Carjacking Caught on CCTV – Driver Takes Down One Robber with Pistol

Carjacking Caught on CCTV - Driver Takes Down One Robber with Pistol

Carjacking Caught on CCTV - Driver Takes Down One Robber with Pistol

I got no back info and don’t know where the video is from. However it’s reminiscent of the many similar cases of carjacking that we often see happen in Brazil.

The CCTV footage shows two miscreants walk down a road when they notice a lone car parked on the side. Acting like they’re just random guys minding their own business, they walk past the vehicle to check if the driver with the keys in the ignition is inside.

Once confirmed, they proceed to yank the driver out, and one of the robbers takes his place. The driver is however armed and opens fire at the robber’s accomplice. The melee gives the driver’s passenger an opportunity to exit the vehicle but while the accomplice is gunned down, the driving carjacker appears to successfully take off with the stolen car.

Props to Best Gore member @mikeshinoda for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          I have to agree with Nem about ‘Zappa’ ..
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            but? everything you just mentioned is the reason he never got more famous. The Europeans understood him however, and he was far more popular there. You see? They are a lot smarter

          1. Interesting bloke zappa but agreed with above just cant listen to that jazz fused sound. It all sounds the same psychotic mumbo jumbo to me but thats not limited to zappa i just dont like any jazz inspired sound Nearest i like to that broken beat is drum and bass but even that tends to follow a predictable path with a rhythmic beat and a bridge .. theres a Dj on radio 6 who does a late show with experimental sounds and thats just mumbo jumbo jazzy crap as well

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        7. For the record, I hate Bruno Mars. Byonce. Post Malone .

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          As for MJ, yeah some of his songs were great, like Dirty Diana,
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          2. The bulk of Zappa music was not the comedy music mocking sex and drugs and rock n roll, but orchestral compositions, jazz fusion, and doo wop. . He made over 60 albums.. and how many songs do you remember out of this career?

          3. No I admit ,I am not too into him and I did not listen to all his music nor will I . Yet I don’t think he is an idiot or lower. He made his contribution but it is not my cup of tea. So he’s good ‘ cause there are other groups I detest and think they are a waste of space.

    1. You’ve been watching too much “The Purge”
      The sheeple will never fight back .. they’ll just cue up at
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      1. Agreed. As in Orwells 1984, the proliteriate dont rise, they are to concerned with trivial day to day matters to unite and fight over any bigger picture. As long as there is tolerable amounts of fags food and booze to go round theyll stay at home and continue with the queues…
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      2. The purge is a wet dream fantasy movie Created by a left-wing extremist Zionist bootlicker. The last film released exposed itself as left-wing supportive and is pushing a narrative to suppose conservative extremists are making whites look like evil nazi’s. The movie pushes propaganda of white supremacy, So the sheeple keep thinking whites want to oppress them while the jews continue to manipulate them.

      3. Yes. Most people are apathetic and easily led which is ok as long as you have benevolent rulers but this globalisation has allowed all the slag to rise to the top and take all the key positions. Time for a decapitation strike soon ,I reckon.


        “The strong will do what they can get away with and the weak will bear what they must”.

        Until the discontinuity event now know as “Black Swan event”. PS.” Black swan event” is named after Aus!

        Thucydides or some other smart Greek.

          1. This will be the greatest transfer in wealth in hundreds of years from the ninety percent to the one percent. Most money on Wall St has always been made in tragedy and suffering ie bear markets via shorts and puts.

            So the rich will get richer and the poor poorer. Why? ’cause the rich have spare money to invest and they know how to do it. Mr ninety nine percent doesn’t. He is out of a job but Mr one percent is never out of work as he never works. His money is made via financialisation and not personal exertion.

            There are very few joys in life mate. If we knew what life was like we’d all squeel and climb back into our mother’s womb. Lol

      4. stores have already been looted here. Should I see a shoplifter, he/she gets a pistol-whipping from behind and their teeth knocked out. My Ar-15 will be used should I see groups of looters. Gunfire the only sound warning them. They aren’t Americans they are invading Aztecs, and cursed subhumans God wants to be expunged from the planet. That’s why he put me here.

    1. Sorry, couldn’t resist it. it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that comment.

      Years ago on Nothing Toxic there was a guy who asked that on every video and the same guy used to answer him. I can’t exactly remember the reply but I think it was something like “Shut the fuck up.” The guy who answered had an avi – a gif – of a face opening its mouth and engulfing its own head on a loop. Anyone remember it?

