Woman Has Skull Cracked by Truck in Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia

Woman Has Skull Cracked by Truck in Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia

In Cikarang, the capital of Bekasi Regency in West Java, Indonesia, a woman was run over and killed by a truck.

The video shows the woman’s skull cracked by the vehicle, as part of it landed on the curb, while the rest along with the body rests on the road.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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67 thoughts on “Woman Has Skull Cracked by Truck in Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia”

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      A few hours later, the attendant would complain about cleaning up the mess, scoop the shells into the garbage bag with the rest of the shit, and toss it in the dumpster.

    1. I prefer a vertical video for the jumpers, but this video would have been better captured in the horizontal mode.

      A few more camera angles or a photo supplement would have further improved the report.

      This just wasn’t up to the West Java photojournalistic standard.

    1. If you’re with the photojournalist, a few beads of Loctite, staples and duct tape, and she’ll be good to go.

      Forget about scooping in any ejected brain innards. She obviously wasn’t using half of it and this will interfere with the adhesive cure.

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