Woman’s Head is Crushed by a Truck, Helmet Offered No Protection

Woman's Head is Crushed by a Truck, Helmet Offered No Protection

We here at Best Gore always put safety first and we hope that these posts encourage people to follow the simple rules of common sense and self preservation. However, we also see that no matter how cautious or prepared you may be, sometimes there just isn’t anyway to avoid a tragedy. This woman here got hit by a rather large truck and was unfortunate enough to fall off of her motorcycle or scooter and land under one of the huge wheels of that metal behemoth. And although I will definitely give her kudos for actually wearing her helmet, it ultimately proved futile as her head was cracked like a walnut. Brain matter and blood leaking out of that smashed helmet like lasagna leaking out of a broken bowl.

Also, I’ve seen this a number of times now and it can’t just be a coincidence that accident victims and murder victims in Thailand always happen to have their belts undone and their flies unzipped. Does anyone know the reasoning behind this? Is it standard procedure? It’s not a war zone where they have to check a person for being strapped with explosives or anything. Well anyway, fasten those safety helmets and seatbelts, always look both ways and never ever drink and drive…but if you do, make sure you have a dash cam and are wearing flip flops.

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      1. @broke back… still can’t believe your x ray pictures they are so awesome. the picture of your back looks so painful. I feel so bad for you. Also I was wondering if you know any details about your avitar? iip and I were wanting to know how someone painted the rainbow penis.

        1. He he! Ugh working 6 days a week is keeping me from my daily dose of this place 🙁 but at least have a lot to look at when I get back on! Why are her pants unzipped!? Was wondering the same thing before I read the whole post

  1. I don’t think the helmet was fabricated for being run over by a truck. what a hell of a feeling that must have been. the small amount of time it takes it still builds up pressure in your head. too much pressure. your eyes start to push out as your skull is cracking in half. well, g’night everyone!

    1. I heard semi-trucks can actually pull people in towards them if the are going a certain speed like it create some sort of vortex. I’m not sure if I’m using th right word. Like when people are changing their tire on the side of a highway and a truck passes by, it can pull them in towards the truck that is passing by.

      1. Yes yes thats actually true ,back in the early 90’s cross country cycling was very popular ,many have died tunneling behind semi’s behind the trailor. like you said semi trucks will create winds almost like a vortex .Cyclist use that in gaining time speed and distance,I’ve be a cyclist for a long time,I’ve seen two dudes doing this on a long highway many times .two at a time tho.more then3 is a disaster waiting to happen

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    Point of Order

    Pants/clothes are unfastened because genitalia are checked to identify the gender of the victim. Come on guys! Try to keep up!

    1. Would they not wait till they get the body down to the morgue before they have a peek at the undercarriage? Maybe 2 of the cops had a bet and couldn’t wait till after lunch to find out. “okay guys, you know the drill, this body ain’t moving till we know what we’re dealing with. I want those pants down and I want it done by the book”

      1. I don’t know pal. I prefer to take the high road and say that’s what they do when they cannot tell from all the damage to the head and face. Maybe the truck just wanted some head and a little feel and she didn’t know the safe word.

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    1. I believe the brain would just clog with toughts about what did she do to deserve that, what could she do to prevent it, what has she done in the past, what she was willing to do in the future, and the brain would just give her a “BRAIN.EXE has stopped working.” error with that much info overload, and simply die before that wheel ran over her head. 🙂

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  3. This offer to me an answer, because I’m not sure if use or not an helmet for riding with my bicycle! (However Hello to all you, I’m new, I’am Gianlu, 24 years old from Italy. I visit this site long time so I finally decided to register. I don’t talk english very well, so sorry in anticipation).

  4. She would have been fine had she been wearing a seatbelt. Why the fuck do bikers have to be so uppity and refuse to have seatbelts installed. STOP THE SENSELESS DYING!! No, wait. What the hell would we watch? Never mind.

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