Woman Motorcycle Rider Under Heavy Pressure to Survive Guaranteed Death

Woman Motorcycle Rider Under Heavy Pressure to Survive Accident

Did you guys know your fellow Best Gore brother @blucon writes a bloody great prologue?

Before leaving the house ; the rider with pillion rider in tow never could have imagined what fate lain in waiting for them.

Seriously, kitchen was one place they would have been safe.

As the camera pans across, one of them is clearly seen crushed with few body parts to spare but dead anyway. While the other one has her bleak chances of survival with one leg to lose. She may die of a shock and trauma when the manoeuvre to free her mangled leg will take place.

I guess due to the wetness on the road, the bike rider must have lost control skidding right underneath that truck which was coming from the opposite direction giving no room to slide through because of its massive sized tyres.

Props to Best Gore member @blucon for backinfo and @honkeykong for the video:

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43 thoughts on “Woman Motorcycle Rider Under Heavy Pressure to Survive Guaranteed Death”

  1. I think I understand what they were talking about.
    The asshole in the green shirt was berating her over who’s going to pay for damages to his truck. She was offering to suck his dick if he’d move the truck.
    I couldn’t make out what the fucker pinned under the tires said, he mumbled too much.

  2. It’s encouraging to finally see people wearing their helmets while riding a dangerous motorbike. Who knows what terrible shit would have befallen them had they skimped on this essential piece of safety equipment.

  3. Wtf? Are their transportation choices limited to only mopeds and dump trucks? I guess it’s easy to pick out the retards. They always choose the moped.

  4. In situations like these I always wonder why the truck driver braked. It should have been obvious that he can’t stop in time. And if someone gets under a wheel it will make the matters worse for them, as demonstrated countless times on BG. Is it a knee-jerk reaction, or the rules of the road require it no matter what?

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