Youth Sports Creepy Death Stare After Motorcycle Crash with Knocked Down Utility Pole

Youth Sports Creepy Death Stare After Motorcycle Crash with Knocked Down Utility Pole

In Brazil, a speeding car veered off the road and crashed into a concrete utility pole. Due to the amount of kinetic energy with which it was struck, the pole collapsed and laid across the road.

A pair of youths on a motorcycle then approached the accident scene, but somehow failed to see the road block the knocked down pole created, and slammed into it full speed. The crash propelled them into a beautiful swan dive.

One of the youths appears to have either broken his neck, or fatally hit his head on landing. He was left paralyzed on the road, sporting a creepy death stare.

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    1. It makes me feel like he’s not dead though he seems to be breathing to me I mean I’m no fuckin doctor or anything but if mr flip flops would have waited an extra ten seconds to grab the bike maybe we’d be able to see if the bike landed on his head or not

      1. @FC His brain is toast for not wearing helmet! Think of a concussion x30. His body is functioning but is nonresponsive. You can never save a man from this unless you do a brain dump and put in a new one. lol

      2. Watch closely. His head slams the ground with intense impact. He might have been alive, but only for a little while. A brain hemorrhage is most likely what killed him. A friend of mine passed away from similar causes. Rode an ATV with no helmet, smashed his head, hours later doctors declared him passed from massive brain swelling.

          1. Damn, that impact though…Ouch.
            He’s in Lalaland now…
            Rest in Peace, but hey, wear a helmet, kids πŸ˜‰
            It does look like he is locked inside his own body, like…slowly going away at the same time…weird, but creepy cool eyes at the end o_O

        1. @tastiger You got that caught straight in your eyes and mine too . You will always see these onlookers always on the scene who are not for anything but some of that stuff spread around the place after the accident to pocket in the valuables . You won’t even grasp anything as they come about as any sympathizer and seem to merge well with the cluster and hear them say a “sorry” word or two or rather hang around may be for a while and slip away to no ones notice in to the oblivion.

        1. @ dealsdone
          it seems like a weird idea to me as any kinda rub wouldn’t be worthwhile as the two of them already landed up rubbed hard on that pole . That frigid stare as you can see in his eyes is all about screaming loud is to say “Leave me un rubbed ”
          Bikers without the brains in ASIA as always is the case . How COULD the rider be so damn fucking blind to just cause another accident knowing that there already is one happened and instead of slowing wheels one sees them almost causing a self accident and ramming hard to be rendered ‘ unresponsive ” but did you see that the other fella walked away unscathed .

          1. You kicked your computer to death in a foul mood? Well you got a new one pretty quick, good. πŸ˜‰ Also I bet no BG ladies have a smelly vag!

    1. His brain is probably soup in the inside, and well fryed! If a persons eyes are open and not responsive and doesnt wake up with heart pulse, then they are literally braindead. which is dead. about to go to bed after finding shit out about that cop that arrested a filmer and tazed a 14 y/os snatch. also that guard that dislocated that guys jaw.

    1. sadly, it happens a lot on highways if you got californians tripping on acid and shrooms or meth heads. I witnessed a crash on the california – oregon border with some gal pulled over for whatever reason with emergency blinkers on. she got out and sat under this tree. well some toyota pickup crashed into her car. Like wtf you morons?!

  1. Ironically, if the dude driving would’ve been drunk and/or stoned out of his mind and driving on the wrong side of the road, they would’ve caught a gap in the roadblock and slipped right on through without incident.

    1. I will forward your sound advice to the local DAMM chapter
      This is just the argument for drinking and driving that will finally convince the MADD mothers that drinking and driving isn’t so bad after all.
      Tired of Mothers setting the trend yo.

    1. i was like :

      ” mmmh well, nothing big… car destroyed but no corpse or nothing.. look like somebody have pass throu the car glass”

      and just when i thinking to start look away…….. bam !


      WTF !

      i really didnt expected to see this end frankly XD

  2. He’s staring into deaths orbital cavity, his soul slowly being helped out of his body. A trenmendous amount of brain activity happens during death, so im assuming he’s reliving old memories. Too bad, he seemed like he had a huge cock. What a waste.

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