Woman Texting on Street Hit by Out of Control Car in Delhi, India

Woman Texting on Street Hit by Out of Control Car in Delhi, India

CCTV video from Delhi in India shows the moment an out of control car hit a woman stopped on the side of the road to text on her cellphone.

The woman was knocked unconscious, but instead of confirming the rape culture the mainstream press claims dominates India, all the men jumped to rescue the trapped woman, and prevent the driver from escaping.

Props to Best Gore member @suraj-adh for the video:

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          1. @Wallabeast. just like to ask the reasoning for that?
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          1. There are only 7 continents – Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Antarctica.

            Middle East is not a continent. It’s a vague term for a particular region. According to UN, Middle East starts from Iran and ends at Turkey. Even Afghanistan is not part of the Middle East. It’s considered South Asia and part of the Indian subcontinent.

            Culturally and linguistically India is much more closer to the Middle East but Indian philosophy and spiritual thought is more closer to the Far East.

            BTW, not all Indians are Hindus. India has second largest Muslim population in the world. There are also Buddhists, Jain’s, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis, etc…

            We even had a big Jewish community in India, called the ‘Bene Israeli’ but most of them made ‘aliyah’ after 1948. Still, to this day, many Israelis trace their origin back to India.

            Oh and whole of India is not sand. Some 500,000 km² of it is mountains, Himalayas, hills, etc…..

    1. Agreed, as it is always nice to see this type of unselfish, & helpful behavior. Instead of focusing on bad shit, Propaganda lies, & Zionist-Driven destructive Agenda’s, the Mainstream Media should instead focus more on the good that Men do everyday to help others, putting their lives at risk while doing so. Wishful Thinking. 🙁

      1. Well it would just be nice if they would actually focus on News I mean in the US anyway I’m not sure if you’re from here. We spent a week talking about a music video but during that entire week I think there was another bombing in Syria or something happened in Germany at the time something else had to be going on other than the stupid music video that Kanye West made. But you have to also understand that people love gore , hence this site has a lot of users because we love the bad no one focuses on the good so honestly it’s really the people’s fault that the media only focuses on the bad because otherwise the ratings won’t go up

        1. I’m a Canadian, so as the MSM goes, same shit as yours bud, but instead of CNN, we have CBC, and that’s about it. And about the violence, you are right. People are drawn to the bad, as good is somewhat boring i guess!

        2. Didn’t you see the puppy on the front page? You’re obviously too young to step up to a site like this when you’re watching news like you’d mentioned. We don’t wanna hear about Kanye on here, in fact he’s the LAST person I wanna read about on this site.

          Unless, you know.

          1. I don’t think you actually read my comment @haitshed all I did is give an example as to how the media actually doesn’t report news. I’m not that young, all I said was it’s nice to see people helping someone instead of taking pictures. Just because I said I was nice to see people helping one another doesn’t mean I’m soft or to young for this site, im 26, not old but not that young.I will keep this short since apparently have problems reading.

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    1. I normally wouldn’t do this as I don’t seek praise but I thought I’d share this text to my mother from December 5th after I drove home on icy roads at 2am.
      “Yeah. I drove by and saw they were screwed. I went awhile and was like “dammit, I gotta back” lol
      It was a black couple – not that it matters but some ppl wouldn’t stop. Me and the husband pushing finally got it going and the wife got up the hill. He shook my hand and was very thankful. I don’t think they coulda made it without 2 ppl pushing.”
      I do give a damn about others. Gender, color, freezing temps and physical effort didn’t matter.

      1. @dethbyplaster I feel you. I’m trying to picture your described scene and I can cee that you are a kind person which is good because kindness is something that is going extinct in today’s world.
        And people should know that one person can make a difference in the world.
        That was very nice of you and your husband to stop and help somebody that needed to be helped. You two did made a diference for that couple.
        Idk about you but I dont believe in coincidences and I believe that you were the answer to somebody’s prayer that night.
        I wish I read more comments like yours in this site, it’s kinda like a good feeling knowing that there are still good people left in the world.

