Biker Plays Complete Surrender to Fool Armed Robber, Then Surprises Him with Fire

Biker Plays Complete Surrender to Fool Armed Robber, Then Surprises Him with Fire

I understand the video is from Brazil. The nighttime dashcam footage shows a brazen armed robber approach a biker stopped on lights on foot to steal his bike. The biker completely surrenders the vehicle to the thief without a shred of resistance, and walks away with his hands raised, only to reveal moments later that he played the surrender to fool the thief.

The biker kept walking away with his hands raised until the traffic began moving, which was a signal for him that the thief now has both his hands engaged in operating the motorcycle, and thus is unlikely to pose a deadly threat with his weapon. In that instant, he pulled out his own heat and surprised the robber with lead, while the robber had no chance to respond because he was already in motion and his hands were on the steering bar.

Well played, biker. Well played.

Props to Best Gore member @shiddy for the video:

Here’s the aftermath pic:

Aftermath Pic Showing Dead Thief

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91 thoughts on “Biker Plays Complete Surrender to Fool Armed Robber, Then Surprises Him with Fire”

    1. Fully agree! Honorary BG membership for that biker with all mod-privileges to go with it. 😉

      Coming from a Brit, this might surprise you Americans, but this is one of the main reasons why I feel citizens should be allowed to carry concealed firearms. You just never know when a piece of shit like this will turn up and confront YOU, and I feel that every man and woman has the right to be able to defend themselves with lethal force if it’s necessary. The bleeding-heart libtards will say that there was no need to shoot the guy but I say that eventually he’s going to shoot someone who may be a little reluctant to give up their property. Taking the fucking POS criminal out of the equation totally at the first opportunity, now that’s what I like to see.

    1. Captain here. That’s a brazilian civil police, probably off duty, therefore the gun is a working and state approved one.

      The thief got unlucky to face not another unarmed DaSilva that we all are here. No huehue for him that night. But damn, that last maneuver was radical… Got a 7/10.

      1. I wasn’t too happy with how the driver of the dashcam car, or his passenger, sniggered at the theft at 0.18. What an arsehole. Someone is being robbed and all he does is laugh.

        Also strange how the robber took the biker’s helmet, which apart from being too big, would have had head perspiration on it. Safe, but unclean.

        That biker was just ace, whether a cop or not. Totally fooled the robber. Good riddance to that piece of shit anyway. One less thief on the planet.

        However this bit of true heroism and skill occurred only because he had a gun. If he didn’t….well….
        he wouldn’t get the bike back. I hope the bike was not damaged.

  1. He waited far too long (could’ve take ‘m when idiot robber turned around putting his helmet on), if he took a shot earlier his bike wouldn’t be damaged like this. But hey he got the robber

    1. How 3rd are you going to criticize his timing…he probably knew exactly what he was going to do…he probably has already known for years what he would do because he had a plan (probably a drug dealer probably not)…who knows…the point is he didn’t get his shit taken without a causing a little damage himself…thumbs up to him… He showed that motherfucker what he nasty of!!!

    2. Yes but those scrapes on the Bike will only serve as a reminder of what a badass mofo he is. Wouldn’t it be cool to be constantly reminded of that and when anybody asks “what happened to your Bike?” to have an amazing story to tell… i.e “don’t fuck with me”

    1. probably yes, but that isnt the main reason. there were people at a bus stop behind the thief and in the direction he was shooting. he could have easily killed some innocent bystander. and for what? a motorcycle? both these guys need to be locked-up asap.

    2. a man who is willing to kill a victim who does not comply to give him his property is a permanent threat and should be put away from society, dead or alive.
      The sad thing is that brazilian laws are not that different, this guy will be charged .
      If i were the owner of the dashcam, i would have erased the images.

      1. He should be free of charges , not even a parol or anything, @superdinamo you’re absolutely right, why would a government want a ruthless savage like this on the streets? Like scarface said they need someone to point their fingers at and say that’s the bad guy, because if it were my country and I was prime minister or president whatever they have, and found out people were doing this to my civilians I’d have mass executions like a dictator I don’t give a shit, threaten to kill will get you killed.

      2. I agree, If we could shoot anyone who threatens us the world would be a safer place. In america someone can come at you with a stick and if you shoot them you go to jail. The rule is equal force, unless someone is trying to kill you, you may do time for killing them. Its subjective as fuck and not worth having a concealed license. I carry a steel telescoping baton primary, and a pistol secondary when working in the hood. Used the baton many times with great results, havn’t had to shoot anyone yet. The great thing about the baton is you can take it anywhere, where as carrying in gun-free zones can wind you up in jail or worse. I often find for my needs the baton is all I really need, until I need to shoot that is.

  2. Nice video, really, good image quality, decent sound, great action and funny words with a funny voice at the end. I specially love how the gunshots sound and how the thief lost control of the bike.

  3. He got fast ticket to hell.
    God knows how many times this scum did it and finally, he pissed Almightly madly to give him finally a final solution. …

    How can people be so stupid to do evil, expecting good, it’s beyond me.

  4. Some additional comments from HUEHUEBRBR:
    The robber was armed with a stainless steel single stack 1911 in .45acp.
    He’s dead.
    No info on the motorcycle owner so far. I’d guess he’s an offduty police officer.

      1. One more interesting fact: the robber’s 1911 was made in the USA. It was not a Taurus nor a Imbel pistol (imbel is the company that supplies 1911 forging blanks to Springfield Armory to do the machining). And these are the 2 available manufacturers that we brazilians are allowed to buy guns from.

  5. well I guess people here don’t agree but the shooter was an idiot. in most countries this would be considered murder or attempted murder because the robber was not a threat anymore once that guy started shooting. you can’t kill someone to get your bike back. Second, the guy was firing shots in the middle of busy traffic those bullets could have easily killed some innocent people. would you want to be the guy that gets accidentally shot in the head because this guy is firing shots trying to get his bike back?

  6. I see him pop off the shots at close range but the dude swerves and keeps going. It looks like he even made it down the road without crashing. I think the thief made some timely swerves that got him out of there in one piece. Slow this thing down in check it out.

  7. That’s how it’s done! However, this was still problematic because innocents could’ve easily been shot when he fired and missed at the thief. Anyhow, the robber got what was coming to him. So satisfying.

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