Woman Riding Pillion Falls Under Trailer Truck, Gets Crushed to Death

Woman Riding Pillion Falls Under Trailer Truck, Gets Crushed to Death

Woman Riding Pillion Falls Under Trailer Truck, Gets Crushed to Death

On Sunday, february 9, 2020, a couple on a scooter collided with a trailer truck in a village of Verna in Goa, India. The woman riding pillion fell under the truck’s wheels and got crushed to death.

The couple was coming from Cortalim and heading for Margao. Their trip tragically ended at the Verna-Titan intersection.

The victim was identified as 60 year old Donata D’Costa. 58 year old truck driver – Ratanlal Sutar – was arrested and charged under Sections 279 and 304.

Props to Best Gore member @zer0-76 for the video:

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  2. I mean she probably did something to deserve this tho, revenge comes in the most unexpected ways sometimes, and yeah she is a woman and because women don’t have any self awarness it is just some higher power making revenge on her

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