Woman Ran Over by Bus While Crossing Road in Liverpool, UK

Woman Ran Over by Bus While Crossing Road in Liverpool, UK

Woman Ran Over by Bus While Crossing Road in Liverpool, UK

This just happened at the junction of Church Road and Seaforth Road in Liverpool, UK – a woman was ran over by a bus while crossing the road.

She was taken to hospital where she’s fighting for her life and remains in critical condition. The bus driver stopped to assist.

No further info at this time. Props to Best Gore member @cornyknut for the video:

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84 thoughts on “Woman Ran Over by Bus While Crossing Road in Liverpool, UK”

  1. If she couldn’t before now she can do the splits! And how gentlemanly of him to call emergency services to tell them he ran of some stupid, cell phone gossiping, candy crush playing whore not pay attention.

    1. Fucking hell i saw all the commotion whilst out working but thought it was just one of the million crashes i drive past every day and thought nothing of it … im a taxi driver in Liverpool and at least 20 times a night i witness someone just walk into the road without looking , its mindblowing .
      Bottom line … unless a vehicle has ran a red , the ONLY way you can get hit by it is by being where you shouldnt be

      1. Not your usual hit and run case, hit and stayed. With the rain pouring down, I noticed the coat she was wearing, reflecting light from the headbeams, revealing she was still alive.. Also the steam rising off her peeled exposed flesh, the scene itself gives me the willies.

  2. She’s a scouser; that’s what they call people from Liverpool, along with a lot of other shitty names. Me saying “Great, one less scouser in the world” is along the same lines as people saying “Great, one less nigger in the world.”
    Liverpool is one of the cesspits of the UK. I’d rather live in a city full of muslims than a city full of scousers.

    1. Hi hunter,
      could you explain more what you say, speaking of liverpool as a cesspits ? leftits,immigrationists?
      I suppose it must be awful, because choosing to live only with muslims than “scousers” sounds crazy…
      i precise i’m french

      1. Simple answer: I’d feel safer opening a topless bar in Mecca than walking many of the streets in Liverpool. You’d be safer walking through Harlem shouting “All niggers should be hanged!” It’s a shithole full of mentally-challenged chavs.

  3. The 3rd time I watched the video, I noticed the poor soul is still breathing! Tell ya what, for any reason at all you should ever find me in this type of shit show, just put me out of my misery first!

        1. Ha ha! I did actually wonder if your post was encouraging us to do it the wrong way; a kind of sublime message with the idea of killing us all off.

          I remember the ads on tv when I was a kid: “Look right, look left, look right again; if all clear, quick march!” They used a character, Tufty the Squirrel for that bunch of safety ads. I was a proud member of the Tufty Club, badge and all, back in the 70s. I guess you’d have to be at least 50 and British to know what I’m on about.

          Following the Tufty Club they brought in “The Green Cross Code” and abandoned Tufty’s right-left-right slogan. At the beginning of the libtard era they wanted you to twist your head in every direction all the time you were crossing. “Keep looking and listening whilst crossing the road” was the new mantra. Like that would do any good if you had a 40 ton juggernaut bearing down on you. I thought the idea was to make sure the road was clear BEFORE you stepped onto it. Poor kids during that era were rubber-necking as they crossed the roads and by the time they got to school there was a queue of boys and girls around the corridor, all waiting to see the nurse, all having stiff necks.

          More kids died crossing the road during that era than at any other time, before or since. They spent so much time looking around they actually forgot to cross the fucking road halfway across. Fucking libtards; know why I hate them:? They murdered Tufty. I buried my Tufty-Club badge in the garden in recognition of the service that squirrel provided by keeping us kids safe back then. @african-angel


          1. @robc @african-angel
            Ah yes, the “The Green Cross Code”. As Rob said, Tufty the Squirrel introduced this to us all in England.
            After which, the saying/idea of “The Green Cross Code” morphed into the star of the NEXT set of road safety ads… “The Green Cross Code Man”
            Fun fact – “The Green Cross Code Man” was played by David Prowse who (as well as having a small part in Stanley Kubricks “A clockwork orange”) played Darth Vader in the original “StarWars” trilogy – a new hope, the empire stikes back, and return of the jedi.
            Although, in the “unmasking” scene towards the end of return of the jedi, a different actor was used

  4. I’m glad to see the good ole Brits have the sense to phone for an ambulance and stay with her, unlike the Thais that would just leave her there, driving around her, or the Indians who would just stare and chat amongst themselves, or the Chinese who might just drag her off the road, if they even notice her. That’s one hell of a fucking injury though.

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