Couple Fatally Hit by Car in Brazil – CCTV and Aftermath

Young Couple Fatally Hit by Car in Brazil - CCTV and Aftermath

Couple Fatally Hit by Car in Brazil - CCTV and Aftermath

Somewhere in Brazil, a couple on a motorcycle was fatally hit by a car whose driver invaded their side of the road.

I don’t have much backinfo, but the driver seems to have lost control of the vehicle at least partially due to the excessive speed.

Props to Best Gore member @pedro-hawk for the videos. Here’s the CCTV of the fatal encounter:

And the video of the aftermath:

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  1. There’s no such thing as ‘losing control of your vehicle’. It’s not like the car is a heavily computerised bit of equipment whereby something can go wrong and it has a mind of it’s own. Nnnnnope.

    What this is, is bad driving from a retarded driver, plain and simple. You know that middle pedal on the floor? That’s the ‘brake’. When going around corners, take your foot off the gas and press it, to control your car, possibly changing down a gear or three also.

    This was a simple, clear road, not even a roundabout. Clearly this driver is incompetent lol.

        1. Another good point. He would have done better to swap lanes with the driver heading towards him. But in his defence he is on a motorbike with a pillion passenger, to do that would require lightning reflexes and balance, he may still not have made it.

  2. The accident happened at Palmares II Street, city of Parauapebas, State of Pará, Brazil. The accident was caused by Robson Guimarães Barbosa, who was driving a white Ford Cruze, who presumably was trying to avoid a parked car to the side of the road and ended up hitting the couple, José Francisco (age of 58) and Zelina Alves dos Santos (age of 52), which were in a Honda Biz 110, killing them on impact. According to local shop owners, Robson was visibly drunk as he got out of the car, calling Samu (emergency line) and fled the scene no long after, in a Ford F-250.
    Robson’s lawyer mentioned “After watching the video of the accident, I’ve noticed that there a possibility of a mechanical malfunction on Robson’s car, mainly on the steering wheel/bars, Ford’s assembly company will be called in court.”

    Photos of the couple:

  3. The woman got thrown a good 15 metres into the air. The guy seemed to stick to the roof of the car from all that force until he slides off as the car begins to roll. I got an iPhone (yes I’m a sheep baaa baaa) the other day and I can now watch videos in the slowest of motions, just as I’ve always dreamed of…….

    1. Slow motion? Nice. Come on Android get your shit together.

      Impossible not to do, but if the driver of the bike doesn’t react to the car coming when he kinda pulls off to the right, the car misses them I think, check it out in slow motion to see.

      1. Not sure if one knows or not,but in the video browser there’s a gear/settings icon on the bottom right ,click that, and you can change the playback speed.Slowing some video’s down has given great understanding of what’s being viewed.Slowedgore = bestgore.

        1. Thanks, I didn’t know about that for the last 7 yrs and now realise I could have easily googled instructions but didn’t. probably due to complete and sheer laziness. But now I easily have it, I can only imagine the detail that I’ve been missed out……..

          1. @bob – Sorry for slow reply – no it’s just the iPhone itself. When the video plays you run your finger slowly along the line at the bottom (as the video plays). Push it fast for fast motion or slide back slow etc. hope that helps???

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