Young Girl Running Across Tracks at Kurla Station in Mumbai Gets Hit by Train

Young Girl Running Across Tracks at Kurla Station in Mumbai Gets Hit by Train

This happened at Kurla train station in Mumbai, India. The CCTV footage shows a young girl making a dash for it and trying to run across tracks in front of an approaching train.

She quickly realizes she’s not gonna make it and turns around to run back. But the train got too close, so she gives up and gets hit and run over. According to the information I got, the girl survived.

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148 thoughts on “Young Girl Running Across Tracks at Kurla Station in Mumbai Gets Hit by Train”

    1. I’m very glad she survived each day is precious… seeing videos like these really put into perspective how easy we can be removed from the living.
      I hope she learns from this and she shares her knowledge to future young Indian youth.

        1. Whats the latest diet you’ve been on. I bet you cry in the shower and cry yourselve to sleep and have that foul fishy smell that morbidly obese people such as yourselve cant seem to get rid of!

          1. Sorry, NineInchNails, I didn’t mean your comment at 7.57am which was right above my last one, I meant your earlier comment at 9.09am which said about “each day is precious”.

      1. Yes each day is precious. This girl will bestow upon the greatful nation of India that it is not wise to walk, run, stand before an oncoming locomotive. Her children, and her children’s children, unto countless generations that follow, all will revere the wisdown she has passed on to them – and to us.

      2. I really hope you’re joking. This is natural selection perfectly defined! If, at that age, she didn’t know not to run on tracks, and that covering her face would save her, she’s a moron.

      3. I nearly died today, so yeah, life is fucking precious lol.

        I cooked a lovely big steak, sat down and on my third mouth full I swallowed the whole bit without chewing. It was stuck in my throat at first but i could still breath, it was just really annoying. 20 seconds later i realized i couldn’t swallow it, i took a sip of coffee and bang, my throat closes ranks completely. the meat went further down and my throat contracted around it sealing up completely!

        I couldn’t breath for about 30 seconds, my girlfriend thought i was joking until i ran across the room with my hands round my kneck lol.

        I couldn’t say anything or really make any noise as my throat was blocked, she kept asking do i need an ambulance whilst screaming she didnt know what to do lol.

        In the end after probably about 50 seconds she punched me between my shoulder blades a bunch of times, maybe a dozen, this dislodged a tiny piece, but big enough for me to start breathing in an extremely labored way, effectively wretching every 5 seconds to open my wind pipe up slightly to allow air past the Steak lol.

        I ended up having to put my fingers down my own throat to move this thing, which is not recommended in choking situations as it almost always leads to the item being pushed further down.

        Dunno why im telling anyone this, but its the closest ive been to dying. well maybe not the closest but the only time ive been acutely aware of the fact that i may very well be dead in a matter of minutes 🙂

        Wish i filmed it.

      1. I’ve looked at the video a few times.
        This is the craziest and luckiest person to be hit by a train in India.

        First off, if you run towards a platform, run laterally across in a straight line, not diagonally and towards the train, because this requires more time and effort. It’s funny how girls don’t get the most intuitive laws of Physics :).

        Secondly make a decision and stick with it. One of those fuckers on the platform could have hoisted her up by the hand (there are some men there). No need to change your mind. How female.

        Thirdly, the platform was not even that high, she have made it anyway, without a man’s help.

        Fourthly, I like the way she covers he face with her hands and waits for the inevitable.
        The train just mows her down and she falls SPLAT on her face. It will be interesting – did she think she would live through the incident, or was life flashing in front of eyes?

        Fifthly, this is very nice and appropriate music to play for a train accident. Especially for a train which, on this day alone, granted the girl a nice pussy pass. Be careful next time!

        Lastly, I’m glad she survived. I hope nothing was broken, damaged or lost.

      1. In most cases, Autism isn’t an affliction that means a person is mentally retarded. In fact, in some cases there have been autistic individuals who were genius’. Iirc Bobby Fisher was autistic.

