Woman with Skull Crushed and Eyeball Ripped Out

Woman with Skull Crushed and Eyeball Ripped Out

Expectedly, since the accident happened in Mexico, it goes without saying that the driver pulled a hit and run on the victim. It happened on the road leading to the municipality of Unión Juárez in Distrito Federal. The vehicle that struck the woman crushed her head and ripped the eyeball right out of her skull. The nigh indestructible eye survived, only it’s complete detached along with the eye socket.

Apparently there were eye witnesses who said the impact sent the woman flying through the air. After she landed on the asphalt, she was dragged by the truck for more than 80 meters. Only one photo available, but pretty brutal.

Has anyone ever heard of a non hit and run accident in Mexico? Has it ever, in the history of the entire country, happened at all?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. WOW..!! fuckin crazy..!!That eye just lookin at ya is fucking freaky.!!Looks like a scene from the movie “The Thing” version that (Kurt Russel) was in ….you can see her boogers up her nose too…!!!

        1. In all do respect, as an EMT, you will not survive the job unless you learn to laugh it off. We all die, and facing mortality is a difficult task to those who do not see death first hand on a daily basis.
          Don’t feel ashamed of being afraid. However, don’t bash others who have already bypassed their dilemma of being afraid of death.
          Once you respect the possibility of your life ending, you’ve never truly lived.
          At least that’s how I view it
          Not attracted to anything that lacks systolic bp tbh. Adequate perfusion to the cells and tissues is one of my interests.

      1. Just what in the heck are you doing on this site exactly? I didn’t realize there was a line that could be crossed once you’ve come here so just scram! No need to be a downer and spoil our good time.

          1. That’s funny that a satin worshiper would get mad about someone so called shoving religion. Lol. You losers do it all the time all day! Repent before your end comes.

  2. The worst is part is illegal Mexicans are starting to bring their “hit and run” tactics to the U.S. the assholes go out get drunk off American beer and drive around like they’re still on Mexican dirt roads then go and crash in to some unsuspecting gringos and flee the scene because they’re here illegally.

          1. I live right near the biggest night club in Houston full of them beaners . Every weekend there is almost always a crash on the freeway. I see it first hand every weekend how stupid they drive .

      1. @ J3Z when I was 17 I was going to the store in my moms truck to bring some things we needed for her mothers day party and on the way back there was a four way stop and of course I stopped but the van behind me didn’t and rammed right into me. I get the truck out of the middle of the road and I’m expecting the guy in the van to do the same but the guy just gets out of his van checks the front of it looks at me gets back in his van and takes off and of course I couldn’t go after him with the way the truck was messed up so I had to wait there for a tow truck…the guy was a Mexican an illegal from the looks of it and I’m certain he was drunk. Moral of the story stay as far away from an illegal on the road because they won’t stop at an accident and even if they did they won’t have insurance or anything…useless fucks.

        1. I’m in NJ and in my lifetime I’ve never heard/seen a hit and run taking place in my county. However, I’m about 10 minutes from Manhattan, and I hear shit about hit and runs pretty much every day coming out of NYC.

        2. I’m sorry to hear that, but the good part is that you do t sound like you were serious injured. So I am happy to hear that. For all you know you might have seen him on here and the way Karm got back at him for doing you dirty. 🙂
          You can at least look at it like that.

        3. My truck was parked in front of my home, around 4:30 in the a.m. I hear a crash and run out side. There is this white guy sitting in his totaled car trying to start it to take off. My roommate came out with me and was a very built guy and took ahold of him cause he tried to run after his car wouldn’t start. This white drunk fool was almost home, just 7 houses away. He was heavy intoxicated and speeding. Totaled his car and pushed my truck up into the driveway. Granted I wasn’t hurt, only he was, but he did try to leave. I called the cops for messing up my baby (truck).

    1. here in indiana we have some of the highest wages paid for rv factory work so we are flooded with illegals and they are constantly running over old people and kids walking on the side walk. We have like 10 15 a year it is horrible and they are NEVER caught

          1. I wont, and I can tell from your paintings that you do lol…some of us here look at gore as “art” so I can see why you like looking at it. Personally I don’t know that much about art but I do have my favorite artists and they vary just as much as the themes that they paint..Alex Grey, David Mann, and Mort K?nstler are my all time favorites. Anyways your very talented and your “stuff” is real cool…I really like stretch & floral, cat-astrophe is funny as hell.

  3. It’s a magnificent day here in Perth, I just arrived home from fishing, I told my mate while we were on his boat that a human eye is indestructible, he did a test on a fish eye and tried to bite into it…it was almost stronger than his front teeth. Almost like a pearl once you get thoroughly through the goo and stuff.
    I’m going to have to send him the link to this post and fuck him up..the fish eye in his mouth and a Mexican woman’s eye on the road will play with his delicate sensibilities.

        1. Well definitely the road carnage since we all ride motorcycles, those are the ones that really get their attention and keep us on our toes when we’re out drinking… but the cartel stuff especially the decapitations are always a big hit tho

          1. I use to hate fishing with a passion when I was younger. I thought it was the most boring thing ever, but one day when I was older I went fishing and got drunk, stoned, and wired and I realized it wasn’t about fishing or catching anything…it was about being outside near the water and getting away from everything…the act of fishing and catching something is just a bonus. I caught a flounder that night.

          2. I love fishing.My favorite is deep sea fishing but I also enjoy fishing the Columbia River for sturgeon.I caught an albino sturgeon once, so unique and unusual that I just let him go but the sight of it was really freaky.

  4. Yes!! A cousin and I went to Tijuana to a party, some guy was crossing the highway and he hit the brakes hard but still hit him, he had a broken leg and we waited, we were both taken in, I was let go after my uncle (big lawyer down there) picked me up, my cousin was killed in jail while waiting for, idk, a trial maybe? Never been down there since!

  5. The reason why Mexico is famous for hit-and-run is that even if it’s not the driver’s fault, they always end up in jail. Then that person would come up in newspapers and ruin their reputation (even if it was the other person’s fault). I live in Mexico and know that a large number of these idiots won’t take the bridge exclusively for people because they are too lazy and prefer to risk their lives by crossing the highway like nothing.

    1. Don’t forget that the person who is at fault always has to pay the family $$$ for certain amount of time, funeral expenses, hospital bills if they survive, auto repair if its a vehicle they hit, etc, etc…with all that bullshit who would wanna stop.

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