Woman Loses Control of Car on Bridge, Ends Up Decapitated After Hitting Railing

Woman Loses Control of Car on Bridge, Ends Up Decapitated After Hitting Railing

A woman driving a car lost control while passing on a bridge, and hit the railing. The impact severed her head, and possibly also the arms. The head fell under the railing, while the headless body rolled down a flight of stairs leading up to the bridge.

I don’t have any specific information about the incident. The pic of her car is of fairly low resolution, making it difficult to learn where this happened from the license plate. If you know more about the case, please share in the comments.

Props to Best Gore member @hindustan for the pics:


Apparently, this happened in Mexico City. The woman, around 25 years old, lost control of the vehicle, on the upper level of a street called Periferico. She fell from a height of about 20 meters. As she was falling, the head got stuck on the handrails and that’s how she lost it. She was not wearing seatbelt. Props to Best Gore member @malfusmex for the additional info.

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  1. This happened in Naucalpan, state of Mexico, nearby the periférico norte, she was about 25 yo, and that happened because she was speeding, poor creature, she was pretty, maybe if I was there could have better pictures here, or maybe a pointer.

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  3. Actually women drivers have a much lower accident rate than men drivers the world over. A woman drives carefully and safely most of the time. As a man, I appreciate women drivers and wish them the best.

    1. Women may be more careful, but they are worse drivers (that’s why motor race drivers are men). That is, we may even discuss if they are really more careful or just lack skills, so that their lack of skills end up giving the impression that they are careful, I personally think that both factors that play a part in the equation…

  4. From the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, USA.
    “Seventy-one percent of all motor vehicle crash deaths in 2015 were males. Males accounted for 71 percent of passenger vehicle driver deaths, 49 percent of passenger vehicle passenger deaths, 97 percent of large truck driver deaths, 74 percent of large truck passenger deaths, 70 percent of pedestrian deaths, 85 percent of bicyclist deaths, and 91 percent of motorcyclist deaths.”

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  5. I can’t help but ask….if it was ME driving that car, with all the inexperience that goes with driving a strange car in a strange country (I have driven in many countries), would that shit have happened to me?

    I doubt it.

    I just think this girl had difficulty operating complex machinery at high speed.

    It is a freaky accident though. When she started her journey, I doubt she’d imagined that in a couple of hours she would be a headless corpse at some random bridge. So sad.

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