Young Bicycle Girl Dies on Road with Fractured Head and Innards Spilled

Young Bicycle Girl Dies on Road with Fractured Head and Innards Spilled

I don’t have any backinfo. The video shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. There is a bicycle on the road around 0:26, which makes me believe the victim, who appears to be a young girl (CORRECTION – apparently I can’t tell a boy from a girl. I don’t have any kids of my own, and can’t stand the tone of their voices when they talk, plus today’s parents bring up arrogant kids so I never hang around places where kids hang around so my day doesn’t get ruined by being exposed to them little shits), was riding the bicycle and got fatally struck and run over on that bend.

The child’s upper body is badly mangled. The head is displaced and looks fractured. Many of the viscera have been ripped out. An adult man acts like he’s trying to come to terms with the child’s death. I wonder if he’s the driver who accidentally ran the youth over. That road definitely doesn’t look like a place for children to ride bicycles on.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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59 thoughts on “Young Bicycle Girl Dies on Road with Fractured Head and Innards Spilled”

    1. Posted here to bring a translation to those who doesn’t speak Spanish

      Woman: (crying) My god why!!
      Camera man: Is he your child?
      Woman: He’s my son
      Camera man: That’s awful
      Blue shirt man: He was coming back from school

      So yeah those two are the parents (the crying woman and the blue shirt guy) and indeed it’s a little boy R.I.P.

        1. Was she an organ donor? Her face looks like a fucking Halloween mask!
          Poor child it’s a shame even thou my remarks sounded disheartening it’s my way to deal with this poor child’s fate! Watching these videos makes teach my children to be so ever safe when riding their bikes. Even thou the baby died the death will help us adults the safety for ourselves and our children so he/she did not die in vain. RIP little one may you be in a better place.

          1. If you really care about the safety of your children, just make them stop riding bikes. You can be as safe as you want on the roads, but a lot of accidents are going to be caused by other drivers, and there is nothing you can do about it.

    1. @john-singleton-mosby

      That comment was pure gold! Man, that was a great movie, I was lucky enough to catch it in the theater as part of a Halloween event a few years after it originally came out and it was weird to actually be able to read Missy’s suicide note. (This was WAY before HD existed at home so that’s the random detail that stuck with me all these years.)

    1. Looks female to me. Towards the end of the vid the view from the side seems to show a thinner waist plus it also looks like the butt is more curvy than a male’s would be. Hard to tell really. Whichever it is, it’s a sad sight.

    1. @asian-dong @warrenb

      I had to watch it a few times, but I think he’s getting the worst of the residue (from the innards he picked up) off of his hands before he tried closing the kid’s eye. Apparently it kept opening again because he does it a couple of times and eventually ends up just holding it closed.

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