Young Train Surfer Slips from Nanded-Bengaluru Train in India

Young Train Surfer Slips from Nanded-Bengaluru Train in India

Young Train Surfer Slips from Nanded-Bengaluru Train in India

A 26 year old train surfer slipped off Nanded-Bengaluru express train in India, and fell hard onto the ground as the train continued on its way. The incident was recorded vertically on a cell phone camera.

The man has reportedly sustained severe injuries, but it has not been confirmed what condition he’s in or whether his outlooks are good or not.

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  2. Done almost the same with my pals when I was about 12, only on much, much slower cargo trains. Landing on pebble is usually pretty safe albeit not pleasant. Just don’t jump between the tracks or you may land too closely. I saw a guy getting his hand cut off because of that. By the same train he was riding a monent ago.

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