Woman Run Over by Train in Port of Mombasa, Kenya

Woman Run Over by Train in Port of Mombasa, Kenya

This woman was listening to music on her cell phone so loud, she couldn’t hear what was happening around her. And while her headphones blasted music into her ears, she was crossing the railway tracks, totally oblivious to incoming train. People tried to alert her that train was coming right at her, but it was too late.

I don’t know if she survived or not, but she appears to exhibit different expressions in different photos and some photos even have her with eyes open so who knows. Blood loos seems rather significant but we’ve had many videos of people cut in half by trucks and were still alive.

The incident happen in Port of Mombasa, Kenya. Yeah, that’s where the unstable mass murderer in the White House and his brethren the potato lovers are from.

Guess who gets props for the pics 😉

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142 thoughts on “Woman Run Over by Train in Port of Mombasa, Kenya”

  1. If you’re gonna cross train tracks with headphones blastin’ music in your ears, then as far as I’m concerned you deserve to get fucked by a train. Some people are just too fuckin’ stupid.

      1. A 17 year old girl was killed by a GO Train just west of Union Station in Toronto on Tuesday. All they released was that “high winds made it hard to hear the approaching train” They also said she was walking up the tracks with her back to the train

          1. I ride that exact train on that exact route every Saturday. I’ll be on this Saturday on the 2:10pm train to Exhibition Place and if it gets delayed cause some asshole doesnt know to not walk on the tracks, I’ll be pissed. Thats already the 3rd death by GO Trains between Burlington and Toronto this year. It’s only an hour long trip!

    1. Damn you…that almost happened to me…sometimes you just cant help it man the music takes control…god I dont know how I’m alive, I have almost gotten hit by a train and several crossing the street without realizing I didn’t have the light all because of the goddamn ipods…

        1. A 14 year old got hit by a train while drunk on his birthday while stumbling home listening to is ipod.
          They found his head almost 30 feet away under a shrub.

          Also, i fell into a recently dug double depth grave at the cemetery while i was working there a few years back cause i was texting and listening to music on my mp3. I sprained my ankle and i had to climb into the backhoe bucket to be lifted out since climbing excavation walls is dangerous at best.

          Now, i dont text and walk or listen to my music so loud that it distracts me v____v learning FTW

          1. @Gem I’ts funny you should say that, I”VE worked digging graves for the shire (county(?) before, once me & the other woman working that day had to dig a grave out, that was on top of an already dead person! All the blokes were TOO spooked to get in the grave once we hit the top of the original coffin! (not much to it, it was 25 yrs old!) Had to stand on some metal ‘frames’ cos my foot went right through! Disrespectful? nah I said sorry!

          2. OK, kids, this is a long, but TRUE story, I bring it up cause @gem&@tiger mentioned cemeteries. Back in the 80s, me and my friends at night would sometimes hang out at acacia cemetary in queens ny. It was an old decrepit, unkept jewish cem. from the 1800s. One night we came across a 6 coffin mausaleum that had the door broken down. We went in and one of the marble slabs was also broken, behind the slab was a piece of tin covering the coffin. We took a crowbar,ripped the tin away to expose the coffin.We grabbed the handles on the side of the coffin and pulled and the whole side pulled right off. Till this day I could still smell the rotten stench of death that hit us like a train(no pun intended), old death, the body that was exposed looked cool,it was bones with a sheet of skin draped (kinda looked like it was meted) over it. Long hair and nails as they keep growin’.( it looked creepy) I put the crowbar behind the head and made the head move up and down, like headbangin’, we were metalheads. I took the pearls from her neck.( turned out to be fake, jewish cemetary,go figure. We went back to my house to wash the smell off of us, went got a new bag of weed and papers. I rolled a joint took a toke,my friend looked at my face, said ,”whats wrong” so I handed him the joint, he took a toke turned white and said,”holy shit”. The joint tasted like the smell of death. needless to say we were spooked out after that.LOL. Yes, I know, I’m goin to hell. But it was just a one time, punk kids curiosity thing. I hope ya liked another one of my crazy ass life stories! @mark, if ya think this is too long, then let the gnomes at it!

          3. @lunatic I wasn’t gonna say this but after what you said I will, I actually stuck my hand down into the ground/rotten wooden coffin and pulled out a rib bone! I did put it back!

          4. @lunatic I’m not scared of an old bone! It was no different than a really dry old bone from any other animal, it was just a thin rib bone. It was one of the men I was working with that said “you will have bad luck/be haunted etc” but I just said, “Crap the old guy will be glad for the attention!” I put it back, though I could have kept it, but what for?

          5. Here’s yet, another thing that i have never shared with anyone…..
            I have ALWAYS wanted to own a human skull, but to cut JUST the face off falt, about 1/2 I guess, so it could be fixed to the wall and be mine.

            Mostt likely just end up hanging my car keys on it or something….have always wanted one…….and with HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF THE DAMN THINGS it shouldn’t be THAT hard to get one!

            As for the rib (Tiger) just a story to go along with the item, but the story doen’t NEED the item to make sense and to be cool.

          6. @Rotten my old ‘Pop’ (grandfather) had a huge turtle skull in his study, when I was a little girl i thought it was a human skull! I love bones, teeth & claws etc. I have some tiger (NOT the Tas tiger) claws & a tooth (very old, 150+ yrs) which are on gold chains, these are sort of ‘irreplaceable’ as it’s rather disgusting to murder big cats for their body parts!

