Young Mother with 3 Year Old Child Hit on a Crossing in Kaluga, Russia

Young Mother with 3 Year Old Child Hit on a Crossing in Kaluga, Russia

The same type of accident as seen in this video happens so often, it’s actually rather scary. What’s even scarier is that it often involves young mothers with little children.

Mother in this dashcam video was pretty careless especially since she had a kid in tow, but the crossing is clearly marked with a road sign and while the oncoming traffic stopped and traffic in the far lane in the direction of the driver who hit them slowed down, Daewoo Nexia continued on without slowing and struck the two.

A fire rescue vehicle was nearby and immediately came to the accident scene to provide first aid. Both mother and child remained unconscious and were later taken by an ambulance to a hospital.

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55 thoughts on “Young Mother with 3 Year Old Child Hit on a Crossing in Kaluga, Russia”

  1. When I’m walking my 7 year-old niece across the street, ANY street, I make damn sure there’s no cars anywhere near us. I know anything can still happen, but fuck if I don’t do my hardest to minimize the chance of it. For some reason I’m still amazed at how careless people can be when they’re in charge of children.

  2. to be honest, i think they need to go back to the days of showing these video’s in driver training.
    and we should also be able to order Thompson sub machine guns through catalogs for $39.95
    those were the days huh?

  3. There has been like 3 videos so far in a week’s time in Russia and everyone of them looks like the same location. I don’t know if they make the same shape buildings in Russia with the same colors or what.

    Anyways, I have been coming to the site and finally made an account ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  4. The stupid bitch learned a lesson, walking out in front of two lanes of moving traffic and assuming everyone will stop for her. I’m surprised she has lived long enough to have a kid if this is her approach to crossing the road, especially in Russia, 9 Times outta ten if the video is from Russia it involves a traffic related accident. Or maybe she is a cartwheel veteran and her kid has just begun his apprenticeship. Best of luck to the little fucker, odds are we will see him again soon if his mother keeps up her stupidity

  5. Tragic on every level! Finally some people with sense and called EMT’s and I’m sure the police. For once I’ve seen people coming to the aide of a person(s) in need and to make sure the driver didn’t drive off. Hope their okay, it looked to me like the driver was doing some serious speeding!

    1. Don’t really know, mate… I don’t think the bloke did some serious speeding here. 60 km/h (~40 m/h in American style) permitted for a residential area maybe. His fault is he did not stop when the other cars stopped. I myself was in almost the same situation once in Vladimir (my hometown). Thank god I had a time to stop and not hurt a line of nursery school kids crossing the road in front of me.

    1. She said “Mamochka, kavo (written “kogo”, but pronounced “kavo”)? Kavo?”, which not literally means “My aunt! Who did he hit? Who?”. She just didn’t pay attention first.

  6. Achievement unlocked! + 10, 000 points

    A human response. – Everyone actually rushed over to help, instead of a solitary few. a casual dawdler or my personal favourite, to completely ignore what just happened.

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