Young Couple Seems Dead After Motorcycle Accident

Young Couple Seems Dead After Motorcycle Accident

The video shows the aftermath of a deadly accident in Brazil. I don’t have any specific information, but a young couple is shown without any signs of life. The guy had his leg ripped off and is bleeding out, even though still seemingly alive.

The motorcycle they were presumably riding is a distance away, and another vehicle which looks to have been involved in the crash is even further.

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      1. Yea, at first I thought it was a chick to, but these moans defiantly needs to be from a man. If they’re not they are really creeping me out, must be some really heavy brain-damage. I wonder how he/she felt.

  1. The girl was still alive and the people that were filming just walked right by her. Fucking heartless creeps, they could have at least stopped and spread her legs a little more. She looks like she’s got a nice little vulva there.

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