Women, Motorcycle, and Attempt at Wheelie – What Could Go Wrong?

Women, Motorcycle, and Attempt at Wheelie - What Could Go Wrong

What happens when you give women a motorcycle and they try to do a wheelie? Predictable.

It sure sounds like this was filmed in Brazil, Meu Deus. Next time, give them a wooden spoon, a loaf of sliced bread and a block of butter. You might be more successful in not fucking up a neighborhood.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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74 thoughts on “Women, Motorcycle, and Attempt at Wheelie – What Could Go Wrong?”

  1. Yeah I agree. They should have stayed in the kitchen making sandwiches, than try to control heavy machinery with little aptitude.

    Bitches even run away as soon as they hit the car! Like they will actually be able to avoid responsibility, lol

    1. Thank you for your analysis, Mr. Spock. Have Scotty run a diagnostic, see if we can salvage the wreckage. And Tell Sulu to put his shirt back on, ‘The Boys From Brazil’ isn’t what he thinks it is.

      Kirk, out.

        1. @illegalsmile55

          I know on the Enterprise with Capt. Archer (Scott Bakula) they had a guy they simply called, Chef. Poor bastard had to cook for the entire crew around the clock! I guess by the time Kirk and crew were aboard the NCC 1701 they’d incorporated the replicators to take some of the stress off of the galley. But I prattle on.

    2. Notice they ran towards the guy who was filming. Probably the gullible bike owner who encouraged them to it. Well then, he’ll have to face the car owner… And next time he’ll be sure to “give them a wooden spoon, a loaf of sliced bread and a block of butter” instead 😀

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    2. I sincerely love Loosy. She could have half of you wrapped around her finger despite the big talk on this site. Before you knew it, you’d be serving her gourmet meals and you wouldn’t even realize just how it happened. 😉

  2. What a fuck? I thought that they start dancing after this accident.
    Сука, in my childhood I watched Indian films and saw a lot, but such that I see here is a fucking. Как говориться “ебанный пиздец пацаны”.

  3. Now this is the type of girl I like.
    Free spirited, bold, slim and sexy,
    neatly dressed girls who can do a wheelie.
    And with very nice voices.
    I would love to move with them if they are not drug dealers or gang members.
    Good try girls. Keep practicing.
    God bless these wonderful Brazilian girls.

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