Youth Fleeing from Police Suffers Nasty Open Leg Fracture

Youth Fleeing from Police Suffers Nasty Open Leg Fracture

Two young men, identified as JosuΓ© AntΓ΄nio da Silva and Wellington Lopes, both 19 year old rode on a motorcycle but after they noticed a group of military police conducting an operation a few meters ahead, they attempted a quick U-turn to dash in the opposite direction. Without looking if it was safe to pull such sudden move, they ran into a passing Fiat Uno and both crashed. One of the youths suffered a rather nasty and painful open leg fracture.

The incident happened on Tuesday January 21, 2014 on Travessa Paulo de Souza, located in the neighborhood of Fatima in Itabuna, state of Bahia, Brazil. The reason why the two were trying to flee from police has not been made public.

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        1. No i stopped believing in god and jesus the same time i stopped believing in santa claus. And no, it never bloody worked as much as we wanted to, we were just kids so were really thought we were gonna be talking to dead people, hence the disappointment.

        1. I honestly never tried it. I was at an Antique Auction & bid on some old collection of board games and that was part of it ! That ouija board always gave me the creeps. I truly believe in something other than our living selves. Too many weird and unexplained things happen to people on a daily basis to not think something else is out there. I am a catholic, but i do not attend church!

          1. Do I believe in UFOs? hmmmm, it is definitely possible. But it is also faked by people. I don’t think of it in a magical way though. We can build a space station, rockets, planes, space shuttle. I’m sure some day we will build spaceships that can travel large distances as well. Other living beings could for sure exist on other plants, and it is quite possible that they could invent space technology and travel to different planets. UFOs to me are the same as airplanes. Just machines. Aliens on other planets? I know it’s possible because that’s what we are, living beings on a planet floating through space. We exist, so that should show everyone that other life could easily be out there.

    1. @TheProtocolsOfZion,

      I’m a non believer “Atheist” and have used a Ouija board many times in my youth and it does work, it works the psychological trick well.

      Human beings subconsciously make small movements with their bodies all the time but because they are distracted or just not paying attention they never notice these things and when you have a group activity such as a Ouija board game each person is moving the board one way or another.

      The natural inclination for some people to take charge and others to follow means that when one person consciously moves the thing the others give no resistance and end up subconsciously moving it as well.

      The reason why names spelled out often means something to someone is because of numerical chance. If I spelled out the name David or James then I bet somebody will have known a David or James because these are common names but if I spelled out Schtolteheim Reinbach iii then the chance of somebody knowing this person goes down greatly.

      My conclusion, The Ouija board is a good psychological trick and works well for the most part because it works on the subconscious level and people after playing this game will often start taking notice of smaller things because they are now more alert and will associate these “new” things with the result of the game.

      1. Damn youra clever guy. As an Atheist i find them amusing at best, a bit of harmless fun between friends when your young.
        There are those who make money from the gullible using these as their “means” to comunicate with the dead. Shame on them for playing on the emotions of people who can`t come to terms with loss.

      2. I have had a different experience with one. I asked it a question and there is no way that it could have know the answer. I was not touching it, my girlfriend and her friend were. I alone knew the info that it gave me. It was about the murder of my cousin. The murder has not been solved. I asked it who murdered my cousin. The answer it gave made me feel ill. Only I knew the person that it named, first and last name. Afterwards my girlfriend attempted suicide. While in the hospital, she was in a room with an old lady, she sat up in the middle of the night and told the old lady she was the Devil! I know for a fact that some sort of spirits exist.

        1. Zion, I don’t want to seem rude but my first reaction is to think your girlfriend was having some mental problems and that either her or her girlfriend knew information about your cousin you didn’t know they knew.

          1. All I know Zion is that if I was a homicide detective I would have arrested your girlfriend and friend in a moment and taken them in for questioning. I want to say I’m sorry for what happened to your cousin.

    2. I’ve tried it a couple of times Zion, I’m an athiest but my experience with this board is the only thing that has me thinking that perhaps spirits do exist.

      It was quite a surreal experience when the plachette which I think was a small glass turned upside down began moving. At some points it was moving quite slow, and at others moving erratically at speed making no sense. I told the others to rest their fingers on it as lightly as they could, I was barely touching it and it kept moving.

      If you really want to find out if it’s the real deal, ask it to blow out the candles. But if seems like a bad spirit I wouldn’t advise doing so. Like Empty said, our sub concious mind is far more powerful than our conscious mind so a lot of it can be explained with science but the fact that a lot of people have experienced some bizarre shit doing this leaves that little bit of doubt in my mind.

