Young Philippine Motorcyclist Loses Leg After Colliding with Truck

Young Philippine Motorcyclist Loses Leg After Colliding with Truck

In Cavite, Philippines,a young motorcyclist collided with a truck and lost his leg when the vehicle ran over it.

The amputated leg departed with the attached flip flops. The flip flop from the other leg departed without attached foot.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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63 thoughts on “Young Philippine Motorcyclist Loses Leg After Colliding with Truck”

      1. I do not understand these places where they just watch people bleed out. They have access to the same internet we do. Are they all really so stupid as to not know something as simple as applying a tourniquet could mean the difference between life and death?

    1. If I were struck deaf I’d be able to visit such places (when finances would allow!).
      I would be so vexed by bloody annoying sounds otherwise. I’m not upset by sound, usually. But it may be the high pitch in speech…… I dunno…..
      Makes me want to punch someones head in…! Is it just me or are others bothered by this noise?!

      1. Exactly.. The high pitch rambling in abundance. I probably could handle a few conversations but amongst chaos the noise is repulsive.

        Then again, some people feel the same about English

  1. Careful ! while riding bikes in Cavite, Philippines .
    There are caveats but riders give a damn.
    But I won’t call that to be life in the fast lane
    He brought it un to him and he got it .

    Bizarre what’s with the accidents always it always tends to eat at the fabric the rider wears .

    1. @Daniel hahaha yeah it’s like they fucken think that ONE day, one of them’s gonna bend one of those trucks in half or that the train’s gonna bounce off of them. Maybe the C.I.A’s pumping them fuck loads of this weird dope that makes those places so fucking dumb that they get hurt like this so often

  2. Was there s second victim at the end of the vid?? Some dude was lying on the ground looking sorry for himself then the vid ended? Maybe he was a pillion passenger?? Camera dude needs a slap for putting his fingers over the lens ..

  3. Tie that leg off, you Fucking Morons. He has lost so much blood, that his chance of survival are slim at best! This young guy could have survived this, if the bleeding was stopped right away, with a Tourniquet, instead of just filming it. Take your $1.99 Giant Tiger Belt,,, tie that shit off, then resume filming if you want, while someone comforts him, and reassures him, while talking to him that all will be ok. His pressure would then drop as he calms down, and as a result, the bleeding would slow, and the risk of all out Shock, would be avoided. Unless of course, he has other serious problems, and injuries, like internal bleeding, or a ruptured Aorta, or something, then,,, he would be 100% fucked.

    1. Quite right. Even a simpleton like me would’ve known to do that, and this poor chap is just left holding his bike for comfort!
      I s’pose not everyone has knowledge of common sense first aid, but why can people not be kind to one another?! It truly baffles me. 🙁

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