60 Year Old Woman Brutally Assaulted by Robber in Algeciras, Spain

60 Year Old Woman Brutally Assaulted by Robber in Algeciras, Spain

A 60 year old woman was brutally assaulted by an individual who stole her belongings when she was about to enter her home. The incident took place in the Carteya urbanization in the city of Algeciras, Cádiz province, Spain.

I wonder if the robber is a Roma gypsy. Much as all the rest of Europe, Spain too is full of them and rob other people is all they do. Although rape, murder and organized crime involving vulnerable people and children being enslaved as beggars are also in their arsenal of capabilities. But of course, if the robbery was perpetrated by a gypsy, then the mainstream European press could not possibly identify the fucker as such, cause it would be racist in the old continent.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. No.. Fatboy RIP.. Was honorable.. He kept the rodent population down in and around the apartment complex I lived in and would occasionally bring me a mouse, bird, or something just in case I was famished.. Nobody assked him to perform these acts of civility, he did them unselfishly….Ass far ass I’m concerned.. She deserved it.. Yes?

          1. Right Bloody Hands?? If someone poisoned my cat(s) I’d be making a BG video out of them. Yes I achieved crazy cat lady status long before I had planned but I’m ok with it

      1. Because that’s human nature, Tyler Burden.
        She could be all those things you describe. But he could be so much worse.
        And since we haven’t SEEN her do anything bad, and we’ve SEEN him do so, it makes more sense to want to punch his head in.

        1. Tyler has made it clear that he doesn’t like the elderly, or animals. He is at least one of those things, and will soon be both. How do you rationalise with someone who’s hate is even directed at themselves, and probably doesn’t even realize it?

    1. If whites would stay the fuck out of places they steal resources from (the America’s, Africa, Australia) and everywhere else they colonized, then the gypsies, blacks and Muslims would gladly leave Europe. Whites can have Europe all for themselves, like before. The only problem is, when they did have it all to themselves they couldn’t remain civilized and they decided to go on their huge conquering/colonization land stealing crusade.

      1. I’m willing to bet that most whites are racist and don’t want to be around colors. This is best evidenced by the fact that no whites want to live in colored neighborhoods or even go near them.. In fact, it’s very rare. Ask any real estate person. How many times has a white couple seeking to buy their first home and raise a family asks for a colored neighborhood?

        It’s unheard of. Why? Because colored neighborhoods are violent, filthy shit holes and everyone knows it.

          1. No, no we didn’t.

            Update the sources from which you regurgitate information, stop accepting any and everything you’re told by strangers who put titles in front of their name.

        1. I have no problem with non-whites. The problem is crimes committed by SOME members of certain ethnic groups. I feel safe in a Chinese neighborhood. I don’t feel safe in black neighborhoods. Both Chinese and blacks are non-whites. Chinese have children in marriage and raise hard working children. Blacks don’t seem to care about their children or themselves. It’s not skin color, it’s culture.

    1. I agree, a decent Gypsy is impossible to find. They milk the government benefits (social housing, dole, etc) and beg on the streets, supermarket parking lots, etc. The West is a better place without them.

      1. Welcome, welcome to the peanut gorllery.. I’m not a patient nor worker in this assylum, nor is DocUndy a doctor here(don’t let him talk you into a prostate exam!) … I just hang about, and give clear, concise insight into… Well… Shit…. I’m more of a tool of sorts.

    1. Being captain of such a website is not a stressful job, despite the sheer size of the thing. Everything is automated, and this meant that this behemoth could be efficiently handled by a far less seasoned captain. Besides, hiring mature skippers with actual experience would cost real money. And hey, the computers run everything anyway. Just watch out for Carnage I think he has the crabs. Welcome to the NSA, CIA, FBI, ECT ECT watch list.

  1. That “60 Year old Woman” is boxing promoter Frank, I mean “Kellie” Maloney. No wonder the robber beat the tranny up before snatching that bag – he simply had to get in with a few sneaky moves first otherwise he might have come away loot free. As it happens, he’ll most likely have netted some cheap lippy and a unopened pack of tampons.