          1. Was that necessary?

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  1. A bit heart-wrenching the way she just froze and covered her eyes- the innocent, helpless reaction of a child. At least she fell and got run over by the train in the very best way for one to get run over by a train, falling in between the rails and not across them, under the wheels.

  2. Too bad she survived. Nature has a way of cleaning up the gene pool that we shouldnt interfere with. This dumb cunt actually ran TOWARDS the train almost in a suicidal fashion. She should not be allowed to breed which therefore extends the bad genes another generation. This is also why we have gay people, there genes are fucked up and at birth mother nature realizes this and switches a switch and makes these people Gay. Being gay means you cannot breed therefore you cannot extend your bad genes onto another generation. Mind you this isnt geared towards the occosional homo that just likes to fuck anything and everything but the truly faggots among us, the ones with rainbow bumper stickers yelling for the right to bugger and be buggered,

  3. She made 1 very good decision of standing in the middle of the tracks. Had she been on the side of the platform & above the rail, sh’d be cut into 2.

    Also what was lucky for her is that the goods train was moving at quite a slow speed. A faster speed could’ve made the outcome worse.

    BTW, that’s the most powerful locomotive with a output of 6120 hp. It’s WAG 9.

  4. This is a reminder boys and girls.
    Girls, stay in the kitchen!

    This incident could had been avoided she had not abandoned her post the kitchen.

    The girl in the video learned cooking curry all day is safer for her and her family.

  5. I’d say that was a quick thinking of her… If she stood on the tracks or near them, she wouldnt be alive, but since she stood just on the middle of the railroad, she just suffered from that faceplant… 😆 Smart cookie!…

  6. The more I look at this (since I have nothing better to do with my life) the more it looks like she was running from the same side of the track and not across it like I had assumed she was. It’s looking more like a suicide to me now as she was running at the train. She accomplished exactly what she was trying to do but if she did survive then it would be a darn shame.
    She put too much effort into that to have failed in the end. I hope she is lucky enough to get fatally run over by a large truck on her way home.

  7. People are talking in a hush hush tone about the frontals of that boogie woogie engine having got several dents and its out for repairs in the yard whereas the super girl went unscathed except for a little cut to her left eye brow and for the present she is doing fine. I hope she and the others alike ain’t gonna repeat that again in their life time . Trains are unforgiving .
    Narrowest narrow escape that was if ya ask me .

  8. Nineteen-year-old crossing tracks with earphones plugged in is run over by goods train; survives with nothing more than a bruise

    When she suddenly sees the train, she runs towards it in panic

    As miracles go, this one is right up there. For the people standing on platform 7 of Kurla railway station on May 13, a 19-year-old girl coming under a goods train was a sight that nightmares are made of. Imagine their relief when she was brought out from under the train, with nothing more than an injury near her left eye.

    The entire nerve-wracking incident was captured on the CCTV camera installed at the platform.

    She then runs towards the platform, with commuters ready to pull her to Safety

    Crossing the tracks
    Bhandup resident Pratiksha Natekar had gone to meet a friend in Kurla on May 13. While she was returning around 11 am, she was crossing the tracks to get to platform 7, with her earphones plugged in. According to the Kurla railway police, Natekar was speaking to a friend over the phone while walking on the tracks towards platform 7, which is a loop-line (on which trains run in both directions).

    But, she suddenly veers away and stands right in front of the train
    But, she suddenly veers away and stands right in front of the train

    “As she was busy over the phone, she didn’t hear a goods train thundering down the tracks. When she suddenly looked up the train had already reached her. She panicked and ran first towards the platform and then straight into the train,” said senior police inspector Ashok Bhorade from Kurla Government Railway Police.

  9. Ever since they put up that bronze statue of FEARLESS GIRL in New York, little girls from all over the world have tried to imitate that pose by standing in front of oncoming trains or trucks. It’s too bad that the trains or trucks gives Fearless Girl a different pose afterwards. More like ‘Smeared Girl.’

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