Woman Trapped Inside Car Sandwiched Between Trucks Screams While Being Burned Alive

Woman Trapped Inside Car Sandwiched Between Trucks Screams While Being Burned Alive

Woman Trapped Inside Car Sandwiched Between Trucks Screams While Being Burned Alive

The cameraman in this case utterly fails to capture any actual gore, even though there’s a lot of potential for it, but the screams of the woman are so harrowing, the horror of her situation is quite clear. He does get props for pulling the camera out when he sees an accident and recording as well as he could, though.

The video is from Brazil. It shows a car sandwiched between two semi trucks. The car is quite epicly crushed, but somehow a woman survived and is alive inside the crumbled wreck. The fire sparked by the crash soon engulfs the vehicle, gradually roasting her alive, rendering witnesses unable to help.

Seems like the truck drivers used up their extinguishers trying to put out the fire, but they were not enough. Just before the video ends, what looks like a firefighter runs by. I don’t know the outcome, but the flames are massive by that time, so whatever they pulled out, I somehow don’t think it had a chance to survive.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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179 thoughts on “Woman Trapped Inside Car Sandwiched Between Trucks Screams While Being Burned Alive”

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          2. I can’t identify where those screams are coming from and it makes Pete nurvous. I have to take a dump, to ponder Cajun bulls or whatever. The brass one’s, where some dude burned inside and the whistle blows as his guts melt. Which create steam. Thanks to the lady who suffered through this tradgedy, which was probably a mob hit anyways. F U Latin America!

          3. It looks like she stopped behind the truck in front of her only to be hit by another truck coming from behind. A very unfortunate tragedy as her life was slowly consumed by the flames.

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          3. It looks like she stopped behind the truck in front of her only to be hit by another truck coming from behind. A very unfortunate tragedy as her life was slowly consumed by the flames.

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    2. She keep screaming like

      “Please help!!!”
      “Im burning for god sake!!”

      Then she just scream like crazy

      “Oh no!Im burning,Im burning!!”

      “Noooooo,God please”

      Muito amor meu amigo

      1. Theres some bad ways to check out of this life…
        Sandwiched between trucks and burning to death whilst clearly very conscious has got to be amongst the worst surely.

        Edit for typo i blame on the stinking fucking jew above

          1. Damn, that’s truly sad. Regardless of who it is, that’s a helluva way to go. Imagine surviving a wreck like that only to become a crispy critter. I give the cameraman credit for at least trying. There was nothing anyone could do at this point.

    3. Rough Translation – Man with the camera aghhhhhh crying there’s a woman in there ( to himself ), Jesus Christ above , my god ( to the woman burning to death ) jump jump Madam ! Ah! ( In pain burns himself ) then he says he can’t take it anymore and leaves.

        1. Yes , he will be having nightmares for the rest of his life, poor bloke. That woman , well the worst agonising terrifying death I can think of crushed between two lorries unable to move burning to death , metres away from safety so near yet so far.

    4. he’s not saying much just “my god in heaven, jesus christ…. we have to get her out…. get her out!! oh god get her out!”

      it’s basically just repetition of that over and over

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    1. Nice to see a fellow fire fighter here. Spent half my life putting out fires (don’t ask how old). I still would not know how agonizing that would be. For myself, the worst I can remember- burnt my hand on a Ronco Set-it-Forget-it Rotisserie. Blisters and pain for over a week! I should have read the user manual (outside just as molten hot as the inside). Not that THAT would have helped Sunday driver, though.

        1. Your ally on the other side of the Atlantic… USA. New England area. I figured you may be English (other than alias) is your spelling of ‘agonising.’ My spell-check kept adding ‘z’ till I yelled at it. : 0

          1. Every FF has a ‘nightmare’ scenario in their own towns, specifically, old abandoned warehouses, truss roofing, etc. If I worked over there, I think it would be Big Ben or the House of Commons. Lol!

  1. There was a time when I enjoyed comments in the community very much. Some made good jokes, exchanged medical or other factual stuff to the vid on demand. But now, after years as follower I am disappointed how many members where taken over by gore so now there is no respect for life or death for that matter. No more reading comment section for me, takes too long to find anything intellectual, human, or friendly like,only gore gore and more gore. Bye bye to the good ones.

    Burning alive must be one of the most terrible ways to leave, especially if you don’t want to. But maybe, just maybe, it shortens your time in hell. Who knows?! I used to think that burning will kill the nerve cells very fast so you wouldn’t feel much pain but reality has shown to be more ugly than imagination sometimes can handle.

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    You Have Been Doing Such An Incredibly Great Job Mark, That Membership Numbers are way, way up, just from a week or two ago! 🙂 SO FUCKING KUDOS-BROTHER! 🙂
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  4. He should have shouted at her: “Keep the noise down, bitch: there are people trying to sleep.”

    What has happened to my humanity? Do I feel no compassion, no empathy, no pity? Answer: no. That’s one of the advantages of being a psychopath.

  5. No translation is bad enough but the guy couldn’t even record the video correctly I can’t even see what’s happening like focus on recording the video if you’re going to bother recording it otherwise don’t bother I can’t fucking see what’s happening

  6. Translation-
    ” o no, I won’t get my deposit back from this car rental”
    ” fucking hell, I should of got rental insurance. My husband is going to smack the shit out of me.”
    All while her skin melts off.

  7. I can’t identify where those screams are coming from and it makes Pete nurvous. I have to take a dump, to ponder Cajun bulls or whatever. The brass one’s, where some dude burned inside and the whistle blows as his guts melt. Which create steam. Thanks to the lady who suffered through this tradgedy, which was probably a mob hit anyways. F U Latin America!

  8. I dunno, dude… in that kind of conflagration, if you’re stuck right in the middle of it, I would think after only three deep breaths to let out the kind of screams we are hearing, your lungs would be severely compromised. I’m wondering if she’s trapped deep underneath, in a sort of air-pocket, and with the smoke and heat rising up so quickly due to density, she’s able to continue breathing.

  9. 1:37 – woman – Someone get me out of here
    1:38 – men – my god
    1:44 – the man with the camera tells his friend – try to get her out
    1:50 – the friend – can’t
    1:53 – men – jump, get out
    2:19 – woman – get me out of here, help
    2:27 – woman – I’m getting burned
    2:34 – woman – I’m getting burned
    2:37 – men – I’m leaving, I can’t stand to see that

  10. there were two people in the car, the woman and her husband. The back truck pressed the car against the front truck body with impact the back horse was pulling a cart, caught fire and the flames hit the cabin and the car occupied by the couple, initially identified as Claudio Chaves and Patricia, both residents of Sete Lagoas (MG- Brazil). Both died burned. ;-;


  11. Those screams! What a wonderful sound. Just thinking of the bitch’s terror and agony as she burns alive. How wonderful. How glorious it must have been to be a Catholic priest back in the Witch burning days.

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