Brother of Chilean Footballer Killed by Homeowner During Robbery

Byron Vicencio Quintanilla Died by Hand of Homeowner He Tried to Rob

Brother of Chilean Footballer Killed by Homeowner During Robbery

On the night of Wednesday May 6, 2020, a robber was fatally stabbed by homeowner in a condo in Pudahuel, Santiago de Chile.

Identified as Byron Vicencio Quintanilla, the robber was brother of Esteban Paredes Quintanilla – striker for Chilean football club Colo-Colo.

The criminal entered with three accomplices into the home, where the members of the family confronted them, causing the death of the football player’s brother. According to the medical report, the Colo-Colo striker’s brother was stabbed in the thorax and bled out.

The rest of the criminals managed to escape, but the owner of the house was apparently shot dead while confronting the robbers.

Props to Best Gore members @kikegrand and @cefele for the pics and video. The video is short, and captures the footballer’s brother moaning as he loses battle with death:

Gallery of pics of the aftermath:

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54 thoughts on “Brother of Chilean Footballer Killed by Homeowner During Robbery”

  1. One less cockroach on the planet.

    What an absolute cunt, I hate thieves. As for the house owner, he didn’t deserve that, so RIP.
    How do two boys from the same family have such polar opposite careers?
    Could his millionaire football brother not give him some handouts? Maybe even his brother thought he was a stupid cockroach and was wondering how he shared 50% DNA with such a waste of space.

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    1. How else can you and your friends get labeled as a gangster/mafioso? That’s why “rich kids” will do crime, for the notoriety and he probably listened to brazillian gangsta rap + tried emulating it into his own life. What a complete failure. May he rest in piss.

    1. I like this pic. The light in his eyes went out. The glossy shine is gone, the cornea is dull. Death is fascinating.

      “Vicencio Quintanilla registered several cases for robbery with violence and intimidation, theft, reception, and illegal carrying of weapons.”I guess he got what he deserved.

        1. Thank you for this. I knew Memento Mori existed as a philosophy long before Victorian times. But I had no idea it is also used to describe the post mortem photography.
          Very personal and contemplative images, so different from what we used to see on BG.
          Some of them are really creepy, especially those with infants and children…

  3. His brother has a current €300k worth attached to him on the football transfer market. And that at an age of 39 years. He should have been worth much more in the past (I guess he once was worth a mil). So why didn’t he rob his rich and successful brother?

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