Young Person Shredded in Half by Truck in Indonesia

Young Person Shredded in Half by Truck in Indonesia

In the village of Bringkang, located in the Gresik district, East Java, Indonesia, a young person was shredded in half by a truck. I used the word “shredded” because that’s about all I could think of when I looked at the crushed, separated, but still trapped under the either side of the wheel halves of the person.

I couldn’t reliably tell from the video if the victim was a girl or a boy, though I tend to think I see outlines of female breasts on the chest. But then again, South East Asian males with long hair often look like females, which makes it easy for ladyboys to trick sex tourist into packing one of them up for a night. Especially if they also pop a few female hormone pills.

The cameraman started to film vertically, but had a moment of spiritual awakening and realized he was being an Iphone retard, and flipped the phone on the side after a while. But by then the video was already being filmed vertically, so now most of it is both vertical and sideways.

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      1. @ithinkyoulikeme At the beginning of the video, I’m thinking “if a truck isn’t going to fast, that cannot be a quick death” Therefore, it is not a way I would wish to die.
        Then the person’s head moved! Shite now we know it’s a horrible way to die. She/he/it is feeling that pain and knowing they are dying. So sad.

      1. True, just finish me off at that point, but in this case it’s most likely just agonal breathing. She seems long gone @bluntman89
        May she rest in pieces…I meant PEACE! (I really didn’t, sorry, feeling a little mean tonight 😛 )

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        First world – developed/capitalist
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        Third world – developing

        Just to clear it up; Africa is not a country, it’s a continent. South Africa, if not mistaken, is a developed nation.

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      3. @ladybug_lady2000
        If one has to define based on economy the 1st world countries are the ones that are “developed”,
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        The concept of “Second World” was a construct of the Cold War
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  1. Oh!! So many comments here! She took a breath at 17s in! That was creepy! Secondly, she looked like she was completely separated, never seen a torso so long! Poor thing though, really..that was definitely a girl

  2. Poor thing I did some horrible shit as a youth but that’s a fucked up way to go probably a respectful and nice young lady but just like the song only the good die young my question is in these situations do you thing they jack the cars up and pull them out from under them or do they just wait for aspiration and just keep on truckin

  3. Her head will be smashed whether they drive forward or backwards. Not really sure why I’m putting this out here.
    It could be because I have a sick mind and am quite interested as to what the outcome will look like, or its just my weak attempt of making small talk with humans. Possibly both. Who knows! Ha 🙂

    1. That is almost my exact thoughts as well not sure if you say my comment or not and you even got bit of human contact people need to just put shit aside in their lives and see these vids out till the end so many unanswered questions so often

      1. You can see in the video that her legs came out of the sockets…and the sockets (being her hips) are gone too. Everything from her mid section is crushed and smeared all down the road. My guess is that the trucker locked up his brakes after running over her.
        As far as being sick and twisted, speak for yourself. I’m just perverted.

  4. Fucked up thing is nothing the truck driver,or anyone can do… Wonder what the protocol is…wait til they’re totally dead to run them over completely,wait for police to show up to give the OK to run them over,or like a deer put a mercy bullet in her head. Cuz there’s no chance of saving her. I doubt they have tow truck to lift a massive truck like that,and the living has to get along with their day.

    1. They could jack the truck up and remove the tires and then remove the body, or if that’s no option then maybe they just wait till they die and cut them out like a slab of meat. The 2nd of the two sounds like a better option to me. 🙂

  5. In third world Asian countries it seems like everybody is in a rush. So many scooter riders as well. They all drive like they don’t see you and many, many accidents occur. This girl paid the ultimate price for driving while Asian.

    On another note, her agonal breathing was cool to see. It’s crazy some people that are cut in half. Still can talk and are alert even for a short time.


        1. yes that one freaked me out big time, but any of the videos where there is some one cut in half and still the head is alive and talking gives me creepers. like the Indian man that was run over by a train and his family pick up the top half (still very alive) by the arms and carried him always. CREEPY

  6. Lil Asian Lolita…..
    Next time you watch BG…..and remember
    To watch and be aware…..
    Always gets me to see an Asian woman to go that way
    They are so sweet…….I mean sweet and sour.!!!!
    Like chicken au vinaigre, oignon and honey.!!!!!$%#&$%##!!!!
    Works for me !.
    You’ll like where you’re going……. Have a great journey……

  7. The poor young girls last conversation.
    1st Emergecy Responder – It’s not that bad. You’re gonna be fine.
    Smashed Half Girl – Really? That’s great news!
    2nd Emergency Responder – Naw, we’re just pullin’ your leg.

