Young Woman Dies in Brazilian Hit and Run

Young Woman Dies in Brazilian Hit and Run

This young woman was on the rear of the motorcycle ridden by her boyfriend. Speeding car rear-ended them and took off. The boyfriend survived and was taken to the hospital, but the girl died on the scene. It doesn’t look like she wore a safety helmet. Her boyfriend probably survived because he did have a helmet.

I’ve seen that many times in the third world countries – owner of a motorcycle has a helmet for himself, gives a friend a ride but has no helmet for them. Because of incompetent police force, these things are hardly every enforced so nobody really cares. It’s a disaster in the making.

Very sad. She had nice hair. It happened in the morning hours of today – April 21, 2012 on Felipe Camarão Avenue in Mossoró, near Posto de Rubinho, Brazil. Coward car driver who killed her dashed away. Hope these pictures find their way to him so he knows what cowardly hit and runner he is and that because of him, life of a young woman was lost. He’ll have to live with it for the rest of his life.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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47 thoughts on “Young Woman Dies in Brazilian Hit and Run”

    1. Damn. At this point she’s “still warm.” If I had the priveldge of being part of Brasil’s (DaSilva Land’s) Emergency Services, I would Erect a Partition Screen to hide my deep and thorough investigation to the cause of death in situ.
      I would dig deep into this case, & inject my seminal theories regarding cause of death, speed of impact, etc. I would immediately perform a rectal temperature reading to begin with, & probe deeply into the situation.

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  1. oh…wow… i cant believe that there are no potholes or cracks on that road. But sincerely? Wait 6 months 🙂 cracks bigger than that girl’s crack will appear, and suddenly…hatchback sized potholes 🙂

  2. This no helmet thing reminds me of the dumb fuck Harley riders here in the states.. They are the most garbage fucking bikes in the world and the retards that drive them think they are cooler without helmets. Are you fucking kidding me?!

    Darwin would be proud!

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