Woman with Leg Injured in Traffic Accident Is Attended by Witnesses

Woman with Leg Injured in Traffic Accident Is Attended by Witnesses

Woman with Leg Injured in Traffic Accident Is Attended by Witnesses

No backinfo whatsoever. The video appears to show an aftermath of a traffic accident, in which a woman had her leg run over by a vehicle and badly injured.

She is attended by witnesses to her misfortune, which leads to suspicion that it did not happen in any of the typical suspect countries.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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      1. There’s a handful of reasons why this would never be America. Ok I’ll start with the most obvious, cars and bystanders getting close as well as driving by a crime/accident scene. We would have shut it down and directed traffic elsewhere. Also, that is not an American emergency response vehicle. We have them registered with plates, also that rescue vehicle reads, “Samu 192” which is popular in Brazil, never in USA. Also, every voice heard in the background is speaking not a word of english. Which is common in our melting pot but unlikely that not one person in the random group of bystanders speaks English. Also, what the rescue dude is doing…so not USA routine or protocol. He is just as useless as the witnesses. Which is another hint that this didn’t happen in America.

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