Woman on Bicycle Run Over by Truck in Zwolle, the Netherlands

Woman on Bicycle Run Over by Truck in Zwolle, the Netherlands

This accident happened in front of Stationsplein train station in Zwolle, the Netherlands. 50 year old woman on a bicycle was run over by a truck. The truck driver apparently did not see the woman and struck her while passing through traffic circle.

The photo was provided by Best Gore member jackchan who added the following information:

This is the only close up picture I could take. The accident happened right in front of train station and there are always cops so they were fast to shut down the streets and everyone had to leave the area.

A rude joke – look at the bag she had, it says: “shop online”. She should have shopped online…

Thanks a lot for the photo, jackchan. Video below is just a news report on the accident:

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    1. A couple years ago I saw a 19 year old girl in a Volkswagen Beetle get hit head on by some drunk idiot. When my boyfriend and I ran over to try to help, half of her head was caved in and half of her scalp was hanging off. Among other injuries. Sooo not fun to see in person.

          1. well, thank fucking christ for your mental health expertise, @I_RAMBO_I, i thought it was my training and and BPD and Bipolar Disorder. your powers of deduction are exceptional, why waste them here when you you can be out fighting crime?!

          1. i don’t believe in “you get what you give”, or “do unto others” or karma. experience has taught me that is not the case, at all. there is nothing. no reward or puishment. no god, but death.

          2. You make it sound like its a bad thing to care and empathize with people. But that’s the beauty of having your own opinion and beliefs. Everybody’s different. But so nice to know you’d leave me bleeding to death on the side of the road, lol.

          3. i actually believe that empathy is learned behaviour but more important…..did i say i wouldleave you bleeding to death? i believe i said i can only care about the people i choose to care about. people i know, that i’ve become close to… i can’t just have empathy for the whole fucking human race.

          4. If i saw a gory accident the first thing i would do is follow my heart and… Grab my Ipad and film the whole damned thing to post here on best gore! See how much i care about you guys?

          5. Yeah when I ran over this drunk guy one night I was faced with the decisionto stay or run…. I stayed and thought I was gonna get to ares a fresh kill. The old dunk was still alive and when the cops got there they knew him and said it was his fourth time getting run over. It’s one of the scariest feelings of your life

      1. @YNEG…when I was about 13 yrs old I watched two boys about 10 yrs old attempt to run across a busy 4 lane residential street. They ran out from between parked cars while an older girl was pleading with them not to cross. As I took notice of this the two boys tore out into traffic and both were hit by separate vehicles each driving in opposite directions. They got fucked up pretty good. The one vehicle had a family with small children in it, very fucked up shit. I’ll never forget that day

          1. Yeah,, its crazy when it haunts you every time you pass that spot where it happened.
            You can’t un-see it so your trapped with the memory.
            I wonder if that has anything to do with my morbid attractions..?

    2. When I was about 14 I saw someone get pulped by a train while I was going home from school. It’s surreal – at the time you really don’t think about the fact that a living, breathing human being has just been turned into mincemeat right in front of your eyes.

    3. I seen a 5 y/o get hit by a 4×4 that was not lucky poor kid. The mother ran up to me and handed me her baby and she was cradling the boy I kept telling her to leave him flat and got a rug from a guy in a car nearby. Both my kids seen it happen well was hard to miss tbh. We was crossing a road little boy thought he seen his dad and ran out in front of us and 4×4 hit him head-on kid bounced about 15ft in front of the car. Good news was he never died but had brain damage and tons of broken bones πŸ™ if it had been an adult I’d have got the camera out lol

  1. The Netherlands again, finally. Usually there is not much gore from over here. I never had an accident happen in front of me too, MikeyGraves..
    Well, I once saw an accident where a bus drove over a small car and the person inside the car was killed. It happened in London. Too bad I was only 10 years old and (ofcourse) I wasn’t involved in gore and wasn’t carrying a smartphone hehe.

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          1. That’s kinda true. I am Dutch but even without learning to speak German you can actually some things in German. But the languages are also very different from eachother.

          1. I want to learn Deutsch because its just sounds like such an angry language. If Ricky Ricardo was German, the “I Love Lucy” show would have been so much better.

          1. Haha, I know how you feel. People think all Dutch people speak German, which is a huge misunderstanding. I know a lot of people from The Netherlands who don’t speak or understand a single word in German. But the languages are quite alike. For example: I means “ik” in Dutch and “ich” in German. And “children” means “Kinderen” in Dutch, and in German it’s “Kinder”. And so it goes on. Some words are even the same!

          2. The same between Portuguese and Spanish. I know Dutch is not the same as German, even though both languages are Germanic, the same way Portuguese and Spanish are Latin languages. But in my honest opinion, i prefer Dutch over German. And i prefer Dutch girls too, ahahah. All the ones i’ve met were very gorgeous and kind.

        1. Sweet, sweet It Was Me…
          I am so glad to read this ~ I thought I had said something, well, never mind, it’s all good after all.
          Yes hun, all is well with myself and Mum (she had her 90th birthday a month ago).
          I hope all is well with you, your sis and Mum… and of course that Hunka Burnin’ Love Future Days.

          1. Belated, heartfelt wishes to your Mum, on her 90th Birthday! So glad to hear you both are well.
            My Mom, sis and I are all fine, as well as mi amor, Future Days.
            I’ve never forgotten what a great friend you are and what you did for this site!

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      1. Hey Fiendy, missed you too, glad to see you back. I saw a few of your entries on Wicked Mama’s temporary thing before it disappeared. She too has been kind of scarce lately. I guess now we gotta do a group hug with Brokeback.

  2. A woman over 50 in shopping mode (read also as gatherer mode) during holiday season on a bicycle in traffic…

    What could possibly go wrong? Here in the states, they are just as dangerous in cars and SUV’s when they are like that! I hope that poor truck driver is okay!

    1. Hey Obli, I’m curious about your avatar. Is that someone you know personally and if so what’s their story? (If you don’t mind me asking!)

      One of the reasons I finally made an account on here was to get a closer look at that pic! I was hoping every member would have a profile you could click on and see a bigger version of the avatars.

      1. @ByDemonsBeDriven I actually though (and hoped) the same thing when I first started coming here. I tried clicking on someone’s avatar hoping to get a bigger view of it and was sadly disappointed when I couldn’t. It’s be cool if we were able to have a little profile. There’s an “About me” section where you change your picture but no one can see yours and vice versa. It’s be nice to be able to have even that and be able to click on someone and get a bigger picture and some info about them. I think that’s be a great addition to this site!

    1. Yeah it’s the same thing, we call them roundabouts here in Canada. I don’t understand why they confuse people so badly. All you have to do is yield when you enter the circle and then carry on your merry way… not too difficult once you’ve been through one, they’re all the same!

  3. This site really does make you up your levels of carefulness, for me anyway. Seen enough shit here to not act the gobshite in a car, and be seriously careful if I’m on a bike, motorized or not. And to stay the fuck out of Syria, Thailand, Brazil, etc. And no flip flops. And it might be worthwhile investing in a Kevlar neck-brace if travelling through the middle east. I’d take my chances in the Netherlands though. Might even visit it before it becomes completely overrun with Muslims.

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  6. OH MY GAWD…. I CAN NOT stand the sound of this language. The way it sounds makes me want to throat punch anyone I ever hear speaking it. Hopefully it will stop them from uttering another sound. Am I the only one?

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