Young Man Partially Scalped in Motorcycle Crash

Young Man Partially Scalped in Motorcycle Crash

A young man ended with a slab of skin hanging over parts of his face. Apparently, he rode his motorcycle without a helmet and crashed. He hit his head in such a spectacular way, that it got partially scalped.

I don’t have any background information about the video, but it has a bit of South East Asian feel to it. Indonesia, perhaps?

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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94 thoughts on “Young Man Partially Scalped in Motorcycle Crash”

    1. I honestly would have so he could stop touching the damn thing. Yes fucker, that’s your skin, but calm the fuck down. The “camera man” sounds like he was getting off to it, can’t blame him XD

    1. Lmao…you’re like the teacher of a class of demented kindergarteners who are painting obscene pictures with their own blood. “Well done, kids, well done! Everybody’s doing such a GREAT job.”


  1. Dudes lucky he’s not on the ground with his brains all over the place. He’s in good shape, and blood vessels in the head are really small, hardly any blood loss but loads of pain

  2. Why do people just stand and gawp at him?! He’s obviously in shock so you’d think that someone would tell him to not touch his injuries (to reduce chance of infection), and at least try to comfort him.
    Instead they just stand there…. the lousy bastards!

  3. As a biker I can only laugh at idiots who don’t wear helmets. Even a cheap full face helmet would have saved him from getting his skin pealed like that.

    Then again stupid is a stupid does…

  4. I live in the North of England, in a region where we still have those ‘dark satanic mills…’ that the poet William Blake wrote of.
    Very close to my mothers house is the mill I have in mind, ’cause I read a story in the history section of the local news a few years ago. It told a brief story of a young girl who worked there about 1880. I think she was six years old. They employed children in those days. It was a cotton mill and her job was to crawl beneath the machinery and gather the pieces that fell down during production.
    I s’pose if they thought it okay to employ small children to do such a dangerous job then they weren’t too concerned with health and safety……
    So one day this poor girl was horribly injured at work when her hair was caught in the textile machinery above her and she was instantly scalped!
    The injuries were quite severe and her entire scalp was irretrievably lost. It was reported that she was taken to the local Infirmary (just means hospital, I think).
    As there wasn’t much to stitch up and their skills limited, a young doctor came up with an idea. Rather than letting the poor child expire so horribly, he took the skin from a goat and used that to stitch her a new sort of scalp back on. The girl lived and it worked well. In fact, after a couple of months the fur of the goat began to grow again!
    Sorry to burble on but seeing the footage of the chap above reminded me of her, so I thought I’d give her a mention as her situation was even worse.

    1. Wow, that’s interesting. I remember reading a few poems by Blake in College but was not aware of what the Mills actually were. You piqued my curiosity on that and now have a subject to delve into. Thanks for the insight Asra.

      1. He’s not my favourite poet, I do like his stuff a lot though. I find his art really interesting too. There was no one else like him at the time.
        It’s worth reading briefly something about him as a person before looking at his work. Such a colourful character. Mad as a box of frogs (like myself, somewhat)! 🙂

      1. Sorry for my late reply. I just wanted to let you know that I definitely didn’t imagine what I read.
        In the local newspaper they have a section called ‘Looking Back’ where they randomly choose stories from the archives (they began in the 1860’s, I think), and print a story from any time in between. Sounds boring but it’s actually quite interesting. That’s where I read of the plight of this poor child.
        I believe they have a lot of content online now so as soon as I get the chance I will trawl through that and see if I’m able to find the article. Please bear with me though as life is being difficult lately!:)
        Who knows….. perhaps some young journalist got carried away writing his daily piece?….. laudanum induced fancies… Or, as we all know ’cause we visit this site, ‘truth is stranger than fiction’!
        I shall let you know if I find it.

  5. Omg stop touching it ffs!

    Were you recording thru ass? I don’t understand it always seem so hard for those people to hold the damn camera still and record the importance instead of the surroundings!

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