin at my legs motha fucka”

    1. I once worked in sales in a Chicago area motorcycle shop. Standard conversation:
      (How much per month, fine fellow?)
      “Hammer down?”
      (What is required for my down payment, sir?”
      Then l tell him and he says…

  2. Unrelated topic:
    Those Flat Earth forum topics are just for satire…. right?
    No one really believes that especially after the Middle Ages and the Renaissance happened? Are we not out of the Dark Ages? The ancient Greeks knew the earth was a globe ffs.
    Watch the Nat Geo presentation “Behind The Curve “ to see two Flat Earthers perform their experiments and unwittingly show the Earth is a globe. Hilarious stuff

        1. Relax @godisaliquid if you want get on forums you need to text mark. I don’t know the criteria, who’s dick you have to suck, or who’s car you need to wash beforehand. I don’t know what this fucking gnome shit is, people get off topic all the time here, esp with run of the mill shit like a moped accident, but as someone new I think your question perfectly reasonable. I did the same myself way back, but fucking forums devolve into bullshit most times, but that’s me.
          And yes people certainly do believe the earths flat..

          1. The dick sucking line starts before carnage, you don’t want the stds he’s carrying. I am sure there are a few they haven’t identified yet.

          2. It’s a good deal Mr Dildo. @carnage-2 drives his mothers minivan and for $9.00 you get the hot wax and a go at her clammy anus.
            I advise hitting the interior with the ‘new car scent’ before getting started though.

          3. @the-captain… the only one they haven’t identified is the one I gave you after you offered your ass to me. It’s of alien origin, good luck.

            $9.00?… you can get a better deal riding with @dan-a-conda in his ‘FREE CANDY’ van… the whole trip is free. He’ll even pay for the therapy.

  3. “The Negro if left to himself will not work, he will lie down and bask in the sun … [I]t is very evident that [if slavery were abolished] … the free white operative would be compelled to pay all the expenses necessary to support this idle, drunken, lazy population.”

    –John Campbell, Negromania, 1851

    1. I can’t translate but I can take a guess that she’s screaming about her pants getting ripped the wrong way. She was going for small cuts like you see on jeans for sale for $120 and instead she got a big hole. Not the look she was going for.

  4. Meat Mrs Brown a average mother of six ankle biters from the hood. She thought today would be like any other she had no idea that events would dogleg on her. She wanted to give her kids a leg up in life and show them how to put their best foot forward. She never moaned about her problems and knew when to put her foot down on things. She told her kids to not limp away from problems and reminded them to put themselves in others shoes for empathy. She was a accomplished woman finishing in the final leg of a relay and fully halfway recovering from foot and mouth disease. We should all look at her story as if the shoe was on the other foot and always remember strange things can happen… in the hoodzone

  5. Shut the fuck up you noisy annoying bitch! this is pure comedy gold for me! watching that bitch suffer with her fat ugly leg destroyed and laughing at how retarded she is to not being able to drive properly lol

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