Bike Thievery Backfires in Brazil, Intended Victim Retaliates

Bike Thievery Backfires in Brazil, Intended Victim Retaliates

In Brazil, motorcyclist traveling down street next to biker couple is intended for their next robbery. Unbeknownst to the robbers, the target is an off duty Military Policeman. The cop has different plans and wins victory over the debacle motorcycle stealing. The driver of the pair runs for safety leaving his partner behind to be shot and left for dead. Packing heat is always the best method of self defense it seems, specially in Brazil.

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      1. While it’s rare for any smart male to partner up with a female for physically demanding task let alone a crime operation against another male, I often wonder if the female is ever conscious enough to imagine what could go wrong? OR she just squares her mind on faith in that male? AND does she expect quality of outcome OR rather just hope for her female privilege to apply if things don’t go right?

          1. So, a criminal girl who comes at you with a gun and a FIERCE INTENT to harm you is safe to proceed? πŸ™‚ And what makes a criminal man more hurt-worthy given the same scenario?

            I’m just trying to understand your logic here

          1. lol! Love is NOT blind wherever feminism thrives…
            She’s in for something else.

            I actually blame the male for taking a female/tranny/whatever that thing is, for a brawny operation. Very unwise move

    1. Why do you think it was a robbery attempt? It could just be a conflict between bikers. And why do you think that the bitch that was shot was s female? The recording doesn’t answer all of those questions.

          1. @casualobserver
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            Here’s a true story – I’ve got some relatives who’s in their pension age. They get… about $230 a month. Barely enough to feed yourself

  1. This was very satisfying to watch and shows the power of self defense with a gun. Sadly there are states in the USA where one is not allowed to defend onesself or property like NJ, NY, Cali, Conneticut, Illinois etc etc. These are states where manginas and faggots rule, voting for people like that nigger knuckle dragger Obama or worse that mannliest of men Hillary.

    1. From a country with an under-reported 175 homicides a day, what we see here on TV is the lovely beaches AND bitches with overly sized assets… Their tourism industry must be doing something very right πŸ™‚
      Those companies can sell sand to a desert and I consider them qualified to teach us positiveness. For example, how to nominate a Supreme Court judge without taking some libtard hag’s phony claim from 35 years ago seriously

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