        1. Yeah no DON’T do that…some spirits have left this world in not so nice ways and are pissed off…you can conjure evil as well…don’t allow that in your house..for best results circle yourself in a Wiccan protection spell and salt all around all participants…the cemetery is an excellent place to do it…remember to invoke the spell and salt yourselves first…then hap at the questions….I’m a non believer z…but I do believe in the Ouija board…I don’t want to talk about it though….

        1. Right..there’s many videos I see where I’m over here yelling at them to apply pressure there!!…don’t move it!!..oh and what the fuck kind of CPR are YOU doing?!?!… drives my roommate insane sometimes…that’s what you get when you’ve been a nurse…lolz..

          1. Lmao! I know exactly what you mean. Especially those Syrian videos where someone gets shot and they just stare at him hoping he magically gets better instead of applying pressure or cleaning the wound. But like you said, what can we expect from those people anyway? Haha. You’ve been a nurse, hm?

          2. Yessum I was a cna working on becoming a lvn…following in my aunt’s footsteps..worked in the er for like 6 months and made up my mind NOT for me!!..I prefer em dead…not living..went back to school to become a coroner and well 7/8 yrs in now and health has put my life on hold… aunt was a lvn for 18 yrs before she went for her rn…she had to disable herself though..back went out…we have other nurses on here also…AWESOME group around here..

          3. Haha, yes live people are tough to deal with. Especially when they are having health issues.

            Sorry for the derailment of your plans, life just sucks like that sometimes. :/

          4. Thank could always be worse..once I have my surgery I’m hoping to live life as normal as possible….keeping my fingers crossed it wasn’t all for nothing…

          5. @lady, what surgery do you need done? (if you dont mind me asking)

            no, I work Med-Surg. I don’t think I’m quite prepared for ER just yet. I loved my school rotation though, so it’s a place I will consider after a few years. Are you an ER nurse?

          6. Yes ma’am I was…went to Job Corps and took the nursing trade…loved the face pace..and excitement..but I couldn’t handle the 16 yr old with 2 kids already losing the next one freaking out about it..or the prissy trophy wife bitch with a paper cut on her finger bitching about the pain while I just was present for a family being told that their 2 yr old is braindead…FUCK that..I have TOO big of a mouth and TOO short of a string to handle those kind of…differences…I admire you guys though!!!..also ex have you checked your mail lately?.. πŸ˜‰

          7. Oooof…it’s alot that happened with this…I have pseudotumor cerebri…and I’m finally getting a vp shunt done…I had a nerve sheath already because I was pregnant so I couldn’t get the shunt…I ended up losing my son because of that damn surgery..but if you look back on other posts you can find my story there….

          8. @demented Yes, I’m an RN in the ER. I didn’t jump right into ER either. It’s good to be familiar with everything else you can be before you work ER because its absolutely crazy and very demanding, but all nursing is demanding. I’m sure you already know that!

            @lady Oh man I definitely know what you mean with that. And no I haven’t, but I will now.

          9. @next, that’s awesome. How long have you been an RN? yes, I definitely know that nursing is demanding, but its also very rewarding. On a side note, ER nurses seriously need to stop only putting IV’s in the AC, hahaha. Poor patients (and us MedSurg nurses) have to deal with the troubles that come with them. :p

            @lady, You are most welcome. πŸ™‚

          10. @Demented I know! lol I get on to them every now and then for it. I guess most ER nurses go for the quickest thing. But the patients end up suffering for it. AC is a last resort for me.

          11. They most certainly do. Limited mobility, constant beeping from the infusion pump due to the line being clamped with the elbow, not to mention loss of circulation if they blow the vein. Lol. I understand that ER is usually “quick and dirty,” but geez the patients have to get the shitty side of the stick. I’m glad at least one ER nurse doesn’t immediately go for AC haha.

  1. ok have to add to the debate. The Ouija board isn’t some spiritual portal into the after world. it was a Victorian childrens parlour game. After it was being manufactured the church started condemning it and so it took on the meaning it has now. It’s a piece of cardboard that has no meaning accept what you give to it. If I was a spirit and had the power to contact someone then I might as well use a monopoly board, but I would choose to use a scrabble board, much easier to get my messages out.

  2. Pussy-ass, cry-baby Americans would use this to sue everyone under the goddamn sun. But these poor Brazilians just have to deal with their misfortune for the most part.
    Pussy americants think they deserve massive amuntsxof money for every goddamn thing that happens to them

  3. Nurses are fucken HOT! I want one.

    I’d try to summon some shit through a ouji ..

    My full sentence was gonna be “I’d try to summon some shit through a ouija but I hate to be disappointed”

    I went to spell check ouija and my laptop started scrolling upwards to a comment above with the word in it. Like if I was dragging the sidebar thing. I even took my hands off the keyboard and said what the fuck. Then a fucken stray cat jumped at my closed window and stared at me for about 5 seconds then. I’m not making this up. I’m scared shitless now.

    Good night!

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