Young Man Smeared by Truck, Balls Narrowly Avoid Being Crushed

Young Man Smeared by Truck, Balls Narrowly Avoid Being Crushed

I don’t know where this video is from. It shows an aftermath of a traffic accident with a young man smeared on the road by a truck. His body is still trapped under the wheels, but what looks like a ball sack narrowly avoided being crushed. Ouch.

There seems to be another someone who also may have been crushed to death by the same truck a short distance behind it, next to a lone flip flops. We’ve seen the similar use of banana leaves as corpse cover in Indonesia several times before.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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60 thoughts on “Young Man Smeared by Truck, Balls Narrowly Avoid Being Crushed”

    1. Bro@thedre No wonder then when the crotch swell up that big this usually is the fate that awaits most Asians and lmao what’s with the Banana leaves my man ? . I wonder if the little hunk (•Ω•) was going all bananas before he got brushed & gotten crushed.
      I would say of all the things in the world flip-flops just hate to depart from the scene in their part of the world .

      1. He,he,he. Asians, banana leaves, and Flip-Flops, have become somewhat of a trio of legendary proportions, in that part of the world, lol. We should both go there, and open a custom flip-flop, (one stop shop) in “Bangcock Dieland”, and how did i guess that we indeed were in Dieland? It,s all because of the look of that dudes swollen cock, as you have stated, and the fact that it indeed got banged ( by a truck that is), & not by a “Me Bang You Long Time” tranny! I,m sure that he will enjoy his time with the 72 Virgins, me thinks, lol, that,s if he Muslim to begin with. And if not,,, than it,s time for him to meet his maker.

        1. Haha !!!!! together lets get headed to the land where everything aches to die down ! hey Bro@thedre but we gotta be extra careful cause there is no telling what might happen when we’ll kick start our Biz !?
          As a safer bet we will have @bellazombe to tag along so she can throw her charm and have droves of customers coming in to buy flip-flops like never before and side by
          side we will have with us the lady luck to save us from turning in to dead meats and ending up here on the BestGore lol!
          I hope @bellazombe agrees .

      1. …And I bet you they were all in the same motorcycle. And where is the motorcycle? you may ask; Unscratched as always. Put back to work in about 8min after the gore.

        1. @trust me.
          C’mon man, that’s not funny! Some poor slob with dick rot is on top of the “organ” transplant waiting list. He’s gonna get stuck with a tiny Asian donor dick and swollen sack.
          How would you like to stand that much closer to a public urinal every time you have to take a leak?

    1. I wouldn’t mind losing my balls as you can still have sex without them (hormone therapy). But if you want to add my magic staff in the equation… I guess bionic legs sounds good for me.

  1. People get their news and information on the internet these days so there’s no discarded newspapers to cover bodies anymore.
    Progress? I think not.

  2. Oh great, his balls were saved! Now they can retrieve his sperm and create more idiots like him. We will now have an endless supply of idiots being smeared on the road by big trucks.
    Yeah!!!! Pretty soon we’ll see Junior under a 300 ton truck with his balls splattered all over.

  3. many years ago i seen trucks using a protection device in front of the bus wheels,, made of some sort of material , was done to push the pedestrians out of the wheel. in case of this hapening, i dont see modern truck and buses using it.. strange..

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