      1. Wait a sec…who said I was a kid? This was like less then 2 years ago…I would say I was stupid but in my defense the train was on a weird weekend schedule where it stopped running after a certain stop so they had it coming into the station from the opposite direction

      1. Dude have you ever put those dre beats headphones on? I swear I think the law need to check them out because they have to be breaking some volume level regulation…you can block the sound of a helicopter with those thing on full blast

    2. I agree. I see people do that all of the time and it just boggles my mind. Even though this is unfortunate, she should of known better. Just like people who drive and text and talk on their mobile phones like they’re sitting in their den watching TV or something. Really stupid.

          1. Hey Mouse I’m beginning to think your right….. With all this interesting talk about trannies, It might be good to try something new….I wonder how much it costs to feed them?

        1. creampies are fine jack. they come from IMPREGNATING the rat bitches and also my favorite form of porn, especialy multiple creampies from them sluts that take on more than one cowboy at a time. it’s fasinating to watch but dangerous to participate. diseases and what not you know.

          1. That’s one of my favorite too when i watch porn. I don’t like those facials. It’s a waste of jizz. If i would ever participate on that one i would rather be the first one to cum in her or not at all, hehehehe

          1. i came home from clubbing one night…stuck the tunes on and started singing…ten minutes later my next door neighbour knocked on my door and asked me to please shut the fuck up singing hahahahaha

          1. @Jack I feel bad for sort of ‘bitching’, also his posts have been small & few/far between, I hope he’s doing alright, you know, not ‘depressed’?

    1. @kuniqs ??? ALL African women have ‘wool’ any (most) of them you see with braids/length, it’s fake hair (acrylic or real) it’s attached to their natural hair with special braiding/knots, they’re VERY good at it.

  2. This photoset gives me the chills. Imagine if you’re alive and you can look down at the mangled mess of your lower body. Uuggghh.

    Then again, this is why I tell people to turn down the goddamn headphones.

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    Guess the bills wern’t paid but they must have gotten Mouse to get a life time subscription due to the heavy cock content

    1. i subscribed to kink.com to their tranny and gang bang links. very high quality hd porn. some of the most beautiful trannys i’ve ever seen and the gang bangs are crazy. their advertising on best gore was not wasted as that is how i learned of them. Mark and best gore have led me down the road to sin and if my soul is eternally damned it is Mark’s fault because he was the devil who tempted me thru best gore.

  4. Thanks Drccoco for the great gore. But on a side note should we be worried?
    Isn’t taking the time to locate all of these wonderful pics and stories starting to
    reduce the amount of time reserved for internet porn? 🙂

  5. you all know this but i will tell you anyway. we have 5 senses and hearing/sight are the primary 2. imagine trying to process the outside world without them. these headphones disable your hearing and disract your sight because you are groving to the music. always be AWARE of your surroundings. give this bitch today’s Darwin award cause she just took herself out. it really wasn’t necessary for this to happen but it provided us with gore at an idiot’s expense so i say BRAVO!

  6. I just broke one of the rules of gore and got personally attached to this post…this exact same thing almost happened to me on the NYC subway last year…I was blasting some crazy dirty dubstep on my beat by dres which pretty much turns off the rest of the world and looking down the wrong way on the subway for my train didn’t realize the train was approaching full speed behind me…I turned at the very last second and just saw lights and quickly moved back…I mean I can smell the medal as the train went by me I was so close…Ok I’m going to spark a joint and go to work, this was a little too close to home

  7. Another good example of dont be fucking distracted while crossing train tracks or crossing the street. Pay fucking attention pedestrians. Yeah you have music blasting and not paying attention you deserve it. Stupid is as stupid does.

  8. A teenage girl was just killed the other day by a train, here in Toronto. People nowadays don’t even bother to look before they cross the damn streets. So, not surprising they don’t pay attention to trains. If you’re going to be stupid then they deserve it because all these could have been prevented!

  9. What the hell happened to Stubyone? I’ve been noticing he’s skipping classes here at BG. I remember stench asked about him too few days ago. It’s been like weeks since he’s absent. So is MC. Hey buddies, wherever you are, i hope you’re doing fine and….. You’re not Dead (JK)

      1. I was just tinking of StubyOne, Med Ex (I assume anyway) is a pretty busy dude, so, if people are going to come back (they ALWAYS COME BACK HERE)
        then it’s cool that, at least we know, we’re thinking of them.

        See, friendship….an unlikely side effect of being a Student of Best Gore

          1. oh yha that’s right, I remember him saying something months ago about that (W.C.)

            MedEx is (undertandably) covert about his experiance and current goings-on.
            Everyone sue-nuts and all

  10. Check out photo six. She’s feeling her munched injury probably wondering what the fuck happened to her leg and what that greasy shit is stuck to her. Kinda like that vietnamese policeman vid. Except not as bad. Jeez that dude got FUBAR.

  11. Huh. She looks a little bit higher class than I would expect a woman from Mombasa to appear. Maybe my mental image of African women is a little bit prejudiced. Sh just looks different than what I would have expected. The again maybe she’s a tourist. Who knows. Does anybody actually voluntarily vacation in Kenya?

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