        1. The time period I’m talking about was probably around 2008. Maybe it’s the same person on a different site? I can’t remember his name but I know damned well I’d recognise the name if I saw it again.

        2. Hey Nem

          Re: ScoMo’s $66b Aussie Bailout

          What an odd number? Why not 65 billion ?

          Because …

          Illuminati like numerology, and 66 billion is written as $66b, which is very close to $666.

          Remember the starting price for the Apple personal computer ? : $666.66

          What an odd number? Why not 65 billion ?

          Because …

          Illuminati like numerology, and 66 billion is written as $66b, which is very close to $666.

          Remember the starting price for the Apple personal computer ? : $666.66

          And the Woolworth’s Apple symbol looks just like 2 sixes facing each other, with the ‘leaf’ over the middle forming the 3rd six.

          And some people don’t believe in Illuminati control ..

        1. Adrenaline (aka epinephrine) is primarily and foremost a HORMONE (and medication) produced by the adrenal glands located on the top tip of both kidneys.

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    1. i doubt many of those shots actually hit the mark.. i’d say he was lucky. that was quite a distance for a pistol unless you have weekly practice like a policeman

      1. Well the first or second most definitely hit the target and I’m thinking the last one did also. I’m thinking he got hit three or four times. Deservedly so. And at the end of the video you can see his leg go straight out as his nerves were going apeshit and freaking out.

        1. oh, I thought he straightened out so he could die comfortably. Must’ve been an obvious mortal wound because the off-duty cop relaxed quickly and turned his back on the perp without checking him for weapons. I know LA cops don’t do that.. they will handcuff a corpse

  3. just curious tho…

    if this happen in brazil… is brazil also have the 3rd law like american that allow them to have a gun for protection ?

    if not, then i think if its actually brazil, this look like a cop off duty.

    1. agreed, he sure didn’t panic like a layman would have….

      it seems those joy riders were just spontaneous. I don’t think they formulated the plan for the hijacking until the last few seconds. that is fatalism for ya. Ya just don’t really give a for the moment because its not much of a life anyway. who cares?

      and I don’t wanna be in a place like that.. with a backpack and starry eyes…

      1. That poor driver is a sucker though, shoots a guy and still loses his car and could get in trouble if didn’t have a license to carry a firearm.

        With our shitty judicial system, that guy would get charged for murder because he shot him in the back when he was no longer a threat, pretty fucked up huh?

        I liked your pun btw 😆

        1. You need to Dodge and weave better than that if you’re being shot at and want to live.
          The other guy, well if you can’t aFord the time don’t do the crime.
          The shooter? He deserves a Citation for bravery.

      1. @pigsy – why are you thinking Chip and Dale ? Apart from the fact they are talented at dancing whilst nude, they are straight as an arrow mate. Chad and Tyrone on the other hand, are the ones renowned for celebrating ‘any dark and steamy hole is a goal’. It’s guys like that who are paranoid on missing out on anything and want it all……….

    1. @nems – Ah you’re funny – trying to trick us into thinking guns are hard to come by in Brazil !! There about as commonplace as armed to the hilt off duty cops. Crack me up man……..

  4. CCTV…why are gunshots heard? Where I live it’s open carry no license required, you bump someone in the grocery store unintentionally and you might get drawn on. Much less someone try to steal a car like this in the vid…the driver AND the passenger will unload on your ass.

  5. Two things…
    1.why not lock your fucking doors ( you live in a shithole)
    2. Even though he killed he’s still walking home?

    So in the end he’s batting 500. 1 for 2
    And has to catch a bus home for dinner!

  6. And how cool was that when the carjackers thought the lonesome civic was up for grabs and gonna be theirs that moment . Thanks to the ever alert driver who had a fair idea of the situation and acted in a manner anybody should have had and was able to liquidate at least one in a bloody purge by spraying bullets .

    He nearly had succeeded in thwarting and botching up their attempt but for the other outlaw who took off with the beauty but I guess not very far from the long arms of the law ,even though it’s Brazil . Sooner or later either the vehicle will lay abandoned or he will be nicked .

    When the going got tough for the driver the tough driver got going himself ultimately

  7. And this is why you always keep your car door’s locked, never know who might wanna break into it and rob you either at gunpoint or with a knife. Too bad for that lowly idiot his choices in life lead to this point and ended up on the internet for the world to witness his demise.

  8. I am a big fan of instant justice videos and this disgusting scumbag got what he deserved.
    God bless this man.

    In Serbia, during new zionist rule, they bring many changes in law and in this case-if you shoot at unarmed thief you going to jail. Isn’t that just beautiful..

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