Young Motorcyclist Crushed by Truck Wheel in China

Young Motorcyclist Crushed by Truck Wheel in China

This looks like some kind of multi vehicle collision. One of the vehicles involved was a fancy Audi – you can tell that regardless of who caused the crash, the Audi driver will come out clean. He’s either a powerful public official or a wealthy businessman with friends at high places. In China it’s not he who wronged that gets the blame, but he who’s the least well off to bribe his way out of this shit.

One of the involved was a young man on a motorcycle. The bump between Audi and truck swept him under truck wheels and one of the wheels crushed his midsection. He may have been listening to a portable MP3 player, judging by the earbuds you can see when camera zooms in on his head. That may have caused delayed response to the crash.

It looks as though the motorcyclist did not wear a safety helmet – not that it would help, but if you wear headphones but don’t wear helmet while riding, you’re already predisposed to disaster.

I also tend to think that in this case, had the truck not parked directly on the motorcyclist, the young man may have had slight chance of survival. Somehow I don’t think he was killed instantly, but rather suffocated as pressure on internal organs was not relieved asap. But then again – being from China, by letting the truck crush the motorcyclist to death, the driver saved himself from paying for young man’s medical and recovery bills.

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    1. You know the real victim in all this? The owner of that beautiful audi. I mean that probably cost him both his children sold into the sex trade and now its written off. I really do sympathise for the poor chap.

      1. I think the irony is that China’s economy is booming at an exponential rate. They can now earn their extortionately high pay legit. Whereas I think us suckers in the west are gonna be eating our words about China soon! 🙁

  1. i know this guy. his name was one dum gook! seriously, anyone wearing headphones and walking around/operating machinery will be known as one dum fuk on best gore. you need all your senses to survive the world. that’s why they were given to you.

    1. Maybe the Chinese commies didn’t like him. Like that one Chinese Activist, they told him to mean them somewhere, and 1 hour laters hes under the wheel of truck, withness say saw people holding him down before the truck crushed him

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  2. going around busy streets in China on a bycicle looks like pretty dangerous shit. But going around busy streets in China on a bycicle with earplugs, probably listening to disney channel shit and being a dumbfuck Chinese-Android teen, that involves risks comparable with assaulting trenches at Gallipolli or something

      1. See when I visited my homeland in China one time, I saw an accident I which a motorcyclist ran a red light at a busy intersection and run over a lorry. He ended up in a pretty bad shape, a nasty trial of brains and intestines (hence the words “??” and “??”). This one is pretty mild. At least all his body organs are contain after suffering the fatal pressure and making the job easier for the clean up crew.

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