  1. Im not a forensic scientist, but my hypothesis is that the driver had a sudden gastro-intestinal burst from the excess curry he had that morning, invoking an involuntary muscle contraction causing the car to steer off like it did. im sure any court in India can understand the implications of having too much curry right?

  2. I bet those two minutes were the most exiting two minutes of the lives of everyone that was involved…
    Or maybe not, now that I think about it I think India has the most car-accidents in the world and takes the title too for the country where pedestrians get run over the most…..
    Okay those two minutes were like any other two minutes for everyone involved!!

  3. Who expected that ?? I knew she was gonna get hit from the title of the video. She was fucking smashed. She was there then gone!!! Another lesson learned. Soooooo HAPPY I come here. Whenever I’m waiting at a light to cross anything. I’m no longer the impatient idiot in the front jumping up and down to cross. I work in ny. I’m in the back of the crowd so I have a chance to move. No texting in the street. Common sense there. But she stood no chance. I also use cars as shields now. Lol. I can forseeeee the future nowwww. It’s called bestgore PEOPLE. Reality. SHIT Happens. I’m lucky to see this shit so I can try to avoid it happ to me. Like that fucking tranny w the ax. I’m going to Australia next month for work. I’m gonna find hacker whatever his name is the. Guy that almost got decapitated and I’m gonna open hand slappy his ass for all of us. Lol. HAHA

  4. Driver dude on car that got hit was like trying to get out of his car and the good quick thinking community didn’t have time for that they straight pushed the car back on four wheels and it almost caught the driver under the car.
    Life sure is fast in India……
    Wait a minute…. that video was not played at a regular live speed.!?!
    Or was it???…

      1. I’ve being down the border to T.J. @ least like 4 times and boy does it suck driving in Mexico it’s absolutely terrible no rules, floor the pedal, tight narrow streets, the fucking speedbumps bullshit aside they’re at least and I mean this, theyre no less than 10 fucking inches above the leveled ground. When I was driving in Tijuana it seemed to me like if I was in a demolition derby.

    1. Last Summer i had a conversation with an off-duty traffic cop. He told me in 2 weeks he had pulled 3 women off the road because they were a danger in traffic. All three had been texting while driving, holding their phones between their mini-skirted legs. They were probably drooling as well, trying to figure out what a clutch and a break pedal are for.

    2. Last Summer i had a conversation with an off-duty cop. He told me in 2 weeks he had pulled 3 women off the road because they were a danger in traffic. All three had been texting while driving, holding their phones between their mini-skirted legs. They were probably drooling as well, trying to figure out what a clutch and a brake pedal are for.

  5. Out of control car was in the wrong. But stupid, retarded cellphone-wielding sow was in the wrong too. If aforementioned sow had paid more attention to traffic instead of to moronic cellphone, nothing would’ve happened.

  6. after thirty seven seconds of scrolling i think i’ll add that the human skeleton is so amazingly fascinating in regards to absorbing such a violent and massive impact and yet the first motion is her lower extremities .. unbelievable yet unfortunate .. makes one wonder what circa 1898 usa looked like on video .. i walked to work today, nothing fancy really .. blew my clutch out but instinctively i took great caution in where i was in relation to moving cars and any slight possibility of an incident such as this occurring to me .. of course that won’t save a life when someone paints outside the lines suddenly but is that mentality something people of a more developed society own subconsciously? taking precautionary action based on the assumption of what people may or may not do is interesting to say the least

  7. If they knew their fucking place in the world and carried on using elephant power, this poor unfortunate lady would’ve been able to get out of the way in time . What you see there is the other side of street meat Asia for sure

  8. So we send them loads of money to solve their poverty crisis, next thing they’re posting on facebook about missions to Mars and how they’re such great pioneers of this new found land, and all the money they’ve spent getting there. I read in the newspaper, day after day, about the atrocities and down right heinous crimes that are committed in India on a daily basis? And now this? What? a bunch of guys acted decently and we’re suppose to commend it, given the amount of down right obscene atrocities that occur on their land? They’re misguided people, and they don’t deserve commendation for acting civil.

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