Young Indonesian Girl Run Over by Truck and Split In Two

Young Indonesian Girl Run Over by Truck and Split In Two

Typical Indonesian video – awful quality, tiny resolution, but exceptionally graphic.

The accident happened in Kota Bima, a coastal city in West Nusa Tenggara province on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia. Young girl, a student on a motorcycle was hit by a truck and split in half as it ran her over. Indonesia is way overpopulated and full of incompetent drivers so fatal traffic accidents are a daily occurrence.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I’m curious to know how so many people get run over by large trucks. I want to know how you don’t see it coming or how the hell you just get in the way of this truck and end up split in half…? What do people do over there in Asian countries, play in traffic waiting to get caught under the tires..? Oh well makes for a good gore pic so keep up the good work..

  2. That sucks man. Death is so fucking unexpected. She woke up that morning, planned her day out, sure as hell not knowing it was gonna be her last day alive…..what a trip. I often wonder when I see these kinds of videos how the hell that even happens. How do you not see a big ass truck coming at you? cause I know when im driving and im at a stop I always look around me. I keep a close watch on my rear view mirror too. Especially on the freeway If some asshole coming up at me too fast I get out of the way. Im waaay more alert thanks to Best Gore lol I don’t want to end up splattered. But if the grim reaper comes a’knockin at my door no choice to let him in.

    1. I know what you mean about the death being unexpected part. I think about it every time I leave the house. “Is this it? Are these the clothes I’m going to die in? Did I say good bye to my dog? Who was the last loved one I spoke to?” You know, the every day little things that most people take for granted.

      I almost feel like a paranoid nut, but a healthy dose of awareness isn’t such a bad thing. It’s better than laying on a sidewalk dieing asking yourself “Why me?” Instead, our final thought should be “That figures…”

      1. @futuredays I feel you. Im the same way too. I was starting to think I was a nutjob for thinking that way. But if anything was to happen to me I would be happy to know that I left on good terms with the people I loved and didn’t leave holding hurt and grudge in my heart. Cause I know that would devastate me…..obviously.

    1. Those sickos try to sell those videos to make money I’m sure.

      It seems that girl was not dead. You can see her moving her head a few times. The Asian just stay there and film, at least in the Arab world they get a few Allusnackbars to tell them they are going to meet their makers… I would still prefer the hand holding… I could get a last boner if it was a beautiful women, a la Juicy for example…

      1. Dang, that was sweet but damn, don’t jinx me! Lol!! Quick knock on some wood (not @BB’s btw!)! Lol. I’ll never understand hire these people cut in half can stay conscious! I get that it’s possible, but still! Crazy! I’ve seen it a few more times on here but those guys were really lifting their heads up, etc. Freaky!

        @CanadaDre- I could only hope if this happened to me, you’d pick up half of me and rock me as you sing softly to me. There’s not many I’d want to die in the company of, but you my friend make the cut! 馃槈

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        2. You @ juicy are so sweet it would come natural to me. Let,s just hope this never EVER happens to you, it would be devestating to all of us. Your smile is our ray of daily sunshine, & you are loved dearly by all your B-G brothers and sisters 馃檪

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