Young Couple Killed by Man Learning How to Drive

Young Couple Killed by Man Learning How to Drive

A new driver discovered that it’s as easy as stepping a little harder on the gas pedal and the car will go faster, but went beyond his skill to maneuver the car, and hit a young couple on a motorcycle.

The video captures the aftermath of the accident. Judging by the damage to the car, the impact was quite serious. Apparently, both the guy and the girl died. The guy is faceplanted on the road with blood pooled around his head. The girl is on her back, sporting a frightening death stare with her legs spread open and the broken cooch exposed. No flip flops on either.

The accident happened in São Cristovao, Sergipe – the smallest state in Brazil.

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    1. Least someone pulled her top down bit of dignity saved just shame about the whole world seing her gaping pussy !! How fast was the fuking learner going to cause that much injury /death ps was she wearing no knickers naughty girl bad day to go commando

        1. She was wearing underwear! If you guys can distract your view & thoughts from her private area and
          Look just below and you can see a white piece of fabric which looks like it was snapped off! Look closely and you can see it!

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      1. @moroccan_boy

        It depends on the country and jurisdiction within it.

        Technically, you cannot harm a corpse i.e. if you shoot one it cannot be classed as homicide or attempted homicide but might be classed as desecration.

        Similarly, the corpse cannot give or with-hold consent.

        Some states will classify this a s a low-level felony, in others it’s a high level (Class A) misdemeanor e.g. in New York it falls under ‘sexual misconduct’.

  1. Yeah especially with people texting and driving, under the influence and driving, they are not going to pay attention to a motorcyclist. They don’t even pay attention to cars and larger vehicles. This is a grim reminder of how bad a bike accident will seriously fuck you up. I used to ride when I was younger but I traded in two wheels for four.

        1. You know and I’ll be just very fucking straight up about fucking periods. On the second day of mine after I wake up and stand up it looks like someone butchered me from the waist down. You wanna talk about opening a flood gate. I hate it

          1. @Train

            Oh, oh, oh !!!!!

            I got the best news for you!!!!

            There are these things called ‘tampons’ !!!! You shove em up there and they take care of all the mess! I’m not sure how or why they work but they do!!

            I can’t believe you don’t have them in America yet? They have been on sale out here in Australia for decades.

            It’s so sad when you hear about people like you suffering in these third world countries where the government doesn’t give a fuck about it’s citizens and would rather spend 50 billion $ on it’s military than helping it’s population live a life with dignity.

            So fucking sad………

            Hang in there @Train !!,

      1. ? “Whiskey bottle, shitty car, cheapshit bike your my waaayy . . . ” ? oooh that smell! Hey@tas Interesting how the lion really gets into it’s work drilling a carcass. Isn’t that why vultures don’t have feathers around their head and neck?

        1. @BTR, that is exactly why a vulture has a bald head, I guess the lions must lick the blood from each others heads later on? Or do a lot of it themselves. Big smelly brutes, lions, so I guess it wouldn’t matter, I do love lions though.

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      1. OMG, why do you say things like that about Our creator? He died for all our sins so when we die we can have eternal life! May God have mercy. I would be so afraid to even take God’s name in vain which I know that’s common among people in their daily life.
        I’m not trying to tell you anything bad, just a little advice which some people have no idea what I am talking about. Thanks, Mellie

  2. They guy filming it was the owner of the car, he seemed chilled. He was trying to calm one of the bystanders who was willing to lynch the driver apparently… but the guy filming it (the owner of the car) claimed that he was with him and had things under control. They then tried to move the car on wich some disagree thats the right thing to do, because thats interfering with a crime scene proof.

    1. @iris, that’s what I just said further up, I think she WAS wearing underwear too, a white pair, which have just ripped with her little denim shorts, her poor vagina has been damaged by whatever ripped her shorts and panties.

        1. Good on you @Horrorgirl, some
          members like to think she was on the back of a motorbike in a skirt and no knickers! I think a few of us women can see that a small bit of her shorts held up (left leg), oh well, let them think that.

  3. cover bust but let the legs open…. -_-

    i mean… who the fuck would make that in this situation ? dat non sens.

    simple principle of dignity. fucking brazilian never learn how to live with some manners.

  4. LOLOL.
    That learner driver should be forced to watch this video every day of his retarded life until he goes mad.
    As for the girl, that was the LEAST dignified way to die. By total surprise and without any panties on.

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