  8. When she last bid goodbye to her folks .Her folks had no inkling that she is never coming back home. Its awfully disturbing how the Body turns to a mangled mess when something that Monstrous lays you down and runs you over. I wonder between the Truck driver and the victim who is to blame .
    The Body seem still responding to the Brain’s hyper activity telling as if to get clear and move away. alas but the damage done is beyond any means to fix it up or bring her back to life .

      1. Last heard the Driver ended up pleading guilty……all he kept saying to the cops was that that if ever he smells a woman’s crotch and the love box smell like thousand cans of rotting tunas all he’s gonna do next is to shag hard and run them over.
        Police agreed and they let him off not before every one shagged and laughed mad licking every drop of semen to their lips and rubbing a little to their anal hole

      2. Haha. I was at an accident site over 10 years ago. A guy in a cycle got hit by a car.
        As they placed him on his back and took off his shoes, they found he was wearing womens pop-socks inside his own socks. Weird, haha.

  9. Errugghhh…

    I was shocked that she was still alive. I’d be like….kill me now! I don’t want to live, I’m not much more than a smear, I have no fucking legs!

    Instead she just sleeps peacefully…thinking “Did I feed the cat?” , “Is mum expecting me home at 8pm? I’ll see her soon!” and “Hmmm. I never did like that dress Daisy wore yesterday”.

    It’s amazing the things that go through your head when you’ve lost your legs and are incapacitated under a lorry.

      1. It’s thought that very high levels of dopamine and noradrenaline are produced during severe trauma. This gives the victim a feeling of peace and serenity in their last moments. Basically, your brain gets you very high before your death, this is why most people that only have seconds to live seem calm and at peace.

  10. I must say that I got a bit teary eye when I viewed this video. I could not watch it any more, so I quickly ran out the door, went into my garage, pulled out my bong, added some Kush and smoked like there was no tomorrow.

    I then ran back inside my house, sat in front of my computer and watched the video over again. Damn does some good weed, I just can’t stop laughing now.

    Does this mean that I’m psychopathic? It does? Ok then. Next video.

    1. Smoking a nice bowl and scrolling through this site is literally my favorite thing to do at the end of the day. Being high really gives you a whole new perspective when viewing these videos!
      Beheadings are my favorite while baked.

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    So,that’s the deal, I accept your friend request and you let me eat your sister’s vulva. That’s the deal. Are you prepare to be my friend now?

      1. If your dad likes to dress like your sister, sure, why not.
        Or if your sister dresses like your dad and you call her “daddy” because sometimes you are confused, sure, I’ll eat her too.

        Moms are off the list. Only sisters and wanna look like sister.

        And just how do you know that your dad (sister) has a huge vulva?

  12. Could admin please give us the option of putting a pic here in our reply, and our replys to any other post ?? (let’s say we have a pic of something similar, or a funny pic that relates to the post in some way)
    With the options the same as changing avatars (camera/documents/camcorder)

  13. If I ever die in a tragedy like this can at least there be like 3 people videoing me and would you guys shut the hell up… speak English so I know what you guys are talking about before I take my last cognitive thought… I mean like what if she was there mentally like she could understand them.. but like, shes not there mentally just cognitivly.. or her soul or whatever is still ligering.. I wouldn’t want someone saying she’s dying she’s dying she’s cut in half.. or something.. at least even if you’re stranger tell me you love me or something lmao.. so I can go out feeling loved.. idk… people just swarm these people dying talking sh!t and sh!t… im just thinking of what that persons last thought was… im haunting whoever talks heavy duty on me… but I also want to end up on bestgore… terrible to think this way… but, I went for a walk, when I got upset the other day.. and there’s an interstate exit right next door kind of, well.. there wasnt any cars coming off at 1 am.. so yeah… goes to show how much I learn from the site because I never crossed even though there was no cars what if a car had its lights off or something and it still hit me.. idk. Then I think about when I was 15 through 18 crossing the street laughing saying muh-fuckers better wait for me lol…but seriously… all those times that I crossed the street… before I started looking at this website (almost 22 now) I mean. I’ll look before I cross my driveway lmao..

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