Zimbabwe Taxi Drivers Spin Their Vehicles During Funeral Procession for Fallen Comrade

Zimbabwe Taxi Drivers Spin Their Vehicles During Funeral Procession for Fallen Comrade

Apparently, it is the custom of taxi drivers in Zimbabwe to spin their vehicles or essentially, do “doughnuts” while in a funeral procession for one of their fallen comrades. And here is video of such event, what could possibly go wrong?

Mad props to African Angel for the hookup.

150 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Taxi Drivers Spin Their Vehicles During Funeral Procession for Fallen Comrade”

  1. I know…there’s been a terrible accident , the best thing to do is cause mass commotion by all running towards the injured and shouting a lot !
    Only one way this shit was gonna go down , stupid cunts , check out ‘ drifting ‘
    If you folks wanna see some rag doll action

      1. Oh man lady bug lol. I had no business behind the wheel at 17 barely ever practiced driveng. I won’t embarrass myself with the details. Well I’m an open book and a transparent person. I just don’t want everyone to be reassure women can’t drive. I drive now like a champ. But it was awful back then. If I did doughnuts it’d be bad. But I can totally see you being bad ass above all the balls. The shit talker of the group idk I’m probably way off

        1. I have always been a great driver, I should of gotten lots of speeding tickets, but usually (most of if not all the time) I was pulled over the cops would smile at me and let me go. I guess I was a pretty cute teen. 🙂

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          1. @boozer, that really frightened me, the hairs just standing on the back of my neck, my throat constricted. Who was that white guy they pulled from the truck? Did those riots happen in America? I can’t believe they have rioted SO MANY times, through history, (well the last 50 years?) like the government, whites, everyone has to keep them happy, so it doesn’t happen again? Makes me sick to the stomach. I’ve just realised African Americans are 0% separated from Africa. Imagine the sickening terror of a group of them surrounding you, to do you harm, for no reason, there is no reasoning with them.

          2. How the hell do they afford mobile (cell) phones? Are they on plans or are they all pre-paid? This sort of shit is expensive in Australia. I don’t get how so many people in 3rd world countries have these phones?

          3. @boozer, Lol, I put that phone question in the wrong spot! I meant these guys in Africa, now, filming this video! (and other poor countries, they all seem to have damn phones – and I’m grateful!)

          4. @lady are you talking about the Obama phone shit? It’s disgusting.
            @tas check your email again baby girl I added a few things I forgot to tell you while I was at work earlier.

          5. Yes the Obama phones. and they got big discounts on new cars too some one told me. The American niggers have it made here, free food, phone, cheap new cars, the list goes on and on.

        1. @Gnat Lol it wasn’t me… but its really getting bad, shit goes down here on a daily basis. Its just a matter of time before shit hits the fan, & a hell of alot of people are ready for it. Its time something happens here…

          Prost Bruder!!!

  2. Hahaha, doing stupid nigger shit at one funeral causes 4-5 more funerals, dumb fuckin boot lips. I guess when you live in a shitty third world country in mud huts while flies buzz around your head, you find some dumb way to fuck shit up.

      1. Definitely a step up from the trees To cage.. Then monkey bars.. Now cars !! ..next thing will know there flying planes and conducting trains..maybe even one day talk with the right grammar and we will finally understand them freaking chimps;-)

  3. I think its good how pre machinery farm equipment is given cars tlo drive an the opportunity to fuck things up like this. On the plus side a few crushed chimps is less of a loss than a whole dented side of van.Well done the farm equipment,even if death you “is making yo’self usefuls anywayz” .:)

  4. A bunch of dumb overbreeding niggers acting like fools….about as dumb as the niggers killing each other here in the U.S. Hope that van crushed and killed as many of those overbreeding rats as possible…..thin out the shallow end of the gene pool.

      1. Lol that was damn funny @African Angel………
        I’d heard , “under the influence of alcohol” though .
        Ya mean he’s been wanking with one and typing with another …….
        but that some awesome feat out of the extraordinary .
        Beat that ……….how about a joy ride with me to a deep forest in Africa

          1. @African Angel
            How about going places if the forestry is all lush and green and waterfalls all natural .Is the food great by intercontinental standards .
            and oh then you say the wild life all in gay abandon roaming by at close quarters .


      2. Hilarious you are….are regular Chris Rock. You are partially correct….while I do in fact get a hard on watching ignorant black people die, while I am typing I have my smoking hot Filipino girlfriend blowing me til I finish. Be careful with your jungle love Blucon, she is the African angel…be sure to double up on the condoms as In sub-Saharan Africa, women constitute 58% of all people living with HIV…..good luck with that bro.

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  5. Get the Afro beasts to eat “doughnuts” and find them going round and round and round in never ending circles .

    A fallen comrade amongst them always would be none other but another shit faced fat lipped afro ..”I eat my own shit type”

  6. I knew that this video will not pass without racial remarks. Anyway its a tradition here to make fun of black people, hate Jews and Muslims. But some comments are too disrespectful especially those from @Goreum and @thecannibaldoctor. If you guys were closer to me, I could skin you alive and fed your skins to your starving dogs.

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          No thank you @AA…

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    2. @African Angel,

      What you have to remember is that many white people have had bad experiences with black people just like many black people have had bad experiences with white people as well and so because Best Gore?s largest demographic is America/Canada and Europe it makes it look one sided.

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      When I visit Japanese websites the comment sections are just as racist and one-sided as well so as you can see it is not a result of Best Gore tradition but a result of demographics and the magnification of their personal grievances, which comes under human nature I suppose.

      Personally, I do not like black people and am honest about that fact. The reason for that dislike is that many sub-Saharan Africans have come to my country and massively increased the crime levels and ghettoised many areas as one look at London, England will show you.

      They all receive the same opportunities as everybody else, even getting extra help via affirmative action type quota systems which puts them ahead of poorer white working class people and yet they still fail at school and turn to crime in large numbers.

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      All websites would be effected by the above if they were not so heavily censored and so when an uncensored website like this shows reality for how it truly is they come across as extreme and one-sided when the truth is that they are merely a social platform which gives a voice to the people and their experiences.

      My conclusion, racism is not a BG tradition; it’s a human tradition.

      1. @Empty soul, very true. I have visited many sites which favors their races and I have seen how they insult the rest of the world. Am not taking it personal, its just one of those things on bestgore. We see nasty reality, hence some nasty comments.

        I like people who come out straight and said that they hate blacks instead of those who pretend to love us.

        1. @African Angel
          Its time you smiled WINKING AT US now like this

          and mind ya we all are mates
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          can I buy ya a drink?

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          Let’s go hear some Afro beats for ya to cool it down …….
          I like the bongo and congo played Santana style BTW

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    1. Very well said, mr v. I worship from the river ganges lol lol I love how they are hanging off the side while sanjay is flooring it like crazy! “let’s join our dead buddy!”

      “do cones, not war” – who could disagree with that?

      Have a super day, v-man!

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