Bank Security Guard Fights and Eliminates Three Armed Robbers in Costa Rica

One of the Miscreants After Being Eliminated by Security Guard

Bank Security Guard Fights and Eliminates Three Armed Robbers in Costa Rica

Around the noon on January 3, 2019, in the city of Coronado, Costa Rica, an assault by three robbers on a client of a bank took place.

The robbers tried to steal from a woman who went to Banco BAC to deposit 30 Million Colones ($50k US) from her business. However, even though the robbery took place outside the bank, the bank’s security guard quickly responded to the assault and took the three armed robbers on.

When all the dust settled, two robbers were dead and one wounded. The guard and another man, presumably a husband of the woman with the money, also got wounded. The guard took a shot in the back and in the abdomen. Still, he stood on his feet throughout it all and is said to be in stable condition.

The police identified the robbers as a father and his two sons. The deceased are Carlos Roberto Quesada Ramírez, aged 46; Jessie Roberto Quesada Fuentes, aged 29, who has a history of illegal possession of weapons and Daniel Jose Quesada Fuentes, aged 21.

Best Gore supporter Andrey JH notes:

As I have been saying in recent months, Costa Rica has become a den of thieves and murderers in recent years due to weak laws that are exerted to the criminals plus a Government that protects the evil doers.

Props to Andrey and Best Gore member @willtazo for the video. Here’s the CCTV of the assault:

The aftermath of the shooting:

Gallery of photos:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. I care. I care what happens to the people of the planet Earth. If you don’t care, than you’re part of the reason our world is a shit-hole.

        Having said that – there’s such a thing as worthy people (for example this security guard here), and worthless people (for example the robbers). The worthless people are also part of the reason the world is a shit-hole, so it’s allowed to not care for them.

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          2. Hey! We’re not pulling the trigger here; we’re watching a fucking video.

            The city of Chicago had 588 homocides in 2018. That’s deplorable, but we all laughed when those Chicago shitstains got waxed in that gas ‘n’ go lobby last year, when all those retards had to do was lean against the bullet proof door.

      1. Possibly true Mr Spock and that feeling of coolness will last until the early afternoon, when the overwhelming feeling of dread envelopes you at the realization that the guys you killed are probably part of a larger criminal organization and you may have to do ALL that shit over again… Hooorah..!

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    are hand picked and fished out of the very deepest bottom of the shit filled “barrel O faulty guns” 😀

    They never seem to work when needed.

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    2. The U.S. has never had a problem with Costa Rican migration. Very few Costa Ricans illegally migrate to the U.S.. Costa Rica actually has a problem with illegals entering their country. Maybe they need some walls.

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  3. That security guard is a fucking hero.
    3 against 1, outside the bank as well.
    This guy deserves a community honour.

    As for the robbers, it looks like only the baby of the family survived. It’s a shit business, is robbing banks. This guy will have to take over the family business. Actually no, he’s going to jail, haha.

    1. They should have the security guard pose for a pic with him leaning his leg on top of one of the dead robbers as sometimes they have a hunter pose with their kill. That guard was on the robbers like white on rice. Bam! No hesitation!

  4. Next month the tight bitch who goes to the bank alone carrying 50 grand in a bag because she doesn’t want to pay for security can surely rely on him again. I do hope his minimum wage is worth protecting that fat, greedy bitch’s life.

    1. @caller19, you nailed it with that call. How greedy some stupid fucks are. What a few hundred dollars for a armored truck to pull up in front of your business? Fuck it wont even cost you gas money to transport your plastic shopping bag to the bank. And how about her little act? She didn’t want to even help defend that grocery bag full o cash. Bitch played knocked out. Kill hubby who gives a fuck right girl? Cash in twice on some shady insurance policies. She probably set it all up from the word go.

      1. @dmzabo yes you’re right Zabo it could have been an insurance scam, her playing possum like that. She went down like it was rehearsed and the “robbers” wren’t exactly professionals. Any real robber would have shot his way out of there. very good point. She’s probably cursing that guard now.
        The bank would do nothing for the guard to help him with any injuries or his family if he died because he was outside the building. No good deed goes unpunished. If ever any proverb is forever ringing in our ears it would be that one. I like your cover image by the way.

        1. Unrelated, but personally i like this one……..
          “when planning revenge always dig two graves”…..

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            I instantly thought of this song while reading the post.
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  5. That man was quite something. I hope the lady and the bank both buy him a new suit because that one has bullet holes in it now.
    Very fucking brave man.

    Flesh heals… but suits cost money. I hope the bank and the lady get him a nice tailored suit from each of them. With an extra spare pair of trousers from each. They take the most wear. You should always get an extra pair of trousers made with a suit as it doubles – or even triples – its life.

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    Live it up like a king fella, you earned yourself a treat

  7. One of the best crops of comments to an excellent video ever. Too many funny and well thought-out comments to respond to individually but posters will recognize their own ideas .

    The guy is a fucken hero. No doubt about it. He deserves to jizz all the Costa Rican women and they are quite hot. Like was said,really rich people are horrible and tightwads. He will probably be thrown an extra penny ,Mars Bar and a new suit.

    Costa Rica is truly one of the cleanest and richest of all South American countries and traditionally is low crime and very “1st world”.

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  8. Cant wait for part 2 when the security guard and his son have been abducted, flayed and heart removed while alive in gang revenge. You know its coming. He doesn’t need a promotion, he needs a transfer to the otherside of the planet.

  9. That suit guy has more balls than most cops, not every hero wears a cape, some of them wear suits. The stupid faggots that were robbing that woman didn’t even know how to use a gun, the security guard fucked them up really good lol, props to the other good samaritans as well, fuck Costa Rica, I may add that cuntry to my blacklist (never visit)

  10. If I had the choice, and I know I don’t, but if I did, any perpetrators who are not killed in the commission of armed robbery by guards or police, etc, and when there is irrefutable evidence of their guilt in having committed said offense , such as a video like this, would be sentenced to death by boiling. And this would help drive evil out of the land, or at the very least, contribute quality videos for posting on here.

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