Young Woman Dies Crushed by Bus with Snapped Femur Sticking Out

Young Woman Dies Crushed by Bus with Snapped Femur Sticking Out

Young Woman Dies Crushed by Bus with Snapped Femur Sticking Out

Not backinfo and I couldn’t reliably pinpoint from the looks of the victim where she could be from. The video shows the apparent aftermath of a traffic accident in which a young woman was run over and crushed to death by a bus.

She’s a total goner, and has fractures on both legs, including a compound one of a femur. The snapped femur sticks out from her crotch like a bleaches, hollow penis.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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108 thoughts on “Young Woman Dies Crushed by Bus with Snapped Femur Sticking Out”

      1. She was born female but died male,
        it’s apparent from the bone dick and gore trail.
        Imagine onlookers see the last time she flinched,
        To decide if the driver either gets a ticket, or gets lynched…
        My guess is Afro-India where roads and users regularly fail!

    1. She’s contorted like a retarded gimp. Her vagina is flipped inside out and wrapped around a leg bone. There is a bus on top of her.
      I’m certain that she left us peacefully.
      Good day sir.

        1. You’re right. I’ve been a bad bad man.
          I am sorry for her leg bone. I feel bad for her fucked up arm. It’s unfortunate that she died under a goddamn bus looking like a crack head with Tina Turner hair.

          1. It’s not about empathy. It’s about reality, truth, perception, human nature and reading people. Would you leave me the fuck alone by the way? I’m sick of you commenting negativity on everything I say, dog faced cunt. One day you’ll be one of my clients because you are broken. Now go take your meds and sit in the corner alone and cry. Don’t dish it if you can’t handle it.

          2. Whatever baldy. I’ll say what I want, when I want. You’re full of shit, up and coming psychologist my ass. Your language skills say you are not educated as you want us all to believe, certainly not a medical professional. I just call it like I see it.


  1. Truly sad !! I wonder what her last moments were like ? What were her last thoughts ? ” did i turn the lights off”? ” Why didn’t I allow Santosh to fuck my ass last night”? “I should have swallowed, now o’ll never know the taste of a mans jizz”

  2. She was walking down the road

    And got squashed like a toad

    Such a fine sight to see

    It’s a girl my Lord

    Twisted up like a cord

    Hey slow down and take a look at me!!

    Take it easy, take it easy

    Don’t let the sound of breaking bones

    Make ya queasy

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