  2. Description of this article made me laugh. Villainize the perpetrator as a Gypsie, “Oh he’s not full white, he’s got that gypsie blood”. In America, whites with a little other blood mixed in, are still seen as white and enjoy an elite privilege. So your narrative is actually false. That “gypsy” person is still white, as much as it hurts you to understand that. He probably doesn’t act civilized because he wasn’t raised in a civilized manner and children can’t control their surroundings.

  3. I want to catch this guy, restrain him, and slowly cut his limbs and dick off, insert a hot rod up his ass, pluck his nails, teeth, eyes, skin him alive and dip him in acid, and inject him with adrenaline so he stays alive for as long as possible. And that would give me an erection.

    1. She deserves it…. a,) because she didn’t have a can of mace in her hand on the ready; b,) she didn’t look behind her, keeping cautious at night going into her little laneway to unlock her entrance gate; c,) she neither looked at the reflection to see the violent criminal approaching behind her; d,) she’s dawdling along with her purse like she’s a lard-ass, like, what’s in your purse…. a few bucks, credit cards, cell ph…. why not put them in your bra, and leave the purse at home….. bet she loves to flaunt Gucci or Oscar de la Renta….. is it worth a busted face, bitch….. can’t you have some pepper spray ready to zap someone when you’re out walking around by yourself at night…..

      Give the punk full marks….. he picked another easy bimbo to get his crack money outta….. a kick in her face woulda’ been perfect!

      1. Ralph Lauren purse…..

        O Don’t get me wrong….. she deserved it….. she deserved her butt whopped and her snatch pursed….. she deserved a fat lip and a couple of black eyes….. he deserved the purse….. just as he deserves to get his ass kicked some day too……

        She lost her lunch money, she’ll have to get her credit cards replaced….. the super probably has some extra set of keys she can use to get in her place….

        1. She deserves it, e,) because just as Vinny says, their land swarms with criminoid gypsies and ne’erdowells looking for easy coin and hunting on the vunerable….. root characteristic of the mind of a coward choosing easy pickings….. she should’ve known better….. how can these people like her be naive that it could ne’er happen to them….. every victim says that….. but preventative….. this b**ch did nothing to prevent this…… she was a purse-tease….

      1. Based Zetsu…. yes, all that for a purse.

        Instant Karma~

        I think that is all he got…. the purse tips over as he is pounding the whore down and he takes off running but the stuff inside the purse already fell out….. it looks like car keys there, another bag or purse was inside the one the mugger stole and it fell out it looks like….. he turns to go back hesitating to go retrieve it but doesn’t want her to see his face…. so he just leaves with an empty purse…..

        You can see the lady laughing at the end, holding her hand to her mouth laughing as she realizes her stuff is still there on the ground, the robber fled with just an empty purse. Ha ha….. instant Karma!

  4. As long as she can huddle there getting punched and kneed, she should rejoice with each hit that she ain’t getting stabbed and shot……

    Look on the bright side….. all you gotta do is cancel your credit cards, order new ones, and buy a new cell phone and purse…… everyone is happy.

  5. If it matters to anyone, this happened in Malaga, Spain, the Cadiz region. The aggressor, now detained, is a 31 years old, romanian Stoian Marcel Gongu, a guy convicted in 2006 for a murder in the same region. As a matter of fact, two days after the incident in this thread, he attacked another woman using the same method. By his mugshot, i’m pretty sure he’s a romanian gipsy (also called “romi”) but it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s a genuine romanian as frankly, the ones that left Romania “to work” are, in most cases, as bad as the gypsies.

      1. It’s true, on Romanian facebook pages there are photos posted with his ID , so everyone can see where he used to live or where he gets back home to poison further my country with gipsy shit (perhaps there they can find its family)

  6. There’s no escape now for this guy, he’d rather rot there in prison because if it gets back into ours it’ll be a very bad thing.

    Now everybody knows exactly who he is, almost no one will hire him (provided he gets deported) and also his relatives in Romania are being bullied and beaten up.
    We are fed up with everyone in the west calling us beggers, thiefs, rapists.
    We should have ethnicity written on the ID card it would be so much easier to make the difference.

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