Young Driver Survives Violent Crash – How Is He Not Dead?

Young Driver Survives Violent Crash - How Is He Not Dead?

WTF? How is he not dead? Worse yet – how is he walking away like nothing’s happened? That is one lucky son of a bitch to have survived such violent crash.

It’s a dashcam video, probably from Russia. Driver of black car pulled a dangerous maneuver by trying to squeeze through the narrow gap between the car with the dashcam and the bus in front of it. The maneuver swung the black car into the oncoming lane where it was violently t-boned by a truck. The bounce sent it back to the original lane where it crashed into the car with the dashcam.

You’d think the driver of the black car would be dead after such violent sequence of crashes but not only did he survive, he got out of the vehicle and walked away like it hasn’t done a thing to him. WTF again?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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76 thoughts on “Young Driver Survives Violent Crash – How Is He Not Dead?”

  1. I only hope this lucky mothefojjk is not one of those child molesters, vodka drivers, or scum who enjoys beating the shit out of innocent people. If yes, then l would feel too freaking dissapointed about karma, destiny, faith , justice or whatever the heck that is called.

  2. This jack-ass just caused un-neccessary damage to other vehicles with drivers who look to be in respect of each other and patient of one another on the road. If he doesn’t have insurance I hope the drivers sue and get his check garnished to pay for damages and the un-neccessary pain that they have reiceived because of his foolish actions.

  3. Ha, the driver that slammed the brakes on the other side of the road gets out of the car to check on the idiot just to find out he is ok. Then he is like: “WTF, no mangled up corpse?” and just stands there in disbelief.

    Mark should open a satellite office in Russia to have those lucky bastards interviewed afterwards just to hear what went through their head before, during and after the crash.

        1. the do save lives in a head on collision, preventing you from going through the windshield. I should know I was in a serious one and it saved my life (i still destroyed my ACL and meniscus and needed two surgeries). But the seat belt did cause my chest to hurt (20 on a scale of 10) for days. They don’t help in side impacts.

  4. Wow all these comments and no one spotted that there was two people in the car. The guy who got out was the passenger, the driver was instantly pancaked by his own roof. Pause it as the car passes and you’ll see them.

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