Woman Survives Accident with Face Peeled Off

Woman Survives Accident with Face Peeled Off

No backinfo again. Sorry guys – seems to happen often these days.

The video shows a patient on a hospital bed with an apparent facial wound. A presumed medic picks up the facial tissue by the edge of the wound, and peels it off, revealing the underlying skull. The patient reacts to having the face peeled by making a painful moan. By the sound of the moan, I presumed the patient was a woman.

Props to Best Gore member @vvrk77 for the video:

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105 thoughts on “Woman Survives Accident with Face Peeled Off”

    1. Exactly, lol. But that Doctor,,, what a fucktard, for peeling her face off yet again just to show the camera. The lady was probably saying like, hey asshole wtf? i’m trying to rest with this morphine,as i am tired, and had a really bad day, so are you fucking stupid, or something???

    1. We all know how annoying it is when we’re trying to sleep and somebody turns the light on. I’d imagine it’s ten times as bad when someone randomly peels your eyelid away from your eyeball.
      *snore* *snort* “Nnnnno, isn’cool, tryin’ t’shleep.” *puts face back* “S’better, tanks.” *snore*

  1. She moaned because the damn person pulling back her face went to far and it pulled on the skin around her lip that was still attached! The only thing else I can say is “ouch”!!! I can’t imagine nor would I want to imagine how much that shit must of hurt.

  2. Hope she’s getting some IV Morphine or Fentanyl. Add some benzo’s too. They can at least try to numb the face enough to help her fall back asleep after painfully awakening her. Geez. No warning, nothing. Just pull the facial skin back and expose her to a multitude of bacterial and/or viral infections. If she had a chance, no matter how slim, to have the skin surgically repaired and replaced, that curious face peeler backer just lowered her chances from slim, to slim to none.

  3. Now its up to the surgeon to stitch that peeled off skin back to where it belongs and make the lady look her normal self again .
    The entire peel still seems intact and she is lucky to have not lost it to abrasion or some freak drag on the road or some place she was going to or coming from.
    Oh God it must hurt excruciatingly bad !

  4. Meh, she wasn’t attractive with her face intact, and she wasn’t attractive with her face peeled off, and those TEETH. They say beauty is only skin deep, but beauty has nothing to do with this particular person.

        1. When your face is torn apart and swollen, judging before face is just guessing. And again, if your teeth are knocked forward and backwards and stained with blood, you can’t judge a person’s normal appearance. I recall 2 girls in the past few weeks whose faces were destroyed and they were very cute before. But if you want to keep on like a reconstructive surgeon – just go for it.
          And if she was ugly, her current condition is cool anyway? *sigh*

          1. Okay, I’m sure even the doctors working on her must have been like “no plastic surgeon in the WORLD could do anything with this woman”.

            Believe me, I know. I’ve fucked one or two plastic surgeons in my time, I know what they REALLY think.

          2. Meh…natural boobs are great, but once you’re done having kids you can go ahead and get some fake ones to keep up appearances.

            Not some Chyna 2000’s, just some normal-sized ones.

          3. But I don’t have kids. And I’m not going to. My boobs are big enough but don’t stand at attention. Haha. They have natural drop like boob jobs when they settle. I’m fine with that. I wouldn’t risk my life to have them raised. They’ve been like this since I was a teen. I don’t wear bra a lot of the time and their fine. So unless they touch my waist, I’m good. ha Even then, I’d get a lift but no implants.
            Getting implants after kids isn’t worth it either. Major surgery so your tits look good? Nah

    1. Okay, I understand you’re trying to be funny (ha ha, I laughed) but no one…NO ONE…wants to live the rest of their life without a face. Even if you are physically repulsive…looks of pity or disgust are INFINITELY better than looks of plain terror.

      1. Charla Nash – who was attacked by Travis the chimp – got a face transplant. It was pretty amazing. After the attack her face was just gone – nose ripped off, eyes basically gone. She looked like a blob. Now she still looks “not totally normal” but she has a face. Of course, she’s blinded for life and that’s sad. I’m sure your familiar but pics for anyone interested.

  5. God damn,… was that really necessary for that Dr to pull back her face like that? Yes it gives us gore but that was fucked up of them to do to that woman when they could have instead sewed her the fuck up. If that were me and I remembered that, after my face was fixed I’d go back and beat the fuck out of whoever did that to me!

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