Young Boy in Pakistan Plays Real Life Frogger, Loses Instantly

Young Boy in Pakistan Plays Real Life Frogger, Loses Instantly

Young Boy in Pakistan Plays Real Life Frogger, Loses Instantly

Young boy tries to navigate successfully across a busy road in Pakistan and fails. He is hit by an unbeknownst driver, sent sliding for several yards. The ramming of jay runner disperses him into high-velocity road rash. Unlike game life, you can’t save a real life by restarting from a start point.

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      1. I’m with @zlan (sideboob), that slide was absolutely exquisite! The first time in the kid’s life he achieved a perfect score was also the last time in his life he achieved a discernible pulse. Coincidence or devine intervention?

    1. @srbijabgd

      If He’s Not Dead, Then Quickly,,, Put Some Boots,,, Sandals,,, Even Bare Feet,,, whatever, To That Little Stinkers Head. That What he deserves that Dumb, and Disrespectful Little Cunt, For Not Looking Both Ways Before Crossing That Road.

      Cause The Vehicular Damages Caused by that Little Prick Alone will be a costly affair for the Poor, Old, and Now, Severely Stressed-Out Man who hit him To have to Deal With! And His Poor Family,,,, cause they will have to fork-out the equivalent of Six Months Pay For The Funeral’s Gas Bill, and the Curry Chicken, & Rice they will serve afterwards.

      But The killer is The Price of The Gas, cause they will have to drive all the way down to the Ganges River,,, Only To Dump That Little Cunt, Shit Disturbing, Gumby-Fuck in it. And then the worst part,,, Driving all the fucking way back Home, To Celebrate His Life,”Should be his death” Prick, while then Having to Watch All Of His Big Mouthed, And Starving-Hungry, Stupid Little Retard Friends, Eat You Out of House, & Home. 🙁

      @Svarg26 Is On Holidays, So I Thought That I’d Fill-In, But Only For This One, cause it was too “Him” To Pass-Up!

      1. Well. Sliding may be ok and no p0int reduction. It is the execution and sticking the landing. 40 foot slide is quite a feat. Did he think he would get 9 out of 10 while flying through the air? I wonder

    2. Wow, cool site! Do you know of any other ones like it? I love a lot of the old arcade games! The site you linked to has a few, but not all.. I was into collecting emulator files back in the late 90’s, but unfortunately the backup hard disk I had them all on failed, and I lost them ALL! I was extremely pissed.. In that vein, do you know anyone who does data recovery on old drives for cheap? Or where those old emulators may be today? The main emulator proggie was called M.A.M.E. for Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator. That is probably fairly easy to find.. It’s the ROMS, or game files themselves, which aren’t so easy to locate, since they are copyrighted…

      1. @alois
        Nobody is here to oooo and ahhh over any content..What is done is done & beyond any use of futile sentiment from a distant time & place of the event. This is a graphic gore site…. the puppy dog is waiting for you.

    1. Knocked 30 yards away,
      Paki youngster on life barely clinched…
      Onlookers watch in dismay,
      I’d be surprised if the driver is not lynched

      Dashcams are not that common here. Perhaps the vehicle is of some law-enforcement. In that case, lucky driver.

          1. @asskingforanal (Sphincterpiston #59535)

            Holy flashback, Batman… I had that on 8-track!

            Random trivia: Several years ago Shaun Cassidy (who now works for Disney) was assigned an office in the Burbank, CA studios. Shortly thereafter he found out that he was actually working in Walt Disney’s former office. He was shocked that it wasn’t being honored or perhaps even restored, but his bosses said, “If you don’t want it we’ll just give it to somebody else.” Fast-forward to the present and the office has been meticulously restored and is part of the studio tour. I imagine those flippant bosses didn’t fare well once Cassidy took the matter online to undo-wrong-wrong-wrongs-undo-wrong-wrongs.

  1. The parents are to blame for this inncident… Heard a story about a friend, driving on a abandon road, in the middle of the sticks, a child in the middle of the road playing with dirt… After taking him home, he berates the mother for not looking after her child… Shit if you can’t look out for your spawn, then you’ll end up a skid mark in the road(as Illegal puts it lol.)

        1. That’s the beauty of BG. They post shit here, that our corporate media’s lawyers keep from the general population. If it turns one stomach, there’s always a little puppy to click on.

          At least one’s not forced to watch endless pharmaceutical commercials night and day, here in the states!

          btw: this new net neutrality law and google, may end up being a thorn in the ass to BG, as well as other truth telling websites.

          left or right…

          1. God, fella, your childish insults are some of the worst I’ve ever read. Think I might’ve said this before but I have to reiterate, most of your weak, shitty comments I have to read a few times over, just to comprehend them. You have the writing skills of a fuckin’ second grader, please work on that. Cheers.

  2. “Unlike game life, you can’t save a real life by restarting from a start point.”

    I’m devastated by this news. I play life like I hit checkpoints that saves my current progress. I haven’t died, so I haven’t been able to test it, but now I’m going to be more careful..

          1. Well these comment box’s got fucked right up. Nice goin’, guys.
            And yes, Dano… although now, I’m only gonna be a spectator. May or may not have a camera…

      1. The Pacific Islanders called people long pig, because we taste like pig I hear. Despite my non-stop cannibalism jokes, I do NOT know this from personal experience, nor will I; being a vegetarian.

        Wait a minute! Judging from what we’ve done to the world, people ARE vegetables!

        OK, next time I’m in Cambodia. . .(Where cannibalism is technically legal, last I heard. You can’t kill ’em for food, though. However, if you just happen across a bit of roadkill. . .)

        Am I bad, or am I bad?

        1. Well fuck me! I guess I’ll put my spices away and just let the charcoal burn out.
          Btw, knowing facts does not make you bad. Eating people would be sketchy. Being a vegetarian makes you weird and you veggies all have rancid farts…but does not make you bad.

  3. SeraphimSerenata

    Frogger Bud? ??? Holy-Fuck dude this bring back great memories, cause there’s a game that i remember well, and use to Just Love Playing on a Daily Basis. Actually, i loved-it so much that my Brother Martin, and I would stay-up, and play it, along with Ghouls, & Ghosts after work everyday, & all fucking night on our days off, stopping only to smoke Blunts of Hash, and “Good Hash Back Then” Then we’d Fucking Pig-Out Big-Time, on Georgies Pizza, lol.

    Man those were indeed good old days back then where stress, and tons of responsibilities were few, and far between. Then along came The Wife, & Kids, and everything changed, but it’s all good, cause i would Not Ever change a thing, as life been good to me so far since leaving home as A Kid. 🙂

      1. @Sphincterpiston #59535

        he indeed is! I am actually enjoying his pre-post analagy’s and look forward to read his next one.
        And not that Mark is boring or anything, as he has always been entertaining, and in a class of his own as far as wit goes,,, but it is just nice to get a different perspective on things!

  4. Might’ve been playing “Frogger,” but the second he hits the pavement for that twenty yard slide, all I’m hearing is classic “Pac-Man” dying noise:


    Game fuckin’ over, little Paki-Man Jr. Next life try and reincarnate into someone with longer legs or at least more flexible spinal impact rebound ability.

    I really love the other pedestrians who basically just kind of bored-wave at the guy behind the wheel like “Yeah, yeah, not your fault, happens at least five times a week around here. We’ll have a street sweeper come and pick up the wet-sack of busted monkey-turd up, don’t sweat it.”

    Love it. Wonder how many friggin’ little Derpa-Derpa Bang-Slam meatsacks go flying on this road every day. Not enough, but I still wonder how many.

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