Bizarre Robbery Involving Disabled Guy in Wheelchair Handling Gun with Feet

Bizarre Robbery Involving Disabled Guy in Wheelchair Handling Gun with Feet

Bizarre Robbery Involving Disabled Guy in Wheelchair Handling Gun with Feet

I got no backinfo, but that’s perhaps the most bizarre robbery we’ve ever featured at Best Gore. On a plus side, even though he’s not the most agile robber of all time, at least he’s not gonna leave behind any fingerprints…

The CCTV video from what looks like a jewellery store (maybe a pawn shop?) shows a disabled man in a wheelchair play a role in a robbery – handling a firearm with his feet in order to threaten the clerk.

I really have no idea what the hell is going on, but it definitely counts as one of the more bizarre videos we’ve ever seen.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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96 thoughts on “Bizarre Robbery Involving Disabled Guy in Wheelchair Handling Gun with Feet”

    1. If I was there I would be able to outsmart him. Simply run to the back of the wheelchair and hold the handles. There. He can’t swivel it around to shoot you. Nor does he have the contortionist skills do flex his backwards over his head and shoot you.

      Yup. Hold the wheelchair by the handles and politely wheel him out of the store.

  1. fucking fake as fuck…

    1 – the clerk isnt scared a single bit and clearly dont give a fuck about what happen.

    2 – the dude have some freaking weird feets that he can litteraly “grab” the gun like a hand at 0:13-0:14 wich is just fucking impossible to “bend” your feet like this (you just cant bend you feet in the middle like you did with the palm of your hands)

    3 – the other person present dont give a single crap either and is not a thief accomplice nor a client, just looking around and asking the clerk about shit stuff.

    that cant be real for reasons i mentionned. and if.. by chance… it happen to be real, then its clearly not a robbery but more look like the handicapee guy want to make the clerk pay for some bad shit happened between them.
    but once again.. its absolutly impossible for use a gun with feets, because you cant have enougth strength on your toes to pull a trigger + you cant slip your big toe in the trigger so obviously use a smaller one wich also reduce the strength on it.

    imho a dude who play with a pistol toy in middle of an jewellery (maybe he know the owner/clerk) and do a buzz/viral video.
    they aint more robbery in this video than chinese in antartica.

    1. Maybe the sales assistant and the customer are not frightened. They are probably laughing inside their heads and are moved with compassion.

      Godammit. If I was being robbed by a guy in a wheelchair using his feet to hold a gun, I probably wouldn’t even feel bad for not wanting to punch the snot out of him.

      Here, take my wallet. Here, also take my nice watch. You’ve made my day, you’ve made me laugh, maggot. Here, I’m also throwing a few quid in. You need to be compensated for the really shit-ass life you have. I see you as ‘armless. LOL

      1. to be honest.. i dont think he wanted to rob…

        i mean.. how ? let’s pretend that will work, and the guy will give him all the money…
        let’s also pretend that the guy kindly put the money in a bag and the bag on the dude legs/chair…
        and of course, let’s pretend that the dude actually go outside with his wheelchair, with the bag on it and “run” away from the possible time the store guy call the cops and they arrive…

        that’s too much “pretend”… they are absolutly zero chance that dude will steal anything, even if he was serious and all.
        imho, he just wanted to give that dude a lesson or scare him or some shit. but damn…

        what’s next ? a 2 years old baby coming in his trolley with a shotgun on his mouth and starting a robbery at a store then escaping with a paddle to push himself away and “run”…

  2. also.. excuse me but.. why a man who would be able to use his feets and legs like this would require a freaking wheelchair to move ? even if he got troubles on his back, he would be able to move his legs like this.

    nope… obviously fake lol

  3. the guy is cerebrally paralyzed, he only moves his feet, he is deaf and dumb too. He handed the official a note announcing the robbery. The gun was the only fake thing in this video. This happened in Canela, RS Brasil. Yes, it is crazy but it is true.

  4. I’ve been a member for a few years now and dipped in and out and can safely say I thought I’d seen everything. But I always wanted to see a handicapable person hold up a store and by God Bestgore you delivered. Thank you for so many good years of honest journalism. I’m gonna miss all this crazy shit but at least on my death bed I can tell my grandkids that back in the day I saw a cripple hold up a store with a gun in his feet. Fucking brilliant !!

  5. as you can see, i was within a cellular phone conversation but my husband all of the sudden became persistent in a refund for his treadmill purchase; apparently neither he or i would have used that pawned treadmill.

    – Teta

    1. He needs the wheelchair to move around in.
      Because if he walks or stands on his feet, he won’t be able to do anything else with them without losing his balance. And if he does do anything with them anyway whist predominantly walking/standing with them, the dirt and dust from them will ruin everything.

      (This bit of logic was brought to you by Mr Spock from onboard the USS Enterprise, currently orbiting Earth and monitoring the abation of the coronavirus).

  6. This poor 4-wheeled son of a bitch isn’t left with many choices. His absent arms haven’t paid arch support in years. He’s only doing what he needs to do to feed his 10 little piggies.

  7. Anyone ever seen/remember the video on YouTube where a redneck war veterans with no arms shooting a pistol with his feet? “Every 3 shots I switch the safety on”

    Not gonna point fingers but seems like the guys

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