Young Couple Die in Bike Accident at Indian Village

Young Couple Die in Bike Accident at Indian Village

Young Couple Die in Bike Accident at Indian Village

Accident in a small Indian village, in which a young man and a young woman were riding in the bike.

Youth and a girl died on the spot.

Props to Best Gore member @shivd9 for the video:

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    1. when I was backpacking in India I saw up to a family of 6 on a motorbike. I traveled throughout the country and the two times I been there, I have to say I never once witnessed a single accident or a train station tragedy.

        1. What on Earth is a boodbood??? I’m not surprised Jes, They seem fearless haha. I guess they just don’t know how many posts we see about them on here so we just think there are more deaths than there actually are.

          1. As Indian , we have many accidents but people and WE DO KNOW PEOPLE LIKE YOU WATCH TO SEE STUPIDITY OF US , like a in a zoo , but since our population is very high the amount of accidents are high compared to world wide , but accidents are low compared to ourselves

        1. That’s called a metal item coming from under the truck. It’s all very technical and little girls like you wouldn’t understand. Now run along to Kindergarten as your Mom is expecting the milkman coming round.

  1. who the third woman ?

    description say 2 person riding a bike..

    is the other woman was on the bike ? or get hit by the bike and caused that crash ? ( who fucking know what happened lol )

    she doesnt seems to have much more than a skin ripped knee and semi unconscious state. would be worse if she was on the bike with the others :/ hmmmm….

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