The WTF Car vs Motorcycle Accident

The WTF Car vs Motorcycle Accident

The feelings this CCTV video evokes are similar to those evoked by the CCTV video of the doosh from Russia who killed the old lady to steal her money. A seemingly decent motorcyclist stops and waits for big enough break in traffic to safely finish crossing the road. Then, out of the fucking blue a car gets off its lane as if to intentionally mow the motorcyclist down and returns back to its lane to continue driving in its original direction. What a dead fuck that car driver.

I hope Karma sends a semi to floor his ignorant ass so we have pancake photos of his head with complimentary pointers to share on Best Gore. The sooner this fleshy virus gets removed from the pool of the living, the better for everyone. I’m glad that despite some pretty serious ragdoll spin action, the motorcyclist survived. WTF, though?


The accident took place on Hosur Road in Bangalore, India.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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105 thoughts on “The WTF Car vs Motorcycle Accident”

    1. No, it’s not you.
      When Mark wrote the intro story he had made mention of it……

      “Then, out of the fucking blue a car gets off its lane as if to intentionally mow the motorcyclist down and returns back to its lane to continue driving in its original direction.”

      You are not special, and the obvious is usally something that EVERYBODY sees

    2. People need to start reading the posts and watching the fucking videos before they post, maybe then they won’t come off as ignorant assholes. How many times, I don’t know, have I, or seen someone else write somethin’, only to scroll down and see 3-4,or sometimes more people say THE SAME FUCKIN’ THING.

      1. this happened in some gook country where the drivers have the “fuck you get out of my way or you will experience brain splat attitude because i must get where i’m going faster than anyone else.” the biker was simply in the asshole driver’s way. his fault for inconveniencing the asshole driver.

  1. here’s my theory, the lane moving away from the camera are all motorcycles (at first) the lane going towards the camera are all cars, the car regime of the right wanted total control of both lanes, so they sent in a hitman to kill a motorcycle spy who had intel and wanted to transfer it to the bike lane of the left, as soon as the car finished its mission, you begin seeing more cars. automotive imperialism at it’s finest..

      1. maybe he was Yukio Mishima and he was on his way to disembowel himself at the Tokyo HQ, but we probably never know…..
        PD: Tulio is puzzled asking himself if BG has something regarding illustrious nobel-candidate goreling Yukio Mishima and his legendary disembowelment at the japanese “pentagon”….

        1. I doubt it I didn’t see anything in the older post and ive gone thru them all, but it would be awesome to see something on Yukio or any gore having to do with sword disembowelment samurai suicide “seppuko”

          1. Tulio had some pics about the “incident” at ichigaya HQ, ill look for them in the weekend. Mishima was a gore-xhibicionist, so he would feel honored to be featured in BG

  2. now its 11:57 thursday on banana republic, Tulio was about to go out to a cool bar in his decadent mustang (here, the mustang it is not a cheesy car like in the US, thanks to the gay european car propaganda) after drinking 3 glasses of whisky, and now Tulio sees this video and suddenly becames aware of his intoxicated state and thinks about going to sleep or taking a taxi…

        1. here the supreme court got pissed of about having to resolve a thousand records per year regarding a guy catched with his little plant, and made it legal to have your cannabis plant for ‘personal use’, as long as you are not catched smoking weed in a park just next to 8 year old kiddos playing football, police dont fuck with you

          1. @Tulio, if I understand correctly, there are a few states here in the good ole USA that allow “personal use” amounts of “herbal enjoyment”, however, one can still get arrested for having it, buying it, selling it, and or transporting it anywhere because, to the Federal government, it is still illegal.
            I believe the lawmakers that came up with that nonsense were maybe a little high, themselves… πŸ˜‰

          2. @scorpio, if you take a look at your constitution you will notice that it protects your right to get high on cannabis (or whataver you like) as one of the private actions of men where the state should not be getting his clutches into

    1. it’s 11:20 here in palmetto,UssR.
      assuming it’s 12:20 in banana Rep.
      i dont care what you say, your country is romantic.
      for shit sakes you get a beautiful view of the southern coast!!! thats so rare here πŸ™

      1. the sea is fuckin cold around here. Tulio’s daddy owns houses in the two main vacationing places here and it is like going to the beach in fuckin SOUTHAMPTON or BRISTOL, That’s why tulio and his fellow kiddies always went to brazil on vacation…southern brazil is not like the ape planet you see here, it’s actually a civilized place populated by german descent-walkirias just wanting to meet the BAKED of htheir lifes………….. :oP one of Tulio’s friends actually smoked a magnum-size rockett while talking and making jokes with a policia militar, waiting for tulio that was lost finishing some business with a female fan behind a bush…that’s it, you viado!

        1. i am forever traumatized over brazil,
          there’s an area called little island where i use to go to (because i had a cannabis plant growing there) biscayne island, ahhh, so nice. the loud bossa nova music from a jazz yacht out in the sea. then one day my plant wasn’t there. i will never heal from those scars, tulio..NEVER…

          1. my grandmommy has an enormous ‘floripondio’ (brugmansia) tree in his country house…….2 hundred years ago, the most popular sleep aid was to put a couple of brugmansia flowers down your pillow….Tulio’s grandaddy was a renowned surgeon and recommended the thing as the best natural sleep aid

          2. no, no, for the sleep aid thing you just put the flowers down yer pillow and get sleepy with the smell… dont eat them like tulio’s neurologist friend who suddenly started talking nonsense about Carl Friedrich Gauss mathematical speculations, black holes, and something about cacti growing inside the black holes………

          3. when i was drinking a tea of angel trumpet, i started seeing faces morph on my hands, it was horrifying, i was talking to people that werent there, after 2 hours i took a tranquilizer and knocked out. not my kind of ride

          4. Tulio just got heavy like he was weighting a ton, started forgetting everithing (he looked at his room window puzzled because for 10 seconds he had completely forgoten how to open it) , and then, he thinks he fell asleep (or perhaps he did battle demons and giant spiders all night long and just forgote everithing)

        2. @baked, we have an orange “trumpet” flower here that grows wild. I do not know the exact name of it, but I have heard that ingesting it is lethal….perhaps you should be cautious when drinking tea made from “trumpet-like” flowers… πŸ˜‰

          1. Thank you, R.S.! I wasn’t sure and all so I wasn’t going to give it a name…I actually thought “Datura”, or is that the same thing? I know that they used to use foxglove in remedies once upon a time, but that the dosage was extremely small and the results were a crap shoot…one had to know Exactly what one was doing, which was a crap-shoot in itself…lol

          2. i have my own private reserve datura plant in a grassy land by everglades, but i’m never messing with that devil trumpet ever.. it’s salvia’s evil big brother

          1. @baked, very good, it’s just that I thought you said you are in Palmetta, so I quickly “googled’ it & it said Palmetta is ‘Manatee County’ I like those big, dopey sea cows (mantees) πŸ™‚

        1. …Hallucinogenic plants, interesting…i never saw an orange foxglove, usually white, pink or purple (latin name: digitalis purpurea). Was the flower the size of a glove for a fox? If not, perhaps it was some other goodie…Foxglove can be deadly in small doses already, it works on the heart and central nervous system ( in homeopathy it’s used, in very small doses, to treat heart conditions). I don’t know much about the beautiful datura, dare not try it, would like to have a few in my garden. One shaman overhere told me that even rubbing a leaf can make you trip already, others , although they sell all sorts like mandrake, salvia divin. etc., said they refuse to sell datura because it’s so devious.

    1. True. The chinese would have gone through their routine… 1st, ignore. 2nd, crowd. 3rd, take pictures and eat some fetus on a stick. 4th, poke biker with stick. 5th, someone in the crowd would probably get run down. Repeat steps 1 through 4… Skip to 6th, wait forever for help to arrive. 7th, worthless EMT’s do worthless job. Finally, everyone goes home and smears shit on each other while puking up fetus

      1. that reminds me, i miss the taste of aborted baby. delicious with soy sauce dip on the side.

        about the video, i’m glad the biker survived, although that was quite a flip he did o.O i hope the driver was caught :/

        1. The Lovely ReiKoko, Your Beauty makes me what to forget mein Geloben to my Volks, and makes me want to forget about your fetus consuming People… and Shove my Face into your Ass and breast then *BrrrrrrrrBrrrrrrrrBrrBrrBrrr*

    2. LMAO @Hawk! For fucking real, man I was thinking that, too, when I watched it. The whole ragdoll spin goes by so fast I had to replay the beginning a half dozen times to see it, during which multiple viewings I noticed that mr. ragdoll actually looked like he was ready to jump backwards off the bike seconds before the shit-rivet ran into him.

    1. Most people don’t seem to realize that a car is a 2000kg missile made of metal and that the safety features of any particular car are going to depend solely on its mass and rigidity and not some fancy airbag safety system as so many gullible people seem to think.

      That is why I drive an old 600 Mercedes with a dual tow bar

  3. Now that’s fucked up. Here’s this guy minding his own business, and BAM, he gets hit by a car, the car keeps goin’, and not one person checks the bike to see if it’s okay. People can really suck. The only cure for the virus of the flesh……IS DEATH!!!

    1. in china, they usually get decapitated, so the helmet’s obsolete, and also people get run over on sidewalks, crossing the street with green light, so following the rules is not gonna buy you a longer lifespan anyway….

  4. The impact looked like it caught his foot but could’ve smacked his head off the floor which i kinda think he did. Hopefully and most likely he survived, don’t worry, I hope he swerves off the road like that again but this time on one those of those beautiful thin mountain roads.

  5. i have a feeling that the first few ppl like that other motorcyclist actually stopped to help him and see if he was okay…and that the rest that came afterwards probably just wanted to see why there was a crowd or to see if he was dead or how bad the damage was

  6. Yes Rockysingh i also thought it would be India. First of all because of the completely suicidal and incomprehensible way of driving , as they do overthere . Second because people come to motorcyclist’s aid quickly.

  7. This is from India, I don’t know which state but those are Indian roads and Indian cars and the WTF car is a Maruthi Suzuki Alto. Surprised to see Indians help someone who’s injured though o.o

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